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Biography KHLEBNIKOV Velimir
Velimir Khlebnikov (Viktor Vladimirovich, 1885 - 1922), poet.

Born on October 28 (November 9, NS) in the village of Small Derbety (Khan's rate) Astrakhan province in the family scholar-naturalist, ornithologist, one of the organizers of the Astrakhan Nature Reserve. In 1898 the family moved to Kazan, and Khlebnikov continued his studies at the gymnasium, is determined by its bias: ornithology, Russian literature, mathematics. The cultural atmosphere of the family contributed to the rapid intellectual development of the poet, the versatility of his interests: foreign languages, arts, literature. In the last years of high school begins to write poetry.

In 1903 received the Physics and Mathematics of Kazan University, first in the Mathematics Department, then transferred to natural. The crucial point was moved in 1908 to St. Petersburg. Entering the St. Petersburg University on the natural history department, and then clicking on the history and philology, he will soon finally parted ways with the University. Fate was determined - literature and the philosophical and mathematical survey.

Khlebnikov attracted attention and aroused interest in the original warehouse person, struck outlook and rare for his age, independent views. Meets with the terms of the capital's modernist poets (including Gumilev and Kuzmin, who calls "my teacher"), visiting famous in the artistic life of St. Petersburg in those years "bath" Vyacheslav. Ivanova, where the assembled writers, philosophers, artists, musicians, artists. Establish friendly relations with the young artists (Khlebnikov was a gifted artist). However, the rapprochement with the Symbolists and acmeists was short-lived. Already in those years, he developed his own poetics. The first published with the assistance of V. Kamensky Klebnikov's work - a poem in prose "Temptation of a sinner" (1908). Discover and convergence with Klebnikov Kamensky, D. and N. wineskin Kruchenykh, E. Guro, M. Matyushin and later (in 1912) with Mayakovsky leads to the formation of futurist, or as he called them Khlebnikov, jealous of the Russian language from foreign words, "budetliane (Messengers future). In the futuristic collections "Zadok the judges," "Slap in the Face of Public Taste," "Sickly Moon" occupy an important place works of Khlebnikov. In 1910 - 1914 were published his poems, poems, drama, prose, including such well-known as the poem "The Crane", the poem "Mary Vechora" play "the Marquis Dezes". In Kherson the first pamphlet published poet with the Department of Mathematics and linguistic experiments, "Teacher and student".

His life was filled with moving from town to town, he was not home, life and money. In Kharkov, and Rostov, Baku and Moscow, he lived with friends and just random people. But everywhere he was obsessed with work, she writes, reflects and explores. Scientist and science fiction, poet and essayist, he is completely absorbed in creative work. Written poem "Rural Charm", "spooky forest", etc., play "Error Death. Publication comes out of the book "Ryav! Gloves. 1908 - 1914 "," Creation "(Vol. 1). In 1916, together with H. Aseev issued a declaration "Pipe Martians", which was formulated Khlebnikov's division of humanity into "innovators" and "buyers". The main heroes of his poetry have been time and the Word, it is through time, recorded word and turned into a spatial fragment, is delivered to him the philosophical unity of the "space-time". Osip Mandelstam wrote: "Khlebnikov tinkering with words, like a mole, yet he dug in the earth moves for the future of a whole century ..."

In 1920, lives in Kharkov, has written: "War in a mousetrap", "Ladomir", "Three Sisters", "A scratch in the sky", etc.. In the city of Kharkiv theater is "fool's" election Klebnikov, the Chairman of the Earth ", with the participation Esenina and Mariengof.

In 1921 arrived in Pyatigorsk, where he worked in the Terek GROWTH night watchman. The newspaper published his poem "The Night Before the Soviets", "washerwoman", "This," "Night searched". At the end of 1921, after long wanderings, is seriously ill, returns to Moscow in hopes of publishing his works. After a slight improvement, meets with Mayakovsky, Kamensky and other poets. In companionship leads in rough order of their records and completes a series brought them short and long poems, including "Ustrug Razin, mathematical treatise on" the laws of time ", etc..

In May 1922, together with the other - the artist P. Miturich goes to the village Santalaceae Novgorod province. There he fell ill. June 28 "honest knight of poetry," as he called Mayakovsky, died.

In 1960, the remains of the poet was taken to Moscow and was buried at Novodevichy Cemetery.

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    KHLEBNIKOV Velimir, photo, biography
    KHLEBNIKOV Velimir, photo, biography KHLEBNIKOV Velimir  Poet, photo, biography
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