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Vsevolod Mstislavich

( From the kind of Rurik)

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Biography Vsevolod Mstislavich
From the kind of Rurik. Son of Mstislav Vladimirovich 1 and the Swedish queen Christina Ingovny. Kn. Novgorod in 1117-1136 he. Kn. Vyshgorodsky in 1136, Mr.. Kn. Pskov in 1137-1138 he.

Wife: daughter of Prince. Svyatoslav of Chernigov.

+ 11 Feb.. 1138 g.

* * *

In 1130 Vsevolod brothers Izyaslav and Rostislav paced march on Chud. The war was a success: many were slain enemies, ruined and burned with their homes, brought a rich full. But not so happy was one of Vsevolod stretches campaign next year: they were created to attack the great, says the chronicler, killed mnogodobryh men Novgorod in Klin. In 1133 Vsevolod the third time went on and took Yurev Chud.

In 1132 his father died, Vsevolod, Mstislav. Great reign succeeded his brother Yaropolk. During the life of Mstislav talked with Yaropolk, so that immediately upon the adoption of older table turned to his place in Pereslavl older nephew Vsevolod of Novgorod. Order it irritated the younger uncle - Yuri Dolgoruky and Andrew. They said: "Brother Yaropolk wants to give his death Kiev Vsevolod, his nephew, and hastened to warn the last. Morning rode Vsevolod in Pereyaslavl, and before dinner was even fired uncle Yuri. Was not as in the south, . Vsevolod returned to Novgorod, . but he found there a strong emotion - get up to the great people, . in the words of the chronicler, came to the people of Pskov and Novgorod in ladozhane, . and Vsevolod had to leave him, then, . however, . townspeople soon thought better of it and return it back,
. Can, . however, . with the probability of believing, . Vsevolod that was adopted is not so, . as before, . that is the start of the conditions or "series" with the princes of Novgorod, probably also, . that since that time and the burgomaster is changing its character as an official at the Prince's official character of the national, . elected by Candlelight, . though not without the prince,
. Since then, Vsevolod had no proper values in Novgorod, I could not force its residents to send in Kiev Pechora usual tribute, after which the Grand Duke Yaropolk had to send another nephew, Izyaslav; last managed to take a tribute.

In 1134 Izyaslav Mstislavich again appeared in Novgorod in order to persuade his brother and the townspeople go to war with his uncle, Yuri, to get to Mstislavich least Rostov parish, if they found no inheritance in southern Russia. After the proposal was a rapid Chamber: some wanted to protect Mstislavich and extract their parish, others do not, the majority was on the side of the first, it was decided to take a hike, but disagree with the abandoned bridge in the Volkhov, says the chronicler. Mstislavich with Posadnik Petriloy went to war, . but barely reached the river Dubna, . as disagreement City Chambers repeated in the shelves: the opponents of the campaign again raised his voice and this time overpowered, . Prince was forced to return and immediately, . subtracting from posadnichestvo Petrily, . sent him, Ivan Pavlovich,
. New Novgorod waiting for their defeat: here again overpowered their opponents, and again with all Vsevolod of Novgorod region went to Rostov land. At that time, were bitter cold and snowstorms. At Zhdanova Hill Novgorod Rostov Regiment met with and suffered a severe defeat, died posadnik Ivan and many other good men. Returning home, Novgorod began more anger at Vsevolod.

In 1136 Vsevolod II of Kiev won in the south of the victory over Yaropolk Vladimirovich. Opponents Vsevolod Mstislavovitch seized the opportunity to rise up against him. In the same year called Novgorod Pskov, ladozhani began to think how to drive the Prince. Thought for a moment, put him in the Bishop's court with his wife, children and tescheyu, put the watchmen to guard it day and night with the weapon to 30 people per day and did not let up until not have new prince Svyatoslav II of Kiev from Chernigov. Vsevolod the meaning of guilt as in the annals of: 1) not reserved the blackness of serfs, and 2) Why would sit in Pereslavl; 3). Zhdanova battle on the mountain before the others ran out. Regiment, 4) interfere with Novgorod in the strife: first ordered to proceed to the Chernigov Olgovich, and now asks to withdraw.

Vsevolod I went to my uncle Yaropolk and received from him Vyshgorod. But this is not a division in Novgorod. ended. In the same year he ran in Vyshgorod Vsevolod posadnik Constantine with friends. The fugitives were said Vsevolod, that he had many friends in the Novgorod and Pskov, which are just waiting for his arrival: "Go, prince, want you back" - Vsevolod Svyatopolk went with my brother and was immediately taken into Pskov. Once in Novgorod learned that Vsevolod of Pskov and wants to again sit down with them, then began a strong insurgency, the majority did not want Mstislavovitch, his friends were forced to flee to him in Pskov. Sviatoslav II of Kiev gathered all the land of Novgorod and went to drive out Vsevolod of Pskov, . but the people of Pskov from the first time have shown resistance, . What differed after, . the more so for them it was advantageous to obtain the special prince and thus free from the influence of the older cities, and they did not submit Novgorod, . not thrown away Vsevolod, . but took precautions in case of attack, . done everywhere Zaseki,
. Svetoslav Novgorod and saw that the war will be long, the success of the wrong, and therefore returned to the road.

At the beginning of next year, Vsevolod died and was buried in the church in Pskov Demetrios. From the Life it can be concluded that this prince was a kind and gentle.

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