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Onufrienko Yuriy

( Air Force Lt. Col.)

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Biography Onufrienko Yuriy
Air Force Lt. Col.. He became an astronaut 84 domestic and 342 astronaut world.

Onufrienko born Feb. 6, 1961 in the village Ryasnii Zolochiv district of the Kharkov region in Ukraine in the family working. Ukrainetz.

Also in 1976. Yuri completed eight years of school, and secondary education, he received a 1978 Zolochivske in high school? 1.

In the same year, Yuri Onufrienko entered Yeiskoe Airforce Aircraft Order of Lenin School for Pilots im.V.A.Komarova, from which he graduated in 1982. a special "pilot-engineer" the rank of lieutenant. Even in college Yuri mastered the piloting of aircraft L-29, Su-7U, Su-17 (flying 245 hours) and completed 8 skydiving.

By distribution Onufrienko was sent to serve in the Far East, where since December 1982 he became a pilot 229 th Aviation Regiment fighter-bombers. Five months later, he became a senior pilot. In late 1988, when he was asked to enter a cosmonaut, Onufrienko already was a captain and served as a senior airman in the Khabarovsk Krai. By the time he was flying 550 hours in the Su-7B, Su-17MG, as well as on the product S-54. In addition, he completed 46 parachute jumps

. January 25, 1989 decision of the Interministerial Commission for selection of cosmonaut Yuri Onufrienko captain has been recommended for incorporation into the position of a candidate for test-cosmonauts and the Order of the Minister of Defense on April 22, 1989 enlisted in the Air Force cosmonaut Cosmonaut Training Center

From July 1989 to January 1991 he took a full course of cosmonaut training, during which almost had parted with the dream of space. During one jump Yuri broke his arm and several months spent readaptanii. An impartial medical board stripped him of all restrictions on the flight and, finally, 1 February 1991, he was awarded the qualification test cosmonaut. During OKA 0nufrienko performed the standard 2-th position in skiing.

Then stretched long and tedious preparation for flight in a group of astronauts. Simultaneously Onufrienko many flying. By October 1992. his total flight time was around 800 h

. After OKP February 1, 1992 a group of several astronauts detachment was sent to the CPC International Center Training Systems, . where the faculty "Aerokosmoekologiya" they acquired specialty "System-aerospace methods ecologically balanced nature",
. Among them was Yuri Onufrienko. At the end of the Center on April 7 (994 he was awarded the qualification of Environmental Engineer "and issued an international certificate for the title of" Master of Environmental Management.

Along with learning Yuri continued to fly and perform parachute. Despite the deferred a few years back injury he received in February 1994, the qualification "parachute instructor training".

April 1, 1994 in the life of Yuri There was another important event. Decision of the Interdepartmental Commission was appointed commander of the backup crew of Expedition-19 and the main EO-21.

In May 1994,. Onufrienko began to prepare in a carriage with Alexander Poleshchuk, still as a backup crew commander EO-18. Alexander Poleshchuk invented callsign for their commander - "Skif" - symbolizing the common roots of Russian and Ukrainian peoples. This callsign Yuri left despite the replacement of a flight engineer.

From February to May 1995. Yuri Onufrienko prepared with Alexander Poleshchuk already as commander of the second crew EO-19. To his great chagrin of Medicine, found some abnormalities in the body of Alexander and his place was taken by Yuri Usachev. Yuri had to get used to the new flight engineer, but his mild nature, sociability and neck qualifications Yuri Usachev, period lapping passed unnoticed and comprehensive training showed high gotovpost crew. Then the crew continued preparations for the flight to the United States, tk. Russia's first delivery of the crew on the Mir station was to be carried out through shuttle.

June 26, 1995, Mr. State Commission identified Yuri Soloviev Onufrienko understudy for the Space Shuttle Atlantis (EO-19).

After the launch of the Atlantis "Yuri, this time as commander of the first EO-21 crew, along with his comrades continued training in the United States and only three weeks later he returned to Russia and continued training. Now, in addition to its crew of Yuri Usachev appeared experienced NASA astronaut Shannon Lucid.

Preparations for the flight program MIR-21/NASA-2 (so now is a program EO-21) completed a comprehensive training on Jan. 31, 1996, Mr..

Yuri Onufrienko has qualified "Military Pilot 3rd class, he was awarded two medals of the Ministry of Defense. He is fond of fishing and Art.

Yuri Onufrienko married on Valentine Mihaylovne.V their family has three children: Jury (1982), Elena (1988) and Alexander (1990). As far as I remember, this is the first flight in our country many children astronaut.

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Onufrienko Yuriy, photo, biography
Onufrienko Yuriy, photo, biography Onufrienko Yuriy  Air Force Lt. Col., photo, biography
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