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Biography DMITRI A.
Dmitry (ca. 1250 -1294) - Prince Pereyaslav, led. Prince Vlad., son of Alexander Nevsky. In 1262, Mr.. Dmitry along with his uncle, Yaroslav Yaroslavovich was sent by his father against Livonia. Knights of St. George, took the city and returned with rich booty. Immediately after the death of Alexander Nevsky (1263) Novgorod expelled Dmitriy, and he went to Pereslavl-Zaleski. In 1269, Mr.. Novgorod, taking the war with Livonians, invited him to help, and Dmitry played a key role in defeating the Germans at Rakpvprpm. After a year of Novgorod in gratitude offered Dmitry his desk, ousted Jaroslaw, but Dmitry refused and sat down in Novgorod shed after his uncle's death 2 years later. However others. his uncle, Vasily of Kostroma, gathered an army and together with others. princes began to ravage Novgorod. Ownership. Dmitry against him and came to Torzhok, when I suddenly learned that the people of Novgorod and changed their minds, fearing the wrath of Grand. Duke isshili get rid of Pereyaslav. Prince. Dmitriy then relinquished Novgorod. reign, and went to his inheritance. When Basil died of Kiev (1276), Dmitri, as a senior in kind, took the throne in Vladimir, and in May the following year, arrived in Novgorod, was recognized there as a prince. In 1278, Mr.. as Novgorod. Duke went to pacify insurgent Korela and ruined its land; built (with the permission of Novgorod) near Fin. Bay fortress Koporje. In 1281, Mr.. his brother, the inheritance. Gorodets. kn. Andrey, went to the Horde and slandered Dmitri before Khan, having obtained a shortcut on the Grand. reigning and auxiliary. tat. army, then moved to Pereyaslavl. Dmitri fled to Koporje, but novgoodtsy forced him to withdraw the garrison from Koporye, then sryli to the base of the fortress, deprived Dmitry Novgorod. table and seated himself at the Andrew. Dmitri left in Pereslavl, which started to collect troops for the war with his brother, but against him came from Moscow, Novgorod and tverichi. However, Dmitry, abandoning Novgorod. table, left the Grand Duke. Andrew did not like it, and he again urged the Tatars. Dmitri fled to the leg, which took Dmitry very well and made his brother Andrew to return illegally seized led. table. Dmitri returned (1283) to Russia, made peace with bratoi, but cruelly avenged his boyars and supporters. Novgorod also recognized him as their prince. Andrew, however, has a g-year invited me tat. Prince, who came to Russia with a large army, began to loot and burn villages and cities in succession. D. A 'collecting inheritance. princes, came out against the Tatars and drove them to the Horde is not afraid of Khan. anger. Khan and really did not punish the willful Russian, half afraid, apparently, intercession for him Nogaya. After that, much as 7 years Dmitry calmly sitting on the lead. table, while Andrew, joined with some discontented lot. princes did not go to the Leg (1292). He blackened Dmitry eyes Nogaya. As a result, the prince Dц?den moved on to lead. Prince with a huge Ratiu. Dmitry heard this, fled Pereyaslavl in Pskov to Dovmont. Tatars devastated many towns and villages and left with a huge full of the Horde, and Andrew took the lead. table and was immediately declared Novgorod. Prince. Destiny Dmitry-Pereslavl-Zaleski - Andrew gave one of his allies - resins. kn. Theodore Rospshslaiichu black, but Dmitri, on learning about caring Dц?den, decided to return to Pereslavl, but there Torzhok was nearly intercepted by Andrew and barely escaped, leaving in the hands of the enemy all the baggage. This time, he escaped to Tver. Young solid. kn. Michael of Kiev accepted Dmitry and agreed to mediate between the brothers. With solid. Bishop he was able to reconcile them. Dmitry refused or kept. reign in favor of his brother, but left himself Pereslavl-Zaleski. Dmitry in the late. 1293 went to Pereslavl, but on the way, about the drag became ill and died shortly thereafter.
To use material from the book.: Boguslavsky, VV Burmina VV. Russia Rurik. Illustrated historical dictionary.

