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Fedin, Konstantin Aleksandrovich

( Writer)

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Biography Fedin, Konstantin Aleksandrovich
Fedin, Konstantin Aleksandrovich (1892 - 1977), writer.

Born February 12 (24 NS) in Saratov in the family of merchant-pischebumazhnika, the poet's self-taught. Children and youth were held in Saratov. At seven years old enrolled in primary school, then he began violin lessons. In 1901, he entered the Commercial College. The fall of 1905, together with the entire class participated in a student's "strike". In 1907 he fled to Moscow, laying his violin in a pawnshop. Soon found his father, returned home, but not wishing to work in the shop his father, insists on continuing education and learning in a commercial college in Kozlov (Michurinsk). Here, thanks to the teachers-language and literature in a new re-read the works of Russian literature, finding in them "or with incomparable joy". He began to dream of a literary work.

In 1911 joined the economic department of the Moscow Commercial Institute. Student years were filled with the desire to write is already ripe literary works. Fedin first literary efforts were published in 1913 - 1914 in St. Petersburg, New Satyricon "A. Averchenko.

In the spring of 1914 went to Germany to perfect in German, lives in Nuremberg, where he caught the first world war. Detainee as a civilian prisoner, was interned in Saxony, and lived there until the revolution in Germany (1918). He gave Russian lessons, served as choir members and an actor in theaters Zittau and GцІrlitz. Popal in exchange group of prisoners and autumn of 1918 he returned to Moscow. Worked for some time in the People's Commissariat of Education.

In 1919 he lives and works in Syzran, edits the newspaper Syzransky kommunar, where I had to write and editorials, and satires, and theater reviews, reports to the city and an international review. The revolutionary events of the Volga in 1919 gave him great material for the writer's work.

Autumn was mobilized to the front and was in Petrograd - in the midst of the offensive Yudenich. First it was sent to the cavalry division, then transferred to the editorial "Fighting the truth", where he worked as assistant editor until 1921. Collaborated in the Petrograd press, news stories, satires, short stories, edited the magazine "The Book and Revolution" (1921 - 24). In 1923 the first book Fedin - a collection of "Emptiness". In 1922 - 1924 wrote a novel, "Cities and Years" - one of the first Soviet novels about how intellectuals in the revolution and civil war, became a product of the Soviet literary classics.

In 1928 made a long trip to Norway, Holland, Denmark, Germany. Three years later, is seriously ill, went to Switzerland. Bitter, friendly relations which have developed as early as 1920, introduced Fedin with Romain Rolland. In 1933 - 1934 visited the cities of Italy and France. These visits gave impetus and material for two novels: "The Rape of Europa" (1933 - 1935), "The resort Arcturus" (1940). During World War II, in 1942, wrote the play "The test of feelings". In 1943 began working on long-planned trilogy, and in 1948 completing two novels - "The first joy" and "No Ordinary Summer", with the interest taken by readers, working on the last part of the trilogy - "Fire" (1961 - 1965). In 1957 the book "The writer, art, time, which gives the portraits of his friends, contemporaries (Gorky, Zweig, Holland, etc.). Been published memoir "Bitter among us" (1941 - 68). Fedin died in Moscow in 1977.

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Fedin, Konstantin Aleksandrovich, photo, biography
Fedin, Konstantin Aleksandrovich, photo, biography Fedin, Konstantin Aleksandrovich  Writer, photo, biography
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