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Boris Nikolaevich Belousov

( test engineer)

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Biography Boris Nikolaevich Belousov
photo Boris Nikolaevich Belousov
Boris Belousov (1930-1998) was born July 24, 1930 in the city Khotimskys Mogilev region of Belarus in the family farmers. Boris was not, and eleven years old when the war broke out unexpectedly. The fascist forces quickly rushed to the east, and the family Belousovs not had time to evacuate - in September 1941, the Germans entered Khotimsk. Only two years later, in August 1943, the city was liberated by the Red Army.

After the war, in 1946, Boris graduated from the 8 classes and enrolled in the Leningrad Aviation Instrument College, graduating in 1950, Mr.. He then worked as a technologist for a workshop at the Leningrad plant? 290 Ministry of Aviation Industry. Aviation is increasingly attracted to him, he wanted to be closer to the aircraft. And in 1951. Belousov arrives in Kazan Military Aviation Technical College-range aviation. After graduating from college in October 1953 to August 1955. He served as a technician operating the Tu-4 in the 441 th Fighter Regiment, and relied for Bryansk, 52-th Air Army Air Defense.

In 1955, Mr.. Technician Lieutenant Belousov enrolled to study at the Leningrad Red Banner Air Force Engineering Academy im.A.F.Mozhayskogo at Electrotechnical Faculty. But instead of the aviation engineering, he began to study the missile - the country experienced an acute shortage of military missileman. The new case is fully engrossed Boris Belousov. After graduation, in July, the I960, he was sent to serve in the ground Tyura-Tam (now - Baikonur Cosmodrome), the Strategic Missile Forces (RVSN). He was an engineer, a test starting command launches of ballistic missiles construction Yangelya and Queen.

After the flight of Yuri Gagarin Belousov firmly decided to become an astronaut and filed an appropriate report to his command. In 1962. he was summoned for a medical examination in Moscow. By January 1963. Physicians selected 25 people, among them was he. However, the credentials committee, chaired by General NP Kamanin, examined the personal files of candidates enrolled in the cosmonaut only 15 people. Belousov's unit did not get, but it did not stop him. In 1965, the beginning of a new set of astronauts, he again passed a medical examination, is now enlisting the support of personal SP Korolev and Marshal VF Tolubko. Such pressure could not resist even Kamanin.

In November 1965. Engineer Major Belousov arrived for training in the CPU to. As a senior in rank, he was appointed senior squad listeners astronauts. He rejoiced - near the implementation of its cherished dream of flying in space! Began cosmonaut training, and, moreover, Belousov was included in the group program '7 K-VI '- the military and research ships, developed in the Kuibyshev. Fast flew two years training. December 25, 1967, Mr.. students passed the state examinations, the astronauts at the rate of ECV. And suddenly out of the blue after 10 days Belousov was ordered the dismissal from the cosmonaut corps with the wording 'expelled by weight characteristics, . do not meet the requirements, . requirements to members of the crew of the spaceship '(at that time, he weighed 85 kg),

It was a stroke of fate, the collapse of the dreams and goals to which he so long and so hard to go. From a conversation with Kamanin Belousov realized that the true reason for his dismissal from the squad is the father of his wife. During the war his father in law worked for the German translator, in 1952. He was arrested and sentenced to 25 years under 'treason'. And while two years later he was released under an amnesty, it is this circumstance that led to dismissal of the CPC Belousova.

Then Belousov was sent to the NII-50 (at the time a branch of NII-4) in Bolshevo and served there until 1976, Mr.. in a researcher. 1976-1981 he. He worked as an editor in the 11 th edition of 'Voentehinizdata'. In 1981. Boris was sacked from the armed forces in reserve and in the next few years moonlighting as a school teacher of physics.

All this time thinking about the cosmos did not leave his. He does not like, he could not accept the fact that the road to space for it is closed. Within three years he was engaged in the rehabilitation of the test, but nothing has. Then he divorced his wife, thereby disown her father - 'the enemy of the people', but it did not help. In 1987. Belousov made one last desperate move - he sent a letter to General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev. In the letter he offered in honor of the 70 th anniversary of the October Socialist Revolution on-edit it in a space flight to establish a record of sorts - the elderly man who has made space flight. While Belousov was 57 years old, and the most senior astronaut launched into space, was 51-year-old American Donald Slayton. Reply from Gorbachev Belousov did not wait.

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Boris Nikolaevich Belousov, photo, biography
Boris Nikolaevich Belousov, photo, biography Boris Nikolaevich Belousov  test engineer, photo, biography
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