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Izyaslav I Jaroslawicz

( From the kind of Rurik)

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Biography Izyaslav I Jaroslawicz
From the kind of Rurik. First son of Yaroslav Vladimirovich the Wise and the Swedish queen Ingigerdy. Rod in 1024, Mr.. Kn. Turovsky to 1052, Mr.. Kn. Novgorod in 1052 - 1054 he. Conducted. kn. Kiev in 1054-1067. 1069-1073, 1077 - 1078 gg.; J.: sister of King Casimir's Polish III, Prince. Gertrude (+ 1107). + October 3. 1078 g.


In 1067 Polotsk Polotsk Vseslav went to Novgorod and drove from his Izyaslavova son Mstislav. Then Izyaslav together with his brothers Svyatoslav and Vsevolod, despite the strong cold, gathered the soldiers and went to Vseslav. Along the way brothers stormed Minsk and killed in the town of all men and women and children took with them as the spoils of war. March 3, both rati met on the river Nemize. It was heavy snow, however the battle began and was very cruel. Many people fell on both sides, but in the end won Izyaslav. In June Izyaslav deceit lured Vseslav in Smolensk, commanded to seize and imprison him in the wooden house in Kiev. From this insidious crime began misadventures Izyaslav.

In 1068 came to Russia Polovtsians. Izyaslav brothers met them on the river Alta. That night began slashing and Polovtsians won a complete victory, and the Russian princes fled. Svyatoslav took refuge in Chernigov, and Izyasliv and Vsevolod - in Kiev. But even more evil than Polovtsy, Izyasla "have caused their own nationals. Having reached the city, Kiev residents staged a Chamber in the Market Place and, turning to the prince, saying: "Here, Polovtsy scattered throughout the land, handed over, the prince, weapons and horses. We still pobemsya with them ". But Izyaslav not listen to Chamber. Then the people brought down the wrath of their governor, and especially the governor Kosnyachka. Kievans went to his yard to get even with him for the defeat. But, not finding him, began again to deliberate and decide: Let's liberate Vseslav from prison, and then under his leadership, beat Polovtsy ". Judging so, some ran to the houses, while others went to the prince's household. Izyaslav just on the porch holding council with the warriors. Who came, becoming the bottom, began to argue with Prince. Meanwhile, the people of Kiev broke prison, released Vseslav and then among the princely court declared him their prince. Izyaslav and Vsevolod in great fear fled from Kiev, and people rushed into the prince's tower and looted. And it was that day captured a lot of gold and silver coins and bars.

From the revolt Kiev Izyaslav went to seek the protection of the Polish King Boleslaw II. The king received him with all the signs of sincere friendship, as its close relative, and in 1069 was made with him march on Kiev. Vseslav with Kyiv residents had gone to meet them, but near Belgorod, threw his army and fled to Polotsk. Kievans returned to Kiev, arranged Chamber and decided to ask the intercession of two junior Yaroslavichy. Svyatoslav and Vsevolod sent to Izyaslav, saying: "Vseslav ran. Not vodi Poles in Kiev. Here you have no enemies ". Izyaslav left the army and with a small retinue, and Boleslav entered Kiev. Townspeople greeted his expression of complete submission.

To avoid the recurrence of rebellion Izyaslav transferred bargaining. Podil from the upper part of the city.

In 1073 a feud broke out between Yaroslaviches. Home turmoil put Svyatoslav, who was fix a Vsevolod against brother. Seeing such hostility to himself, Izyaslav, taking with him his entire treasury went from Kiev again in Poland. Svetoslav sat down at the table Kiev. In Poland, the Polish nobles Izyaslav gave rich presents, seeking their support. The Poles took the gifts, but did not give any assistance or even expelled him from their country. Leaving Poland, Izyaslav went to Mainz intercession of the enemy Boleslaw Emperor Henry IV. Taking from the rich gifts Izyaslav, Henry in 1075 sent to Kiev to Svyatoslav embassy headed by Bishop Burghard. Svetoslav generously bestowed the imperial ambassador, and after some time, and the emperor himself. Disarmed this generosity, Henry stopped patronizing Izyaslav.

Having failed a second time, Izyaslav decided to ask for help himself Pope Gregory VII in Rome and sent his son, Yaro-shelf with a letter. As in his time in Mainz Izyaslav promised to recognize their dependence on the emperor, and in Rome, his son promised to obey the Apostolic See. Consequence of these negotiations was the fact that Gregory turned to Boleslav with exhortations to return the treasures taken from Izyaslav. Perhaps he tried to persuade the Polish prince and to provide military assistance to Izyaslav. Boleslav, finally, and in fact supported the exiled Russian prince.

