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DAVYDOV Vseslavich

( Prince of Polotsk)

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Biography DAVYDOV Vseslavich
Davyd Vseslavich - Prince of Polotsk, the son of Prince of Polotsk. Vseslav Polotsk. In 1103, Mr.. a team led. kn. rus. Svjatopolka Izyaslavich and Vladimir Monomakh walked with the other. prince Polovtsy and participated in their rout of the Dnieper. The following year, with the sons Monomakh, Oleg and Yaropolk, besieged his brother Gleb Vseslavich in Minsk. In def went with his brothers on the inhabitants Semigallia and was defeated in a bloody cross section, which cost 9 thousand Vseslavich. warrior. In 1127, Mr.. at the approach led. kn. Kiev. Mstislav the Great to the Polotsk Davyd Vseslavich was expelled from Polotsk its residents, put on a great table of his brother Rogvolod Vseslavich. In 1129, Mr.. among the 5 Polotsk princes for refusing to go to Polovtsy Mstislav the Great was sent into exile in Constantinople. Perhaps, later returned home.

To use material from the book.: Boguslavsky, VV Burmina VV. Russia Rurik. Illustrated historical dictionary.

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DAVYDOV Vseslavich (knee 8)

From the kind of Polotsk Prince. Son Vseslav Polotsk. Kn. Polotsk in 1127, 1128-1129 gg.


In 1127 Polochans expelled from the city Davydov and, at the request of Mstislav Vladimirovich, took over the reign of his brother Davydova Rogvolod Vseslavich. But Rogvolod died a year later, and Davyd returned to Polotsk. In 1129 Mstislav, called Polotsk princes go on a campaign against Polovtsy. Davyd answered him: "You're Bonyak Sholudyakom Hello both, and manage themselves, and us at home, have something to do". Having dealt with Polovtsy, Mstislav sent for Davydov, his son and nephews. Polochans refused to defend their princes, and they were forced to come to Kiev to the Grand Duke. Mstislav ordered to put them all in three boats and sent to Constantinople. The emperor gave them a salary, and they faithfully served him, fighting with the Arabs. At Russ Davyd never returned.

All the monarchs of the world. Russia. 600 brief biographies. Konstantin Ryzhov. Moscow, 1999.

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DAVYDOV Vseslavich (? - Upom. 1129)
Parents: Vseslav of Polotsk (? -1101 +),?

Children:?, Daughter of Mstislav the Great =>

Bryachislav (upom. under 1129g.) kn. Iziaslav;
. In 1129 exiled with his father to Constantinople
. Key moments
. Prince of Polotsk (1127-1129 with a break);

. In contrast to his father and brothers who fought political osobnost Polotsk, David approaches the Kievan Yaroslaviches and participate in their campaigns: successful (1103) on Polovets and failure (1104) - in his same brother, Ming Gleb

In 1127, Mr.. He was, however, unacceptable to Yaroslavichy Prince of Polotsk, where he was about this time replaced his brother Gleb. Under the influence of military setbacks, and for the sake of Kiev, Polochans drove David, but in 1129, Mr.. after the death of his successor, David Rogvolod with the consent of Yaroslavichy again became prince of Polotsk. When David refused to Mstislav the Great for assistance against the Polovtsy, he and his son and nephew had been exiled to Constantinople (Constantinople), the principality of Polotsk became part of the possessions of Mstislav (before 1132).

The emperor gave them a salary and they faithfully served him, fighting with the Arabs. At Russ Davyd never returned. There is news that David and the Saint Euphrosyne of Polotsk and her sister in the second half of XII century. traveled to Jerusalem.

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DAVYDOV Vseslavich, photo, biography
DAVYDOV Vseslavich, photo, biography DAVYDOV Vseslavich  Prince of Polotsk, photo, biography
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