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Burt Reynolds (Burton Leon Reynolds)

( Actor)

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Biography Burt Reynolds (Burton Leon Reynolds)
photo Burt Reynolds (Burton Leon Reynolds)
Burt Reynolds was born on February 11, 1936 in Ueykrosse, Georgia, USA. In his veins flows the blood of the Cherokee Indian tribe, and he grew up near Palm Beach, Florida. The University was a star football team, but then seriously injured his knee and suffered in a car accident.

Reynolds dropped out of college to become an actor and went to New York where he went through a series of works, occasionally appearing on stage. He was last seen in 'Mister Roberts' and signed a contract with Universal, then moved to Hollywood.

. Originally filmed in the TV series 'River steamboat' (1959-1960), and then made his debut in the feature film 'The angelic child' (Angel Baby)
. The next ten years, more than he appeared on television and in movies, regularly appearing in the series 'Smoke Weapons' (1962 -65) and two police officers show 'Hawk' (1966) and 'Dan Ogest' (1970-71). For the film he starred in 'armed crew' (1961), 'Operations TS.R.U.' (1965), 'Navajo Joe' (1966), 'Sam Uiski', 'One hundred guns',' deadlock Shark! " (all in 1969) and 'cheating' (1970).

. His dark hair and swarthy skin, firmly compressed lips, the way games are often allowed him to play the Indians and mixed blood
. In 1972, Reynolds decided that his career should be as follows shake. He posed nude for the magazine 'Cosmopolitan', which was considered then, in the era of bourgeois feminism, a good sporting spirit.

Its natural, easy charm and original humor made him a frequent guest on TV talk shows. And he was looking for roles with comic elements, such as 'Fluff' and 'Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex but Were Afraid to Ask' (both in 1972). But a sharp turn to the daunting role of the person who was able to stand up for themselves and their friends in the film release ', and removed in 1972, firmly and irrevocably, and finally approved by Reynolds as one of the highest-grossing movie actor. And the actor knew his craft.

Insurgent 'White Lightning' (1973) became the first film, using the charm of 'my boyfriend'. There were also chasing the car and snogosshibatelnye beauty, a lot of action and little thought, the moonlight and the image of a tough guy, which is dangerous contact. Films like 'Smokey and the Bandit', 'Racing Shot' made a welcome Reynolds 'product' to market 'stars'. He is also a great success of such films as 'Shemus', 'The man who loved dancing cats' (both 1973), tough prison drama about football 'Longest Yard' (1974).

. To fail with the musicals 'At Long Last Love', it rose again to wave in a comedy about a dry law 'Lucky Lady' (both in 1975) and the saga of the era of silent film 'Nikelodeon' (1976).

. The most successful band took place at the end of 1970, when Reynolds starred in a number of highly entertaining and highly acclaimed by critics paintings
. These were: 'Semi-cool' (1977), 'The End' (1978), sharp, black comedy, in which he also made as a director, 'Hooper' (1978) and 'Starting Over' (1979) on divorced men trying to get on their feet.

. Since 1978, he owned and operated theater in Dzhupiter, Florida, often acting as a director and as an actor
. In an interview at the time he talked about his game plan - punctuate the complex and delicate projects, such as 'Starting Over', with light, purely entertaining comedy, but the streak of luck came to an end. The quality of pictures fell, and disappeared at the box office queue for tickets to the movies with his participation.

. Movies, . such as: 'rough cut' (1980), . 'Fatherhood' (1981), . 'Machine Sharqi' (1981, . also director), . 'Best Friends', . 'The best little brothel in Texas' (both in 1982), . 'Man, . Who Loved Women "(1983), . 'Dust-in' (1984) and 'Stick' (1985, . also director) show reaching downward spiral of bad luck with the productions, . change directors, . frequent reshooting and so on.,

. By this time, Reynolds, whom it was difficult not to notice, he looked and spoke so little that there were rumors that he was suffering from AIDS-th
. This proved untrue, but he alone in struggling with serious illness, which prevented him from appearing in public more than a year. Unfortunately, the pictures of his 'return', such as 'Police', 'Malone' (both in 1987) and 'Police recruitment' "(1988) were equally weak. Best he has played in 'Switching Channels' (1988) as Cary GRANT from 'His Girl Friday', but in the checkout success was not

. Then Reynolds played her first role of the typical aging safecracker in a Bill Forsyth film 'Breaking' (1989), and this work has been excellent.

. In the same year he announced a major role in the animated film "All Dogs Go to Heaven 'with his wife at the time Loni Anderson
. Loni voice for women's central role.

All this time star status remained unchanged Reynolds. Just thought that he could not get a blockbuster, hits. He saved TV. He starred in a short television series' B. L. Striker '(B. L. Stryker) (1988 - 90), then in the very popular TV series 'The evening shadows' (Evening Shade) from 1990 to 1994, which united with many of his favorite people, actors and colleagues.

Ultimately, he won the prize 'Emmy'. This led to a stellar hit single 'Cop and a half' (1993). In 1995, he successfully played in the thriller 'The Madness', and in 1996 started well in the project 'Meet Wally Sparks'. It can be seen in 'Boogie Nights' (nominated for an Oscar as Best Supporting Actor) and in 'Mad Six'

. Awards:
. Winner in the categories:
. Best Supporting Actor
. 1998 - Boogie Nights / Boogie Nights
. Filmography:
. Racer
. / Driven, 2001
. Team
. / Crew, The, 2000
. Mystery Alaska
. / Mystery, Alaska, 1999
. Universal Soldier 3: Unfinished Business
. / Universal Soldier 3: Unfinished Business, 1998
. Universal Soldier 2: Brothers in Arms
. / Universal Soldier 2: Brothers In Arms, 1998
. Mad Six
. / Crazy Six, 1998
. Boogie Nights
. / Boogie Nights, 1997
. Bin
. / Bean, 1997
. Time Reservoir Dogs
. / Mad Dog Time, 1996
. Striptease
. / Striptease, 1996

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Burt Reynolds (Burton Leon Reynolds), photo, biography
Burt Reynolds (Burton Leon Reynolds), photo, biography Burt Reynolds (Burton Leon Reynolds)  Actor, photo, biography
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