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SVYATOSLAV Rostislavich

( Prince of Novgorod, and then Toropetzkaya)

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Biography SVYATOSLAV Rostislavich
Svetoslav Rostislavich (? -1170) - Prince of Novgorod, and then Toropets., Son of Grand. kn. Kiev. Rostislav Mstislavovitch. Svyatoslav Rostislavich only conditionally be called Novgorod. Prince, T. to. reigned in Novgorod long, often are forced out because they do not want to be 'on the whole will of Novgorod the Great "and sought to subordinate the will of Novgorod. Svetoslav Rostislavich was strong in Novgorod just support his father, with whom he was very close. Svetoslav Rostislavich participated actively in the fight with Gleb Rostislav Yurevich and Polovtsy, which led Gleb take Pereyaslavl Southern. Svetoslav Rostislavich then made his way through the enemy camp to the besieged city and head protection Pereyaslavl. Continuing to help his father in his fight against Gleba, Chernigov. kn. Izyaslav Davidovich and Polovtsy, . Svetoslav Rostislavich saved the life of father, . when Rostislav, . left allies, . was defeated near Chernigov, and fled: during the flight from Rostislav fallen horse and the enemies are about to have to catch him; Svetoslav Rostislavich father gave his horse and distracted the enemy themselves,
. Rostislav, departing from Novgorod to fight Yuri Dolgoruky for cues. table, leaving instead a son, Davyd. Seeing that Rostislav lost any fight and went to Smolensk, Novgorod drove Davydov (1155) and planted in his Mstislav Yurevich. In 1157, Mr.. Novgorod in the fight broke out between supporters and opponents of Rostislav; Mstislav 'showed the way out of town'. And then Rostislav planted in Novgorod. table Svyatoslav Rostislavich, and in Torzhok - Davyd. After 2 years Rostislav has kept. Prince of Kiev. and Svetoslav Rostislavich to her father's death (1168) spent in Novgorod, almost no arguing with its citizens, only because there was a quarrel between them, and Svyatoslav Rostislavich kicked out of the city. When the Swedes from Finland with a 5-thousand. troops entered the besieged Volkhov and Lake Ladoga (1161), the fortress had sent for help in Novgorod, and ladozhane successfully withstood a siege: the Swedes went on the attack failed, lost many killed and retreated to the east, to the p. Voronege. At the 5 th day there came up with Sviatoslav Rostislavich Novgorod, attacked and defeated the Swedes their. When the patient went to Russian Rostislav. cities (1167), as if saying goodbye to them, Svyatoslav Rostislavich, with many of Novgorod came to his father in moderated. Luke with gifts. Rostislav took an oath to the people of Novgorod to live with Sviatoslav Rostislavich in the world and not to seek others. Prince. Immediately after the death of Rostislav and voknyazheniya Izyaslavich in Kiev Mstislav of Novgorod began to intrigue against Svyatoslav Rostislavich, and he went to Conducted. Luke. Novgorodians went to him, and Svetoslav Rostislavich joined Toropets, there - on the Volga, was assisted by Andrei Bogolyubsky and burned Torzhok. Bogolyubskii gathered a large force against Novgorod, took all his possessions, cut off all the way from there to the south and east, and unsuccessfully tried to force the people of Novgorod to take Svyatoslav Rostislavich. Those made every effort to communicate with the lead. kn. Mstislav. In 1168 in Novgorod, finally, came the son of Mstislav Roman. Svetoslav nekochoroe more time struggling with Novgorod, but more on the atom table, not sitting. Svetoslav Rostislavich was highly educated for his time: he knew the Greek. я¦пT. and eagerly read the book.
To use material from the book.:

Boguslavsky, VV Burmina VV. Russia Rurik. Illustrated historical dictionary.

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Svetoslav Rostislavich (count. 10)

From the kind of Smolensk Prince. Son of Rostislav Mstislavovitch. Kn. Novgorod in 1158 - 1160, 1162 - 1168 he. + 1169 g.

* * *

In 1158 Rostislav Svyatoslav planted in Novgorod. Soon Andrey Bogolyubskii sent Novgorod say: "Will you knows: I want to look good and Novgorod and dashing". Hearing the menacing words, . Novgorod did not know, . what to do, unrest broke out, and frequent Candlelight, . crowd grabbed the prince, . locked in a hut, . princess locked in a monastery; squad pokovali, . property looted, . Svyatoslav then sent to Ladoga, . putting him a strong guard,
. But Svyatoslav managed to escape from Lake Ladoga in Polotsk, where Rogvolod B. accompanied him to his family in Smolensk. That did not stop the unrest in Novgorod. Forthcoming Andrew Uryadov with Rostislav; princes agreed, so Novgorod again turned to the son of Prince Svyatoslav of Kiev. In 1164, the Swedes on 55 auger came to Lake Ladoga Lake Ladoga and besieged. On the fifth day of the siege, arrived with Sviatoslav Novgorod, struck the Swedes and beat them on the river Voronay. Only a small part of them managed to escape to the screw 12, the rest died. But, despite the military successes and docile nature, the very year of his death Rostislav discontented began to gather secret Chambers against his son. Friends Svyatoslav came to him at City, and said: "Prince! People going to the Chamber at night, they want you to grab, hunted about yourself". Svetoslav left town, sat down in Pskov and Novgorod sent out to say he did not want them to rule. Those in response kissed the image of the Virgin with an oath not to take on the reign of Svyatoslav and go chase him out of the Onion; Svyatoslav went to Toropets from which went to the Volga and receiving assistance from Bogolyubsky, burned the New Bargaining; his brothers. Roman and Mstislav, burnt Luke. But take a table of Novgorod, he was not destined. Svyatoslav died in 1169 or 1170 at the Draw plate. His body was brought back to Smolensk, and put in the church of St.. Virgin.

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SVYATOSLAV Rostislavich, photo, biography
SVYATOSLAV Rostislavich, photo, biography SVYATOSLAV Rostislavich  Prince of Novgorod, and then Toropetzkaya, photo, biography
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