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ORLOV Sergei

( Russian poet)

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Biography ORLOV Sergei
ORLOV, Sergey Sergeyevich (1921-1977), Russian poet. August 22, 1921 in s.Megra Belozersky district of the Vologda region. family of rural teachers. He wrote poetry from childhood (poem Pumpkin noted in 1938 the premium on the All-Union Competition of poems pupils, the whole thing led in the newspaper Pravda K. Chukovsky), published in the local newspaper before the Great Patriotic War. He fought on the Volkhov and Leningrad fronts, in 1944 almost killed in a burning tank. In 1954 he graduated from the Literary Institute. Gorky. His birth as a poet himself Orlov designated date 'That was March 19, 1943' (the title poem, dedicated to the first tank battle in which the poet opened a terrible face of war - and the ability to find the words and rhythms, adequate endured)

. Numerous collections Orlova ( "Third rate", . 1946, "The campaign continues', . 1948; Rainbow in the Steppe, . 1952, "Town", . 1953; Voice of first love, . 1958; Memory of the Heart ", . 1960; Days ", . 1966; "Loyalty", . 1973, . etc.), . containing both new, . and particularly unpublished poems, . thematically concluded mostly in the framework of the past war, . representing a poetic chronicle of life at the front,
. Lying in line with 'military' lyric whole galaxy of local poets veterans (DS Samoilov, . BA Slutsky, . MA Dudin, . SV Vikulov, . SS Narovchatov, . KY Vanshenkin, . Yu Drunina, etc.), . Orlov's poetry is marked not so much philosophical depth, . how emotional impressionability, . sincerity, . effect of the reliability of genuine, . concretized (often topographically) experiences,

. Composite, . rhythmic and lexical simplicity of a literary text, . deliberate artlessness of poetic writing, . conversational tone of trust, . psychological openness and mental clarity to determine the appearance in the work of Orlov heartfelt poems, . received widespread and lasting recognition ( "His ball was buried in the earth ...", . 1944),

Owned the poet from childhood idea of space gained in its lyrical nature optimistic worldview, not a feeling of loneliness and helplessness, but the 'involvement' in a kind of eternal entity. In the poetic cycle "The Word of Tsiolkovsky" (1962) and poems about the Soviet conquerors of the universe, this kind of makes cosmism Orlova constantly aware of their intimate relationship, . even the identity of other people (especially in the aspects of 'people and history' and 'working man'), . and more often - with compatriots of his generation ( "It was all the same to me ...", . "Peers", . "My lieutenant, etc.),
. This constant image-symbols of the globe, . stars, . heaven, . Milky Way reported poetry Orlova high 'globalisticheski'-romantic mood, . bringing together its, . with all the unconditional difference in the artistic level, . with the poetry of Vladimir Mayakovsky, . V. Bryusov, . PD Kogan, . LN Martynov,

. Military memories riddled pastoral poetry Orlova, . devoted to the nature of the native of Lake Beloe, . poems about love ( 'etched salt, . dust propylen, . / The Boots land pood lumps, . / And the star thirst for peace disgrace, . / Do not grieved for years about anyone I ... ' - One Love), . and friendly message (in t.ch,
. Where elms canopy of interwoven ... dedicated Drunina).

Author of poems "The commander of the tank" (1945, publ. 1978), "Svetlana" (1949), "Song of Leningrad" (1957), "One Love" (1962), "On the arrowhead of crimson" (publ. 1980), a book about creativity Witnesses living "(1971) and a collection of articles" Alone with you "(1978).

Orlov died in Moscow on October 7, 1977.

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  • Poem "One Love" I read while serving in the Soviet Army (1960-1963). Poem nastolko I liked that I has learned it by heart and still remember.
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    ORLOV Sergei, photo, biography
    ORLOV Sergei, photo, biography ORLOV Sergei  Russian poet, photo, biography
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