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From the kind of Vladimir-Suzdal Grand. kn. Yaroslav, son of Alexander Nevsky and the Prince of Polotsk. Alexandra Bryachislavny. Genus. app. 1250 g. Kn. Novgorod in 1259 - 1264, 1272 - 1273.1276 - 1281, 1285 - 1292 he. Book Perei in 1263 - 1294 he. Conducted kn. Vladimir in 1276 - 1281, 1284-1292 g.

+ 1294 gg.


In 1259, Alexander Nevsky, surrounding Novgorod Tatar tribute, left here to rule Dmitry. In 1262 he and his uncle, Yaroslav Yaroslavovich went against the Germans to Yuriev. After the death of Alexander Nevsky Dmitry was expelled from Novgorod. In his place sat Jaroslav Yaroslarich. After the death of his uncle, in 1272, Dmitry sent messengers to ask Novgorod Novgorod table. Novgorodians agreed summon the condition that he rules they did not arbitrarily, as a father, and the ancient custom of Novgorod. Uncle Dmitri, Vasily Jaroslawicz Mizin, also sought power over Novgorod, but was refused. However, he did not dutmal assign their rights. Together with the Tartars and his nephew Svyatoslav Yaroslavich Tver Vasily fought Novgorod parish and took Torzhok. Winter 1273 with Dmitri Novgorod went to Tver, and sent to Vassili say: "Return parish Novgorod and reconciled with us". But Basil did not want to accept. Seeing his tenacity, Novgorod wavered, many wanted to take on the reign of Basil. Dmitri, not waiting for expulsion, he went to his Pereyaslavl.

In 1276 Vasily Mizin - the last son of Yaroslav Vsevolodovich - died, and seniority passed to Dmitry. Adding to a region of Vladimir, Dmitri turned to Novgorod, where he was quick to recognize their prince.

Shortly thereafter, Andrew Gorodnensky, the younger brother of Dmitri, went to the Horde. Khan bestowed Meng-Timur, . he got a shortcut on the Vladimir and his army against Dmitry, . because he had not thought to obey the word of Khan's, . and it was necessary to force him to power, . and all the princes, . near and distant relatives, . joined with Andrei against Dmitry,
. Dmitry, seeing an alliance of princes and Tatar regiments against him, went to Novgorod, wanting to sit in their fortresses Koporie, but the lake Ilmen met Novgorod shelves. Prince of Novgorod did not take. Dmitry went to sea, and Andrew sat in Vladimir. Novgorodians also recognized him as their prince.

In 1283 Dmitri returned with mercenary troops stayed in Pereslavl and began collecting shelves. Fearing for himself, Andrew went again to the Horde, and came out with Tatar regiments. Dmitri escaped again, but this time it was not for the Baltic Sea and the shores of the Black: there is spread over the steppes horde of other, independent and hostile to the Gold, the Nogai Horde. The ruler of her foot from the rivalry with the Khan of the Golden Horde received with honor and Dmitri gave him their shelves: this time Andrew had to yield and return to his brother, Vladimir. In 1284 Andrew joined with Novgorod, but frightened by the power of Dmitri retreated. He again went to the Horde for help, but Dmitri has collected a large army, and struck the Tartars, when they dispersed to plunder.

In 1292 Dmitry petulant princes together, and together with Andrew went to complain to the Horde. Khan Tokhta sent to Russia a large army. Pereyaslavets after learning of the approach of the Tartars, all scattered, and Dmitri had to flee from his native town, first at the Portage, and thence to Pskov. Andrey took to Vladimir and Novgorod, his ally Theodore Rostislavich Black - Pereyaslavl, where Dmitrieva son Ivan brought in Kostroma. After the withdrawal of the Tatars Dmitry wanted to get out of Pskov, Tver, because there the Prince Michael of Kiev did not break with the world. Dmitry managed to get himself in Tver, but his baggage train was captured by Andrew and Novgorod. Dmitri was forced to sue for peace with her brother, who left himself Vladimir, but returned Pereyaslavl. Theodore Black, leaving the Pereyaslavl, ordered to burn his. Dmitri, however, did not achieve his paternal: he died on the way to Portage. He was buried in Pereslavl in the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral.

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DMITRI A., photo, biography
DMITRI A., photo, biography DMITRI A.  Prince Pereyaslav, photo, biography
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