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IVANOVA Ekaterina

( cosmonaut researcher)

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Biography IVANOVA Ekaterina
IVANOVA Ekaterina - born October 3, 1949. G. Leningrad. In 1967 came and in 1973 graduated from Leningrad Mechanical Order of the Red Banner Institute in 'Flight Dynamics and Control ". Every year from 01.09.1973 to 01.07.1976 on the job upgrading their skills in Mathematics and Mechanics of the Leningrad Order of Lenin and the Order of Red Banner of Labor of the State University of skill AA. Zhdanov mathematics. In 1978 she graduated from the intramural aspitanturu ELAM. In 1983 graduated with honors from the University of Marxism-Leninism of the Leningrad Party Committee.

At the time of study at the institute was proforgom group and Leninist Scholar. Attended lectures on engineering psychology at the University, which helped her in a comprehensive manner to the studied material. 11.1972-01.1973 - laboratory SRI team of devices. 04.1973-12.1975 - Engineer SRI team of devices. 12.1975-12.1978 - graduate student, junior researcher, Department No 5 of the Leningrad Mechanical Institute. 01.1979-08.1983 Junior Fellow No 5 ELAM. 07.1982 took part in the experiment of hypokinesia, conducted by the Institute of Biomedical Problems,. 09.1983-12.1983 - Assistant ELAM. 12.1983-199 ..... - Cosmonaut researcher ELAM. While preparing to fly into space was actively involved in scientific and pedagogical work in the Baltic State Technical University. Elected Chair Komsomol organizer ELAM, . was a visiting instructor, Department of the Party bureau ELAM, . Deputy Chairman of the Council of young scientists and specialists of the Institute, . Member MAN, . responsible for the collection of works on the dynamics of flight ELAM, . member of the Council of ELAM proforintatsii,

. In 1980 was admitted to the selection of a cosmonaut and former chief medical commission of the Ministry of Health and the USSR Ministry of Defense
. 09/03/1983 decision of the interdepartmental commission of the USSR CM credited to the cosmonaut and the Order of the Ministry of the USSR Wissa appointed cosmonaut researcher. From 26/12/1983 to 04/07/1984 held in the CTC training to fly a spaceship Soyuz T and DOS "Salute" as a cosmonaut-researcher. From 1983-1984 was part of the backup crew and was trained on the program "extravehicular activity". In 04 .-. 05.1984 passed entrance exams interdepartmental commission on the structure and systems of the spacecraft and the station with "excellent". In 06.1984 in the crew (together with VV. Vasyutin and VP. Savinykh) conducted comprehensive training with "excellent". Volume totaled 1,159 hours of training. From 19/11/1984 to 22/04/1987 was preparing to fly on a spacecraft "Soyuz TM" and the research station Mir as flight engineer for the women's crew (with S.E. Savitsky and E.I. Dobrokvashinoy). The volume of training at 22.04.1987 amounted to 3823 hours. During the period of preparation passed exams mezhdedomstvennym commissions to design and systems of the spacecraft and the station only to "excellent". On its own initiative, mastered functions captain and the manual docking in contingency situations. In 1987, EA. Ivanov was presented general designer VP. Glushko to participate in 1988 as a flight engineer in a space flight on the Soyuz TM "and complex" Mir "(jointly with VA. Lyakhov and VV. Polyakov), but for reasons dictated by the international situation at that time, was replaced by a citizen of Afghanistan, AA. Mohmand. Since 1988, cosmonaut researcher BGTU EA. Ivanov held annual medical re-examinations in the Institute for medikobiologicheskih problems with the endorsement of the medical review committee ( "is fit" without restrictions). In 1995, State President. RF Committee on Higher Education VG. Kinelev turned to RSA with a request to contract with EA. Ivanova for her flight into space. However B.D. Ostroumov replied that at that time crews to perform space flight ma station Mir in 1995-1997 had already been formed and approved by. She was also invited to contact one of the organizations (CPC, . RSC Energia, and IBMP) about the possibility of its enrollment in the state of one of the cosmonaut corps, . with subsequent incorporation of the crew subject to completion of all necessary procedures, . including the approval of the Interagency Commission on the Selection of Astronauts,

Has 28 (printed and handwritten works) scientific papers. In its profile dissertation published 3 scientific and technical reports, and 5 articles.

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IVANOVA Ekaterina, photo, biography
IVANOVA Ekaterina, photo, biography IVANOVA Ekaterina  cosmonaut researcher, photo, biography
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