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( Hero of the Soviet Union, Pilot-Cosmonaut of the USSR, Instructor-Cosmonaut-test 2 class cosmonaut corps air)

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Biography AFANASYEV Victor M.
photo AFANASYEV Victor M.
Hero of the Soviet Union, Pilot-Cosmonaut of the USSR, Instructor-Cosmonaut-test 2 class cosmonaut corps air. 70 astronaut our country, 238 of the world astronaut.

Born December 31, 1948, Mr.. in Bryansk (RSFSR). Russian. Ibid at Polytechnic High School received a secondary education. In 1966, Mr.. enrolled in Kachin VVAKUL of AF Myasnikov. After KVVAKUL in 1970. served as a pilot, senior pilot in the fighter aircraft of the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany.

In 1976-1977 he was attending i.i Center test aircraft and training of test pilots (g.Ahtubiisk, Astrakhan region).. The Center has mastered the Su-7, Su-17, Yak-28U.

June 29, 1977, Mr.. after the end of the Center Afanasyeva was awarded the qualification "test pilot of the 3rd class and he remained to serve as a test pilot State Research Test Institute of the Air Force im.V.P.Chkalova Akhtubinsk.

In 1985, Mr.. was sent for a medical examination and after its successful passage was selected group of test pilots GKNII Air im.Chkalova for work on the program "Buran". In the same year he began cosmonaut training in CTC Gagarin, which was held without charges by the method of separation of flight test work and graduated in 1987.

January 8, 1988, Mr.. Order of Commander of Air Force enlisted in the Air Force cosmonaut Cosmonaut Training Center in the post test cosmonaut.

In 1988-1989, Mr.. preparing for the group as the commander of the Program 6-th main mission of the Mir station, along with VI Sevastiyanov and RA Stankevicius.

From September 1989 to February 1990 was trained as a backup crew commander of the Soyuz TM-9 program 6 th main mission to Mir, along with VI Sevastianov.

From February to August 1990 was preparing for the flight program EO-7 as the backup crew commander of Soyuz TM-10 "first with VI Sevastianov, and then with MH Manarov.

August 1, 1990 was the backup commander of Soyuz TM-10 "GM Manakov.

From August to December 1990 was prepared as a commander of the main crew of Soyuz TM-11 on EC-8 on the Mir space station, along with MH Manarov and television journalist from Japan Toyohiro Akiyama.

The first flew on 2 December 1990 to 26 May 1991 as commander of Soyuz TM-11 spacecraft and the Mir station on the EC-8, together with MH Manarov and the Soviet-Japanese program with T. Akiyama. Worked OK on board, along with GM Manakov and GM Strekalova, AP Artsebarsky and SK Krikalev.

Planting is done in conjunction with M. Manarov and British astronaut Helen Sharman

. During the flight, performed vyho-ing in the open space on January 7 (5h 18m) to repair the exit hatch, . 23 January (5h 33m) to install "Sophora", . 26 January (6h 20m) to install rails on the Kvant, . April 25 (unscheduled, . Zch 15m) to inspect the faulty antenna on Kvant,
. Duration: 175s 01ch 50m 41s. Callsign: "Derbent". September 20, 1991 for the implementation of long-duration space flight, he was qualified as a cosmonaut in class 2 ".

From January to July 1993 V. Afanasiev was trained as a commander program EO-14, together with V. Usachev and K.Andre-Dee (France). 1 Box 1993. was a double for the commander of Soyuz TM-17 "V. Tsibliev.

From August to December 1993. was direct preparation for the flight to the Mir station on the EC-15 as the first commander of the crew, along with V. Usachev, and VV Polyakov.

V. Afanasyev has qualified "Military Pilot Class 1", "test pilot class 1", "instructor-cosmonaut-tester of the 2 nd class. He was awarded a Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union Order of Lenin, the Order "For Service to the Motherland in the Armed Forces' 3rd degree and six medals.

He is fond of driving, football, collecting icons.

V. Afanasiev married Helen Islands Yakovlevna, has two children - Vyacheslav and Julia.

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  • Viktor Mikhailovich! Greetings from menya.I best wishes. Irina Fedicheva.
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    AFANASYEV Victor M., photo, biography
    AFANASYEV Victor M., photo, biography AFANASYEV Victor M.  Hero of the Soviet Union, Pilot-Cosmonaut of the USSR, Instructor-Cosmonaut-test 2 class cosmonaut corps air, photo, biography
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