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Mariengof Anatoly

( poet, novelist, playwright)

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Biography Mariengof Anatoly
Mariengof Anatoly Borisovich (1897 - 1962), poet, novelist, playwright.
. Born on April 24 in Nizhny Novgorod in a noble family with good cultural traditions, age-old democracy, which was dominated by the love and respect for each other.

. After graduating from the private boarding school, goes to the privileged nobility's Institute of Emperor Alexander II
. My father did not approve of this choice, and after some time A. Mariengof comes into regular school. My father had a decisive influence on the life, vision and creativity of her son.

At the end of the school sent to the front in 1916 and served in engineering and construction squad. It wrote the first play in verse, "Dead Man's Bluff Pierrette", which had success with the audience.

On the October Revolution found in the car when he went on vacation in Penza. Return here coincided with the tragedy: during the attack city Czechoslovak battalions by a stray bullet killed my father. In these years begins to seriously engage in poetry, writing poetry. As would later write - "fell in love with a metaphor," called it in French - IMAGE (image). Later was the organizer (along with his friend I. Startsev) group Imagist. In his account published in the Penza printing book "Exodus".

With a suitcase full of copies of "Exodus", arrived in 1918 to his uncle who served as Commissioner of Water Transport, who introduced him to the head. Publishers VTsIK K. Eremeev, supported the young poet. This publishing Mariengof met with S. Yesenin, who became his friend. Yesenin brought him into the circle of young poets who have created a new trend in Russian poetry - Imaginism. First, the poets gathered in the cafes All-Russia Union poets "Domino", from 1919 - in the cafe Pegasus' Stall. Organized Publishers Imagists, where released from 1922 to 1924, four issues of the journal "Hotel for traveling to the beautiful" and a number of collections "Imagists". In 1920, out of his program work "Buyan Island. Imaginism ", where he wrote:" One of the goals of the poet evoke in the reader a maximum internal voltage. How can a deeper plunge into the palm reader's perception splinter image ... "In 1922 he produced the play" Conspiracy of Fools ", in 1926 appeared his prose works -" a novel without lies, "in 1928 -" Cynics ". This novel (along with a novel E. Zamyatin's "We") was convicted at a general meeting of writers as "anti-social behaviors in the field of literature."

In 1930 almost Mariengof not printed, it gradually forgetting the readers and publishers. He tries to find new forms, turns to drama. During the war he was invited to work at the Leningrad radio, where he spoke with the reading of his poems, and poems about the war.

. In 1953 began to write his best prose work - "My age, my youth, my friends and girlfriend" - a book about his childhood, adolescence, eminent contemporaries, which had to meet and make friends
. Several times processed. Only after his death, in 1965, the book was published in the journal "October". In 1988 published the first edition of the book transmitted once by the writer in the library im.M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin.

In recent years have seen the light and other works Mariengof: poems, several plays, kinopovest of Yermak, the historical novel, "Catherine".

A. Mariengof died in Leningrad on his birthday, April 24, 1962.

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Mariengof Anatoly, photo, biography
Mariengof Anatoly, photo, biography Mariengof Anatoly  poet, novelist, playwright, photo, biography
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