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GLEB Vseslavich

( From the kind of Polotsk princes)

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Biography GLEB Vseslavich
GLEB Vseslavich (knee 8) from the family of Prince of Polotsk. The ancestor of the princes of Minsk. Son Vseslav Polotsk. Kn. Minsk in 1101 - 1119 he. Kn. Polotsk in 1116 - 1119 he.

Wife: from 1090 g. daughter of Prince. Vladimir-Volyn Yaropolk Izyaslavich, kn. Anastasia (+ 1159).

+ Sept. 13. 1119 g.


In 1104 Prince voivod Svjatopolka Izyaslavich, Putyata and Svyatoslavich and Yaropolk Oleg Vladimirovich, son of Monomakh, went to besiege Gleb in Minsk, but returned without success. In 1106 Gleb other Polotsk prince went to zimegolu (Baltic tribe), but in battle they lost many soldiers and barely able to save the remnants of its ratification. In 1116 Gleb began the war with Monomahom, burned Slutsk and took a lot of people between the Dvina and Pripyat. Then, Vladimir, hoping for God and the truth, in the words of the chronicler, he went to Minsk with his sons, as well as with Davyd Svyatoslavich sons Oleg and Svyatoslav. Monomakh took Orsha and Drutsk, and Vladimir himself went to Minsk, and laid siege to it Gleb. Monomakh decided to seize this city, no matter how much had to stand under it, and to have ordered the mill to build a durable housing (hut). Hleb, seeing the preparations for a long siege, took fright and began to send ambassadors to the requests. While walking Lent. Vladimir, . not wanting to shed Christian blood in Lent, . gave him the world; Hleb left the city with-children and his retinue, . Vladimir bowed and promised to obey him in all, he, . giving him instructions, . as forward behave, . returned him to Minsk and went back to Kiev,
. But in 1119 Gleb started a new war, fought the Smolensk district. Mstislav, son of Monomakh, again went to Minsk, captivated Gleb, brought him to Kiev, where he ate in the year he died.

All the monarchs of the world. Russia. 600 brief biographies. Konstantin Ryzhov. Moscow, 1999.

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Gleb Vseslavich (? -1119) - 1 st lot. Ming prince, son of directing body. kn. Vseslav Polotsk. Prince of Minsk was in 1101, after the death of his father. At that time it included the city Minsk, Orsha, Kopys, Drutsk etc.. Gleb Vseslavich sought to free themselves from the tutelage of Grand. kn. rus. Svjatopolka Izyaslavich, and in 1104 the latter besieged Hleb in Minsk. In this campaign Svjatopolka attended one of bratv Gleb Vseslavich - Davyd Vseslavich. Voevoda led. Prince Putyata could do nothing with Gleb, who served behind the thick walls of Minsk. In 1106, Mr.. Gleb Vseslavich went with the brothers in the march to Semigallians, but was defeated and lost 9 thousand. man. In 1116, Mr.. Dregovichy devastated land that belonged to Kiev, and burned Sluck, for which he was besieged in Minsk Grand. kn. Russia Vladimir Monomakh, and his years. Orsha Kopys and Drutsk were 'taken on board', where the population Drucki son Monomah Yaropolk transferred to the newly built city of Zheldy (Jelnov). Gleb Vseslavich asked for mercy and was forgiven, but left him only one of the Minsk district, and Kopys and Orsha handed resins. Prince. Not reassured, began in 1119, Mr.. fight resins. and Novgorod. land, but the loser Mstislav the Great, was taken prisoner, is contained in Kiev and imprisoned, where he died.

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GLEB Vseslavich, photo, biography
GLEB Vseslavich, photo, biography GLEB Vseslavich  From the kind of Polotsk princes, photo, biography
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