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Juan Soler (Juan Soler)

( Actor)

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Biography Juan Soler (Juan Soler)
photo Juan Soler (Juan Soler)
This actor, no doubt, is one of the most popular Latin American actors in the world. In 1995 he first became the protagonist of the telenovela and behold, now, his name has been on the TV screens. He - Argentine, many years living in Mexico, and now it does not present itself outside of this country, outside of this culture.

. General
. Full name: Juan Soler Valls Quiroga
. Place and Date of Birth: January 19, 1966, town of Tucuman, northern Argentina
. Family: Father - Juan, mother - cakes, younger brothers and sisters: Facundo, Jose Maria (sister), and Maria Ines
. Pets: Cat - Lady Dzhenifer Bradley, a German shepherd and Labrador
. Marital status: single
. Lives: the Argentine Maki
. Height: 1,83
. Weight: 83 kg
. Eyes: green
. Hair: light brown

. Juan - the eldest of four children of the family Soler Valls Quiroga
. Most of his childhood and youth he devoted to the game of rugby, a sport - a guy who loved and which enabled him to represent Argentina in the period of 3 years. And then ... then there was a terrible car accident, the endless months of reflection on a hospital bed, the adoption of important decisions about their future life.

In the late 80's he began his career as a model, which closely approached him to acting world, which a few years later would be for him a home
. In the 90's in his native Argentina, he started playing in a children's theater, . and in 1991 went to Mexico, . to try to force in Mexican telenovelas and he was right, . As several years later he became the executor of the leading roles in such series, . as "Angela", . "Hell in a small town" with Veronica Castro, etc.,

The theater also did not let go of Juan himself, should at least remember the play "P. DA, your cat is dead ", a game which was commended by critics

. Personal preference
. What does he like most about his body: scars, because on them can tell the whole story of Juan Soler
. What does he like least in his body: calves, because they are too thin
. His best friends: Pepe Navarro and Facundo, his brother
. Nickname: no, but people often tell him - Juanito
. Important memories from childhood: the day when he saw his father crying
. It was strange to see a man under the 1.90 growth and with a strong character who did not conceal his feelings
. Hobbies: he likes literature, cinema, music, collecting cups for coffee, bringing them from the places he visited, as well as any manifestation of wolves
. What in life causes him the greatest pain: life itself
. About me in three words: honest, stubborn and sensitive
. The best advice he ever received: my father once told him: "Do what you do, never regret it and know - your best adviser - it's your ability"
. The secret that nobody knows: Juan assures us that live with him - is untenable, because, after returning home late at night after a well-conducted relaxation, it is impossible to get up at 8:00 am the next day
. If it had not lived in Mexico, where: in New Zealand
. What he most likes in a woman: he likes women who look ahead, take care of this, his growth, both physical and moral
. Physically, he likes all
What is most hated in my life: when they lie, annoy people when there is no respect for others, when people do not look happy and do not appreciate what other people are ready for them to deal. Lack of feeling that we are not alone on this Earth
. Car: has one - a gray and a little
. Smokes: exclusively cigars
. Drinks: like tequila and vodka is pure, without impurities
. Drugs: tried once
. Tattoos: a one - on the left hand in the form of a wolf
. Plastic surgery: not done, but it seems normal that people want to improve something in their appearance
. Phobias: no
. How old is he and how he feels: 36 years and feels at 20, as in many things he had not yet matured
. The sexiest woman: the one who gets up from his bed the next morning
. Platonic love: teacher, who was in his childhood
. Religion: baptized, but not Catholic, as against the church as an institution
. If he believed in reincarnation, then whoever wanted to be in the next life: wolf
. First kiss: It was a lot of nerves and expectations
. He was 14 and he had a fiancee named Maria Jose
First sexual intercourse: Maria Ines and again: it was all very gentle and full of love. As Huang says, he still had the most wonderful memories of this moment
. Most great place, where he was able to visit: The Clock Tower, on the road from Tucumц?n
. Theft: once saw a movie, as others do, that's decided to try it - stealing shampoo from the supermarket
. Nothing happened, it did not stop, but the more he never did
. Color underwear: black
. What sleeps: pajamas and shorts
. The best stage kiss: can not say with whom, as when kissing your partner, experienced a lot of feelings
. The most awkward moment: once fell from the motorcycle, because time is not slowed down and, as Huang says, is the worst that can happen to a person operating a motorcycle, now 20 years Play Time
. How and where do you see yourself in 10 years: with a beard and very gray hair, can be long, conducting all the time on the beach, of course, in Mexico
. Hopes that it will be close to children and family
Poor joke he ever heard: that he - the groom Veronica Castro
The most saddest day in his life: the day when his grandmother died. She was his accomplice, a friend and a man who abused him. She was very ill and Juan went to Argentina to stay with her. They were together for 10 days, during which she felt much better, and he carried her to his house, they have breakfast together, lunch and dinner. In one of these days they went to the center and met with friends, Juan. On the tenth day my grandmother told him that she felt much better and it can take her home, which he did. Taking her promise, later together to heft a mug to drink mate (tea), he left and when he came to his home, call Aunt said that his grandmother died 10 minutes ago. Huang said that she should have died much earlier, but my grandmother wanted to say goodbye before and for him it is very important

