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SVETLOV Mikhail A.

( Poet)

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Biography SVETLOV Mikhail A.
Svetlov, Mikhail A. (1903 - 1964), poet. Born June 4 (17 NS) in Yekaterinoslav a poor Jewish family. He graduated from higher primary school. The First World War, the October Revolution, the Civil War have not given the opportunity to continue education. Svetlov enter into the Young Communist League, goes to defend his city as part of the 1 st Ekaterinoslav Territorial Infantry Regiment and within a few months involved in fights. Then moved to Kharkov, where he worked in the press department of the Central Committee of Komsomol of Ukraine. It was published the first book of his poems "rails" (1922).

In 1922, together with poet M. hungry arrives in Moscow, which captures the literary lives of young poets.

In 1926 published a book of poems "Night Meeting". In Moscow he learns to rabfak, then the literary faculty of the 1 st State University, in the highest literary and artistic Institute. Bryusov, where he met with E. Bagritski friendship which lasted for many years.

In exploration

Turned muzzle
In the blue cold bayonets,
And we looked at the star
Because of the smoky clouds.

Our horses were downcast,
Poor scenting reason.
I said to him: - Mercury
Called a star.

Before the fight hurts dull
Light my blue star poured..
And he asked:
- And in Russian
As Mercury's name?

He grimly waited for an answer;
I went behind the clouds
Foreign planet
Frightened peasants.

Quietly, ...
Rarely rarely
Would get the creaking of carts.
We went in the morning in exploration,
Steppe and grass - our overnight stay.

Quietly, ... Finely, finely
Midnight spurted province,
We got into a gunfight,
We will not go away.

I told him, barely audibly:
- We will not withstand fire
. Turn-ka dyshilo,
. Turn the horse.

. As we walked in the damp night
. As we ran through the darkness -
. We do not say the commander,
. Do not tell anyone.

. He looked up from under the caps,
. He replied:
. - Who cares!
. We are not rabbits, so in fear
. From hunter to escape.

. As I get up before the world
. As he looks at me,
. How do I tell the commander,
. What escaped from the fire?

. I would rather, night sometimes
. Died in the saddle
. I would be happy under the earth,
. What is unhappy on the ground ...

. Midnight bullets knocked
. Death at midnight wandered:
. The bullet hit him in the forehead,
. The bullet entered my chest.

. The night rang stirrups,
. Trailing reason,
. And Mercury sailed over us --
. Foreign stars.

. (1927)

. Talent M. Svetlov manifested in full force in his poems about the Civil War
. In 1926 was written by the famous "Granada", in 1930 created another masterpiece of the poet - "Kakhovka". Both poems were songs and have acquired a rare popularity. After years of "Song of Kahovka" took place on the roads of the Great Patriotic.

In mid-1930 Svetlov turns to drama: "Deep Province" (1935), "Fairy Tale" (1939), "Twenty Years Later" (1940).

During the war Svetlov was a military correspondent for the newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda on the Leningrad front. In 1942 wrote the poem "Twenty-eight". The tremendous popularity of the poem was "The Italian" (1943). Front-line experience reflected in the play "Brandenburg Gate" (1946).

After a significant break, started a collection of poems "Horizon" (1959) and the last book of the poet - "Hunting Lodge" (1964). September 28, 1964 M. Svetlov, died in Moscow.

Used materials kn.: Russian writers and poets. Brief Biographical Dictionary. Moscow, 2000

. Night

. Night trams
. It is not ringing,
. Decent people
. It has long been asleep,
. The branch on the balcony
. Midnight stir,
. Sleeps Arithmetic,
. Algebra I fell asleep.

. Midnight rose
. Over the Soviet Union,
. With legs side by side
. Sleep hypotenuse ..
How many of them here! Heavens
The whole family ...
Why do not you sleep,
My snub-nosed?

Maybe you are frightened
Responsible post?
Dream Engineer
Not easy and not simple!
Usnite! Now
In the supine position
Sam Commissar
Ways message! ..

I can not sleep too ..
. Behind the
. Engineer carries
. Maiden gait;
. Muttering quiet,
. Rustle page -
. Perhaps, from this
. I can not sleep ...

. In the neighboring tower
. The clock struck twelve,
. Girls bashful
. Love dreams,
. Midnight handed
. Magic thread ..
Comrade Engineer
Please, get sleep!

Behind the
Steps tirelessly ..
. I hear the engineer
. Thin soprano:
. - Sleep, please --
. I would not hurt you! --
. Exposure girl
. Very large ...

. Throwing off his time at
. Heavy cargo
. Sleeping, resting
. Soviet Union
. And the dawn over rooftops
. Omits bridge
. Where a cloud hid
. Pink tail.
. 1928

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    SVETLOV Mikhail A., photo, biography
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