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SAMOILOV David Samuilovich

( Poet)

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Biography SAMOILOV David Samuilovich
Samoilov (real name - Kaufman) David Samuilovich (1920 - 1990), poet. Born 1 June in Moscow in a military family doctor, who has had great influence on him, many engaged in his education. Poetry began writing early, but the poet himself did not consider long.

In 1938 he graduated with honors from the school and without passing exams in the institute (Institute of philosophy, literature and stories), intending to specialize in French literature. In those years there taught the cream of philological science. At the same time became acquainted with Selvinsky, who defined it in the poetry workshop at Goslitizdat, went to the Literary Institute at seminars Aseeva Lugovskoy. In 1941 he graduated from the institute, at the same time published his first poems

. A few days after the outbreak of war volunteered to go first to the defense works in the Smolensk region, and then enrolled as a student of Gomel Military Infantry School, where he was only two months - the alarm was raised and sent to the Volkhov Front
. After being seriously wounded five months spent in hospitals, and then returns to the front, is in motorazvedrote. Last rank - sergeant.

In late November 1945 with the troop train demobilized returned to Moscow. Decides to live a literary work, that is casual contracts, moonlighting as a radio, writes songs, literary compositions.

But in 1958 published the first book of poems, "The Middle of the country". Since then, regular appearances of his collections of poetry: "Second Pass" (1963), "Days" (1970), "running through our date ...". D. Samoilov participated in the creation of several performances at the Taganka Theater, in "Contemporary", wrote songs for plays and films.

In 1970 came compilations "Wave and Stone", "News", in 1981 - "Bay".

Since 1976 he lived in the city of Parnu, many translated from Polish, Czech, Hungarian and languages of the USSR. D. Samoilov, died March 23, 1990 in Moscow.

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  • Vladimir for SAMOILOV David Samuilovich
  • "D. Samoilov, died March 23, 1990 in Moscow" - this is a mistake: David Samoilov, died Feb. 23, 1990 in Tallinn, . while held in Tallinn Russian Drama Theater in the evening, . on the 100 th anniversary of Boris Pasternak, . immediately after the speech with the report on Pasternak.,
  • Vladimir for SAMOILOV David Samuilovich
  • By the way, tomorrow, June 1, David Samoilov would be 85 ... Congratulations to all lovers of poetry Masters on his birthday!
  • Vladimir for SAMOILOV David Samuilovich
  • something you are darker in biografii.To was taken to the front by age, . when he was 21, . is seriously injured (although in fact easily, . hand), . something about the intelligence temnite.On was the headquarters of intelligence ... the front! over 100km from the front samogo.Tak and spill the beans on the rear and the headquarters of the war. Read Kunyaeva, . "Our Contemporary"? 9, . 2007.,
  • Igor for SAMOILOV David Samuilovich
  • Yes uuuuzh ...... biography Samoilova you get a beautiful, well not the same as if he had during the Second World War was sunbathing in Samarkand and write, and he had never been a scout as far from the front of the headquarters to sit and wounded in the hand you describe as a heavy and t. d
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    SAMOILOV David Samuilovich, photo, biography
    SAMOILOV David Samuilovich, photo, biography SAMOILOV David Samuilovich  Poet, photo, biography
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