. Filmography:
. Education:
. 1992-1994 Refresher acting, under the direction of Sergio Jimenez
. 1990-1991 Theater Workshop Luisiny Brando and Bertha Goldemberg
. University in Argentina, specializing in Enterprise Management "

. Telenovelas:
. 2002 "Other" (La otra, Televisa) with Yadira Carrillo;
. 2001 "deadly sin" (Sin Pecado Concebido, Televisa);
. 2000 "Madness of Love" (Locura de Amor, Televisa) Adrian Nieto;
. 1999 "Maria-Emilia, beloved" (Maria Emilia, querida, America Producciones) with Koraymoy Torres;
. 1998 "Angel", (Angela, Televisa) with Angц?lica Rivera;
. 1996 "Hell in a small town" (Pueblo Chico Infierno Grande, Televisa) with Veronica Castro;
. 1995 "In a captivity of passion" (Canaveral de Pasiones, Televisa) with Daniel Castro;
. 1995 "Acapulco, body and Lusha" (Acapulco Cuerpo y Alma, Televisa);
. 1994 "Russian mountain" (Montana Rusa, ARTEAR Canal 13 Argentina);
. 1993 "Put the beak" (Bajo un Mismo Rostro, Televisa)

Theater work:
2000 "I love my neighbor" (Me Fascina mi Vecina, Luna Producciones);
1999 "P. DA, your cat is dead "(PD. Tu Gato ha Muerto, Luna Producciones, teatro Jorge Negrete);
. 1997 "under the sheets" (Bajo las Sabanas, Luna Producciones, teatro Hidalgo);
. 1993 "Game of society" (Juego de Sociedad, ALISCA Producciones, teatro Julio Prieto);
. 1992 Compania de Teatro Conciencia Joven, Televisa;
. 1991 "Children's caravan" (Caravana Infantil, grupo de teatro San Martin)

. Awards:
. 1997 Award "TV y Novelas", as Best Actor of the Year for "Hell in a small town";
. 1997 Award "Eres", as best actor for years "in captivity of passion";
. 1997 Award "Agrupacion de Periodistas Teatrales" Hector Bonilla ", for staging" under the sheets ";
. 1997 Award "ACE
. de Nueva York ", as best actor for years" in captivity of passion ";
1996 Award "TV y Novelas", as the best actor of the year to "In a captivity of passion";
1996 Award "Estrella de Plata", as the opening years of the telenovela "Acapulco, body and soul."

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Juan Soler (Juan Soler), photo, biography
Juan Soler (Juan Soler), photo, biography Juan Soler (Juan Soler)  Actor, photo, biography
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