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( Poet, translator)

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Biography MARSHAK Samuil
Samuil Marshak (1887 - 1964), poet, translator.
Born on October 22 (November 3, NS) in Voronezh, in the family factory equipment, a talented inventor, who supported the children's desire for knowledge, interest in the world, to people. Early childhood and school years spent in a small town near Voronezh Ostrogozhsk. In high school literature teacher, instilled a love for classical poetry, encouraged the first literary experiments of the future poet. One of the poetic notebooks Marshak fell into the hands Stasov, the famous Russian critic and art historian, who took active part in

fate of the young. With Stasova he moved to St. Petersburg, is a student in one of the best schools, spent whole days in the public library, where he worked Stasov.

. In 1904 the house Stasova Marshak met Maxim Gorky, who treated him with great interest and invited him to his dacha on the Black Sea, where Marshak treated, studied and read a lot, and met with various people
. When Gorky's family was forced to leave Crimea due to the repression of the tsarist government after the 1905 revolution, Marshak returned to St. Petersburg, where by the time he moved his father, who worked at the Nevsky Gate.

. Entering employment youth: walking on the lessons, cooperation in magazines and anthologies.

. After a few years to complete their education Marshak went to study in England, first at the Polytechnic Institute, then at the University of London
. During the holidays a lot of traveling on foot on England, listening to English folk songs. Even then began working on translations of English ballads, later made him famous.

In 1914 he returned to his homeland, he worked in the province, published his translation in the magazines "North notes" and "Russian Thought". During the war years was engaged in by the children of refugees.

. Since 1920 participates in the organization of children's homes in Krasnodar, a children's theater, which begins its work of children's writer.

. In 1923, he returned to Petrograd, wrote her first original fairy tales in verse - "The Tale of a stupid little mouse," "Fire", "Email", translates from English children's folk songs - "The house that Jack built", etc.
. The head of one of the first Soviet children's magazines - "The new Robinson", around which gather talented children's authors. Marshak was the first employee Gorky created the Children's Literature Publishing House (Detgiz).

. Lyrics Marshak for children, his songs, riddles, tales and exordia, plays for children's theater eventually amounted to a collection of "Fairy tales, songs, riddles, repeatedly reprinted and translated into many languages.

. In the 1930's wrote a satirical pamphlet "Mister Twister", the poem "The story of an unknown hero," and others
. During World War II is actively cooperating in the newspapers - it parodies, epigrams, political pamphlets ridicule and rebuke the enemy. In the postwar years went book of poems - "almost military", "True Story-fiction, poetry Encyclopedia merry journey from A to Z". Many engaged in translating Shakespeare's sonnets and songs of R. Burns, translates poems Dzh.Kitsa, R. Kipling, W. Wadsworth, and others

. Among the dramatic works Marshak particularly popular panto "Twelve months", "smart things", "Cat House".

. In 1961 came a collection of articles on "Education for the word" - the result of a large creative experience of the writer.

. In 1963 came "Selected poetry" - the last book writer
. Marshak died on July 4, 1964 in Moscow.

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MARSHAK Samuil, photo, biography
MARSHAK Samuil, photo, biography MARSHAK Samuil  Poet, translator, photo, biography
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