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Drunina Yuliya

( Poet.)

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Biography Drunina Yuliya
photo Drunina Yuliya
(1925 - 1991)

Born on May 10 in Moscow in the teacher's family. Childhood was spent in the center of Moscow, was at school, where his father worked. She loved to read and no doubt that it would be a writer. In 11 years, began writing poems.

When the World War II, at the age of sixteen is written in the voluntary ambulance squad at ROCCA (District Red Cross Society) and works a nurse in the eye hospital. Participates in the construction of defensive structures under Mozhaiskom, falls under the bombing and in carrying out their direct duties, becoming a nurse Infantry Regiment. Fought, was wounded. After the injured were students of the school junior aviation specialists (SHMAS), after which receives direction in the assault regiment in the Far East. All forces tear at the front. On receiving the news of the death of his father, going to the funeral for the dismissal, but there will not be returned to his regiment, and went to Moscow, the Main Department of the Air Force. Here, deceiving everyone receives a certificate that was left behind by the train, traveling to the West.

Gomel receives direction in the 218 th Infantry Division. Again, was wounded. After recovery, tried to enter the Literary Institute, but she was unlucky. Returns to self-propelled artillery regiment. Rank - Petty Officer Medical Service, fighting in the Belarusian Polesie, then in the Baltic. Concussion, and November 21, 1944 receives the document "... unfit for military service".

In the twentieth year of his life arrives in Moscow. Yuliya Drunina no doubt what to do. She goes to the Literary Institute, comes with the students at the lecture and remain here. No one dared to refuse her.

In early 1945 in the journal "Banner" was published collection of poems Drunina, in 1948 - the poems "In a soldier's overcoat".

In March 1947 engaged in 1-Union conference of young writers, was admitted to the Writers' Union, which supported it financially and provided an opportunity to continue his creative work.

Institute completed only in 1952, missed a few years due to marriage and the birth of daughter. Poems are not written.

In 1955 a collection of "Conversation with a heart" in 1958 - "Wind from the front" in 1960 - Contemporaries, "in 1963 -" Anxiety "and other collections. In 1967 went to Germany in West Berlin.

In the 1970 fall collections: "In two dimensions," "I come from childhood," "Trench Star," There is no love unhappy "and others. In 1980 - "Indian Summer" in 1983 - "The sun - the summer".

Autobiographical story Drunina "Since peaks ..." was published in 1979. Yu Drunina tragically left of their lives, committed suicide on Sept. 21, 1991 in Moscow.

* * *

I left the child in a dirty boxcar,
In the train infantry platoon in the ambulance.
Distant explosions heard and not listened
To all accustomed to the forty-first year.

I came home from school in the bunkers, crude
From the Beautiful Ladies in the "mother"
and peremat "
Because the name is closer than "Russia",
I could not hard to find.

* * *

I once saw melee.
Once - in reality. And a thousand - in a dream.
Who says that the war is not afraid
He knows nothing about the war.

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Drunina Yuliya, photo, biography
Drunina Yuliya, photo, biography Drunina Yuliya  Poet., photo, biography
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