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Gabashvili, David A.

( Artist)

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Biography Gabashvili, David A.
David A. Gabashvili (genus. 1914). The art design of the book - the leading theme of creativity David Gabashvili.
Artist - radical tbilisets, here he was born in 1914, live and work here. Ancient and eternally young Tbilisi - a wonderful city, . arisen and a half thousand years ago at the crossroads of east-west, . become an example of an organic fusion of Eastern and European cultures, . - A constant source of inspiration of the artist.,

. In a family where the young David grew up, were artists, musicians, artists, and so his early experiments in painting were observed and supported
. In 1933, Gabashvili entered the Tbilisi Academy of Fine Arts at the Department of graphics and graduated with honors in 1938. His teacher became a prominent graphic artist and stage designer Joseph Adol'fovich Charlemagne (1880-1957), since 1918 worked in Georgia, one of the founders of the Georgian SSR Academy of Arts. Here at the Academy since 1922, preparations were national treasures of artistic staff and great attention was paid to the national artistic heritage.

. David Gabashvili said about himself in the early days of the Great Patriotic War, when he appeared and became widely known for his satirical poster "Let's beat that this scum will never climbed" (1941)
. The image of the warrior, stabbing with bayonets fascist head ugly monster embodies the strength and valor of the Soviet Army, which entered into combat with the enemy.

. Interest in the book as a work of art was a property Gabashvili in the first creative steps, . but it flourished as a designer of books and book graph shows the end of the 50's - early 70-ies, . when fully manifested its subtle and original gift,
. With terse but expressive detail the artist is able to introduce the reader to the contents of the book, convey a sense of the era, her style, starting with the cover. Laconic and reserved typography "Georgian Military Road" (1956), "Architectural monuments Meskheti" (1957). The character of a medieval landscape with wide-open and fixed on the reader's eyes gesture with the model of the temple as it proposes to enter the circle of problems of the book "Ancient Architects of Georgia" (1956). Black silhouette characteristic of Tbilisi balcony with an openwork lattice gives immediately feel the atmosphere of the old architecture Tbilisi and other Georgian cities (V. Veridze Architecture Tbilisi 1801-1917 period, t. 1, 1960).

Interesting Gabashvili and design works of fiction. Thus, the first volume of the "Decameron" by Boccaccio in the Georgian language resolved in the spirit of engravings of the Renaissance, which allowed the artist to achieve stylistic unity of content and image of the book.

. Strict and impeccable taste is not limited to Gabashvili - the artist's books, but also masters of easel graphic
. Expressive drawing and coloring a series of industrial landscapes ( "Kvartshevi-oil", 1945, gouache, "Building Samgori, 1953, gouache) illustrate the extensive possibilities of an artist's palette.

. Events Georgian national history became the subject of one of the large easel paintings of David Gabashvili "Departure of Queen Tamara" (50-s, tempera)
. Romantic vision of the world, appeal to the national origins of art, Georgian legend helped the artist to recreate the whole and the complex world of Middle Georgia. However, the heroes of the paintings seem to be fairy-tale characters, as it came down from the walls of Old Georgian architecture.

. Refined taste masters manifested in posters created them ( "the one-hundredth of Akaki Tsereteli," 1941, gouache), theatrical posters (poster for the play "Henry VIII", 1943, gouache).

. Gabashvili tries themselves and in sculpture, creating a concise means of restrained portraits of his contemporaries (portrait of the artist David Kakabadse, 1967).

. Significant place in the creative work of David Gabashvili, she teaches
. Since 1945 he teaches at the Art Academy of the Georgian SSR, which has trained many talented artists. In 1963 he was awarded the rank of professor.

. The merits of David Alexandrovich Gabashvili in the development of the Georgian Soviet culture were appreciated, in 1964 he was awarded the honorary title of Honored Artist of the Georgian SSR.

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Gabashvili, David A., photo, biography
Gabashvili, David A., photo, biography Gabashvili, David A.  Artist, photo, biography
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