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KARYAGDY Jalal Maharram oglu

( Sculptor)

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Biography KARYAGDY Jalal Maharram oglu
Jalal Maharram oglu Karyagdy (genus. 1914). Professional sculpture appeared in Azerbaijan only after the Great October Revolution. Among the first sculptors of the republic was Jelal Maharram oglu Karyagdy.
. Jalal Maharram born June 2, 1914 in the town of Shusha - one of the nicest parts of Azerbaijan, . known fact, . that here a long time lived and worked many prominent figures of science and art, . well-known in the Middle East and played an important role in the development of Azerbaijani culture,
. The future sculptor was born in a musician, his penchant for art, especially the fine, was seen in childhood. In 1928, the local Komsomol organization sent him to study in Baku. The young man is admitted to the Azerbaijan art school. Learning from the scenic department, Karyagdy carried away sculpture. Jalal from the very start of his career was on the realistic positions, which followed his entire creative life. After leaving college he taught in the same figure. Parallel Karyagdy cooperates with the Baku magazines - creates for them political figures ua hot topics of international life. But Jalal leaves no desire to continue their education to become a sculptor. From 1934 to 1937 he studies at the Tbilisi Academy of Arts remarkable sculptor-portrait I. I. Nikoladze had a strong influence on creativity Karyagdy.

Getting creative life as a sculptor Jalal coincided with the period when actively revived artistic life Baku. Karyagdy immediately began to receive interesting orders. The first independent work, still immature, imperfect, was the creation of portraits of Azerbaijani revolutionaries for opening a museum of history of the Bolshevik organizations Baku and Azerbaijan. Following were two bas-reliefs for the pavilion Azerbaijan ua VDNKh - "Animal" and "Gardening". The first monumental work of sculpture was a statue of "collective farmer", which was installed on the terrace dyukkere Samur-Devechi channel.

. Interesting work, in which Karyagdy showed himself a professional sculptor, owns a monumental plasticity, was created in 1940, a monument to the poet Vagif for the facade of the museum
. Nizami. The aim was to transfer Karyagdy generalized image of the national poet of XVIII century. There is no iconographic material on Vagif absent, and to be convincing, a sculptor exploring the era, the life and work of the poet. His Vagif calm outwardly, but behind this tension is felt calm thoughts, inner emotion. Sculptural forms sgarmonirovany, there is no active movement - a grand gesture, no detail; long national dress of the figure gives the static and monumental. In this paper, the author managed to meet the challenge of synthesis of architecture and sculpture - figure Vagif well aligned with the facade of the building and a national ornament, decorate the walls.

. During the Great Patriotic War Jalal Karyagdy was mobilized and served as artist in the wording of the large-circulation newspaper division
. His front-line drawings, cartoons appeared regularly in its pages.

The first significant work accomplished sculptor after returning home, was a relief "Farhad, cleaving the rock". In this paper we successfully found a rhythm of a circular motion, dynamic modeling temperamental transmit power and force of character, his agitated state of readiness to perform the feat in the name of love. In the foreground in sharp expressive movement figure of the young men, zanesshego hammer over his head, and deep relief - molded much thinner and softer, as if melting into the medium of light, shapes, Shireen and her friends.

. In the postwar years Karyagdy created a gallery of sculptural portraits of heroes, warriors, defending the homeland
. This is a significant work in the creation of sculptor - there is an exact portrait likeness, shape emotion-free, beautiful molding (portraits, twice Hero of the Soviet Union Nelson Stepanyan, A pilot. Guliyev). One of a series of portraits of the military - a portrait of sniper Ziby Ganieva. The sculptor saw it and opened it with a heroic character. Plasticity, accurate processing of sculptural forms, accents of expressive facial features give the image of strength and expression.

Among the sculptures Karyagdy many portraits of cultural figures in Azerbaijan today, and national classics. These images are distinguished by the vitality and compositional clarity, the plastic tools are used in them to identify the content, the multifaceted nature for the disclosure of spiritual beauty Rights. Portraits of People's Artist of USSR, Bul-Bul, People's Artist of USSR, R. Behbudov honored art J. Dangirova, a poet of the XIX century, Natavan national poet Sabir, composer Niyazi, undoubtedly, can be attributed to the best achievements of the Azerbaijani portrait sculpture.

. For many years Karyagdy often drawn to the image of the Azerbaijani composer Kara Karaev
. His portraits he created in 1959 - early 1960. Bust of the composer, sculptured in 1965 - among the best portrait images in the work of the sculptor. In it the author managed to keep alive the perception of nature and create a complete image of a person creative.

Separate place in the work Karyagdy occupy composite portraits - "Young Singer", "Kemanchist", "tar player, and other. They found the author's desire to create a truthful image of the national. In addition to portrait work, which proved to be significant Karyagdy master, he turned to sculpture.

In 1950, the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan announced a competition to design a monument in. I. Lenin to install it in the compound of Government House. Jalal Karyagdy won this contest. Lasted four years working on a way the leader. Sculptor comprehensively studied art Andreeva, S. Merkurov, M. Manizer, who created the best work in the Soviet Leniniana. In 1955, the Penalty bronze sculpture was installed. Clear, carefully scrutinized the plastic forms create a monumental, significant image of the leader of the revolution.

. In the mid 50-ies Karyagdy began work on a monument to the Azerbaijani poet and satirist of the XIX century Sabir, which was established in Baku in a square named after the poet, in 1958
. Image and therefore the solution is simple, without affectation, an image of the poet, coming from the people and to create for the people. A sculptor could accurately convey a portrait likeness. Sabir Karyagdy depicted sitting in a relaxed pose with a book in his hands, deep in thought. Monument characteristic conciseness and expressive forms of plastic operation. The bronze sculpture is well aligned with the pedestal (architects E. Ismailov, H. Alizadeh).

In memory of the heroes of the revolution and World War II devoted to the most important sculptor 1970. The best of them: a monument to Nariman Narimanov, established in Baku (1972), a memorial to fallen soldiers in the town of Barda (1979), a monument to General Hazi Aslanov, built at home, twice Hero of the Soviet Union in Lankaran in 1984.

. Jalal Maharram oglu Karyagdy stands at the origins of the Soviet Azerbaijani schools sculpture
. Creations of monuments decorate the cities and villages of the republic, he was captured in a highly artistic images of many famous people of his country.

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KARYAGDY Jalal Maharram oglu, photo, biography
KARYAGDY Jalal Maharram oglu, photo, biography KARYAGDY Jalal Maharram oglu  Sculptor, photo, biography
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