In 1076 died Svyatoslav. In his place sat Vsevolod. Learning of this, Izyaslav scored several Polish regiments and spoke with them against Vsevolod. Princes met in Volyn and after the negotiations concluded peace. Vsevolod lost Izyaslav biting, and he remained in Chernigov.

After a short time, and Vsevolod himself was in the position Izyaslav. In 1078 Oleg Svyatoslavich nephews and Boris Vyacheslavich expelled him from Chernigov. Vsevolod came to Kiev and began to seek protection from brother. He was not mistaken in their expectations. "Brother!" - Said he Izyaslav. - Do not grieve, remember what happened to me by. First, is it not kicked me and my goods are not looted? Then,. What have I done wrong, but was also fired by you, brethren? There I was wandering in foreign lands robbed, and the evil behind it knew no. And now, brother, we will not grieve: will we honor in the Russian land, then both of them, I would lose it, then both of them together: I laid my head for you ".

With these words Izyaslav comforted his brother and ordered a campaign to collect all - great and small. Both were made by the prince with his sons. Oleg and Boris was not in Chernigov, but the townspeople defended themselves with considerable courage. Soon came Oleg Boris and the decisive battle happened near the village of Nezhatina Niva. Was wicked carnage: the first killed by Boris Vyacheslavich. Later, someone drove up to the hurried Izyaslav and smote him to death with a spear in the shoulder. The battle continued after his death, ended in complete victory Vsevolod.

Body Izyaslav in the boat was brought to Gorodets, which went all Kiev, applied them to the sleigh and drove to the city. Priests and monks accompanied him with singing, but singing can be heard because of the weeping and wailing of the great, because it was crying about it the whole city. So, accompanied by a huge crowd, Izyaslav was buried in the church of St.. Virgin.

All the monarchs of the world. Russia. 600 brief biographies. Konstantin Ryzhov. Moscow, 1999.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

* * *

(cm. genealogical table I)

Parents: Yaroslav the Wise (978-1054 +), Ingigerda;

Children: From Gertrude (1107 +), the daughter of Polish King Boleslaw II =>

Mstislav (? -1069 +) =>
Rostislav (1093 +);
Yaropolk, kn. Turovsky (?-1086h)
Sviatopolk (1050-1113 +)
Evpraksiya - Queen of Poland
Key moments
When life father reigned in Turov.
Kn. Vezelay (1052-1054);
Vel.knyaz Kiev (1054-1068), (1069-1073), (1077-1078); Apparently Izyaslav been loved Kyivers.
Note 1
At 1066g. Prince of Polotsk Vseslav with the battle took Novgorod, Izyaslav brothers went to Vseslav and captured him along with his two sons, arrested in Kiev in the "dungeon".
At 1068g. invasion began Polovtsy headed by Khan Sharukanom. After losing the battle on r.Alte Izyaslav brothers fled, leaving Kiev without the protection. Kievans Izyaslav approached with a request to issue them with weapons. Izyaslav probably not trusting the people of Kiev, was refused by. Then they rebelled, ransacking the house and courtyard Izyaslav, was released from prison prisoner Polotsk prince Vseslav and proclaimed him their prince.

Izyaslav fled to Poland and seven months with King Boleslav II of Poland and Polish troops returned. Vseslav went against him with the Kiev militia, but the way in secret from the troops fled in Polotsk. Then Kievites appealed to the brothers Izyaslav, Svyatoslav and Vsevolod, asking them to reconcile with the Prince. Izyaslav, but listened to the brothers, but sent to Kiev son Mstislav, who the perpetrators of exile Izyaslav interrupted, partly blinded. In the same year he drove Izyaslav Vseslav and from Polotsk, placing there his son Mstislav, then Svjatopolka. Later Izyaslav constantly fought with Vseslav.

Note 2
People of Kiev were dissatisfied Izyaslav and found refuge with Svyatoslav of Chernigov There was a feud between Izyaslav and Svyatoslav, supported by Vsevolod. Izyaslav was forced to leave the second time from Kiev. At this time he had to seek refuge in Germany, the Emperor Henry IV, but the Emperor could not provide him with support, not helped, and Pope Gregory VII, to which Izyaslav sent his son. Only in 1076, when he died reign in Kiev Svyatoslav, and his place was taken by Vsevolod, Izyaslav with Polish troops went to Kiev. Vsevolod voluntarily entered into an agreement with him, gave him Kiev, and Chernigov himself took. Izyaslav died in the Battle of Nezhatina Field from pariahs Boris Vyacheslavich and Oleg Svyatoslavich. His body was buried in the Church of the Blessed Virgin.

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Izyaslav I Jaroslawicz, photo, biography
Izyaslav I Jaroslawicz, photo, biography Izyaslav I Jaroslawicz  From the kind of Rurik, photo, biography
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