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GLEB Svyatoslavich

( Prince of Novgorod)

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Biography GLEB Svyatoslavich
Gleb Svyatoslavich (? -1078) - Prince of Novgorod., Son of Grand. kn. rus. Svyatoslav Yaroslavich. In 1064, as Tmutarakan. Prince, twice (1064) expelled from Tmutarakani cousin Rostislav Vladimirovich. In 1067, Mr.. received from his uncle, Grand. kn. rus. Izyaslav Droslavicha, Veliky Novgorod. After voknyazheniya Vseslav Polotsk in Kiev was forced to return to Tmutarakan, where, according to the inscription on the marble Tmutarakan stone in 1068, Mr.. measured the distance between Tmutarakan and Kerch. Perhaps the latter also part of the possessions Gleb Svyatoslavich. After the flight Vseslav in Polotsk (1069) directed Novgorod. militia defending the city against the troops Vseslav, which broke near Novgorod. On accession to Svyatoslav Yaroslavich velikoknyazh. Table (1073), Gleb Svyatoslavich received from him Pereyaslavskaya Region. After voknyazheniya in Kiev, Yaroslav, Vsevolod (1077) was forced to return to Novgorod. In 1078, Mr.. When in Novgorod Magi, incited people to revolt against Pravoslav. Church and the Prince, the chief of them cut his own head with an ax. Exiled for this unhappy Novgorod, Gleb Svyatoslavich called for help, Vladimir Monomakh, but he did not respond to this call, and Gleb Svyatoslavich ran for Portage, where he was killed chudyu.

. To use material from the book.: Boguslavsky, VV Burmina VV
. Russia Rurik. Illustrated historical dictionary.

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GLEB Svyatoslavich (koleno7)

From the kind of Chernigov Prince. Son of Svyatoslav Yaroslavich. Kn. Tmutarakan in 1064, 1066 - 1068 he. Kn. Novgorod in 1069 - 1078 he.

+ 30 May 1078, Mr..

In 1064 Rostislav drove reign in Tmutarakani Gleb. Father last Svyatoslav went to Rostislav. That gave him Tmutarakan, but for the care of his uncle, took it again. In 1066, after the death of Rostislav, St.. Nikon went from Tmutarakani in Chernigov and persuaded Svyatoslav again to send his son there.

In 1069 Gleb was already in Novgorod, and reflected a sudden raid on the city of Polotsk Vseslav, breaking his squad at the walls of the city. At Glebe appeared in Novgorod Magi. He talked to people and pretending to be a god. Many believed in him, and the whole town was thrown into confusion, the townspeople wanted to kill the bishop Theodore. Bishop with a cross in his hands and robes came out and said: "Who wants to believe Magus, let him go after him, who believe in the true God, let him go to my cross!" And the people went in two. Prince Gleb and the squad stood around the bishop, and all the people went for sorcerer. The case went to the bloody denouement. Hleb with an ax under his cloak went to the Magi and asked him: "Do you know, . what happens in the morning and that before the evening? "He said:" There is nothing impossible for me! I know everything in advance "and Gleb asked:" Do you know, . What will happen to you today? "" great wonders commit ", . - Replied the magician,
. Hleb, taking an ax, cut the sorcerer, and he fell down dead. Seeing deception magician, people went home. In 1078 Novgorod expelled Hleb, he ran for the Portage and was killed chudyu. His body was brought to Chernigov and buried behind the church of the Savior near the grave of his father Svyatoslav.

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GLEB Svyatoslavich, photo, biography
GLEB Svyatoslavich, photo, biography GLEB Svyatoslavich  Prince of Novgorod, photo, biography
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