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GLEB Svyatoslavich

( Prince of Chernigov)

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Biography GLEB Svyatoslavich
Gleb Svyatoslavich - son of Grand Prince of Chernigov. kn. Kiev. Svyatoslav Vsevolodich. In 1180, sent by his father to help ryaz. princes, carousing with the brigade in Kolomna, where he was captured Vsevolod the Big Nest and sent to detention in Vladimir. The following year, Vsevolod sent him to his father. In 1189, Mr.. Father Gleb Svyatoslavich sent to hung. King Bela III for the negotiation of Galicia, and in 1190, giving him Kanev, sent him up against Polovtsian, Khan Kuntuvdeya. Gleb Svyatoslavich Polovtsy met on the outskirts of the city, broke them, and many drowned in the river. Ros. In 1196, Mr.. because of the war with Olegoviches Monomashichami was left by his uncle Jaroslav Vsevolodich in Chernigov. In 1205, Mr.. Gleb Svyatoslavich brothers put him to reign in Belgorod. In 1214, during the rout Olegoviches Mstislav Udatnogo submissiveness and gifts bought from the last world. After the death of Vsevolod the Red received Chernigov, but held it, apparently, with his brother Mstislav Svyatoslavich.

To use material from the book.: Boguslavsky, VV Burmina VV. Russia Rurik. Illustrated historical dictionary.

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GLEB Svyatoslavich (knee 10)

From the kind of Chernigov Prince. Son of Svyatoslav II Vsevolodovicha and Polotsk Prince. Mary Vasilkovny. Kn. Belgorod in 1205, Mr.. Kn. Chernigov in 1214 - 1219 he.

Wife: from 1182 g. daughter of Prince. Smolensky Rurik Rostislavich, kn. Anastasia.

+ 1219 g.

* * *

In 1180 Gleb's father was sent to the aid of Roman Glebovich Ryazan in its war against the younger brothers. Hleb was sitting in Kolomna, when the city suddenly appeared Vsevolod of Vladimir. Vsevolod told Gleb come to me. He initially did not want to, but then, seeing that can not be resisted, gone. Vsevolod ordered to seize him in chains and send in Vladimir, where appointed to guard him; his squad suffered the same fate. These events marked the beginning of a great war, in which were involved except the Chernigov princes of Vladimir and more Polotsk, Smolensk, Murom and Ryazan princes. All the time this war Hleb sat captive in Vladimir, and was released only on the conclusion of peace in 1182.

In 1187 Svyatoslav with Gleb went to Galich. And in 1190 Gleb on behalf of his father in Kanev guarded the Russian land from Polovtsy. Polovtsi learn that Svyatoslav went to Kiev, wanted to go to Russia, but were met by Gleb and ran. On the river Ros, many of them were captured or killed.

In 1214, after the death of Rurik, Hleb got to reign in Chernigov. The following year, his brother Vsevolod Chermnykh, reign in Kiev, started a war against the princes of Smolensk, was defeated at Vyshgorod Mstislav Mstislavich and died soon. Mstislav besieged Chernigov and stood near the city for three weeks. Smolyan Novgorod and burnt all the surrounding villages and townsmen. Finally Gleb reconciled with Mstislav, yielding Kiev Ingvar Yaroslavovich and Vyshgorod - Mstislav Romanovich.

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GLEB Svyatoslavich, photo, biography
GLEB Svyatoslavich, photo, biography GLEB Svyatoslavich  Prince of Chernigov, photo, biography
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