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Yuri Dolgoruki

( From the kind of Rurik)

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Biography Yuri Dolgoruki
Yuri (George) Dolgorukiy Vladimirovich (1090 - 1157 +)

cm. genealogical tables II - the tribe 8

From the kind of Rurik. The founder of the Vladimir-Suzdal Grand Dukes. The son of Vladimir Monomakh. Genus. app. 1091 g. Kn. Rostov and Suzdal in 1096 - 1149 he. Kn. Perei in 1135, Mr.. Conducted. kn. Kiev in 1149 - 1151, 1155 - 1157 he. J.: 1) with 1108 g. daughter of the Polovtsian Khan Aepy Osenevicha 2) a daughter or sister of the Byzantine emperor Manuel Comnenus 1, Princess Olga (+ 14 June 1182). + 15 May 1157, Mr..


In 1132, sitting on a table in Kiev, Yaropolk II Vladimirovich transferred to bypass the brothers in Pereyaslavl his nephew Vsevolod Mstislavovitch. Then Yuri arrived with his brother Andrew, and they said to each other: "My brother Yaropolk wants to give his death Kiev Vsevolod" - and hastened warned last. Yuri drove Vsevolod of Pereyaslavl, but sitting here not more than eight days, as Yaropolk sent to Pereyaslavl another nephew Izyaslav Mstislavovitch. In 1135, Yuri begged still have Yaropolk Pereyaslavl, shortly before they abandoned the other brother Vyacheslav giving instead of the Grand Duke his Rostov Region. In the same year, Yuri went with his brother to Chernigov, but it did not reach Battles. Peace with nephews and Vsevolod II of Kiev Chernigov, Yuri took back its growth, and gave Pereslavl Andrey.

In 1146, he died Kiev Prince Vsevolod II of Kiev. Then Izyaslav Mstislavich conquered Kiev and captured Knyazhego there Igor Olgovich. The latter's brother, Sviatoslav, hunted from all sides, have sent Yuri to ask for help. Jury sent to Svyatoslav His son, Ivan. In 1147, Yuri arrived in Moscow to meet with Sviatoslav Olegoviches. The princes had agreed to act together against Izyaslav Mstislavovitch. But the war did not begin until the summer of 1149, . when Izyaslav fought Rostov and Suzdal land galloped expelled from the south Izyaslav Rostyslav, . who told his father: "I heard, . he wants you all the Russian land and black hoods; complain, . Izyaslav that they dishonored, . go for it ",
. Yuri gathered all his strength, hired Polovtsy and made the hike to his nephew. In the south, joined Yuri Sviatoslav II of Kiev and many Polovtsy. With these forces Yuri approached Pereyaslavl, waiting Izyaslav send him with a bow. But Izyaslav crossed the Dnieper and decided to fight with his uncle. At dawn on August 23 began wicked slaughter, Izyaslavovy soldiers broke and ran. Yuri entered Pereyaslavl, stayed here for three days and went to Kiev. Izyaslav left Kiev, not waiting for him. Jury entered the city, where many people came out to greet him with great joy, and sat on the desk of his father

. After the victory Yuri began settled with his nephew, but it stopped for so, . that Izyaslav really wanted the return of all daney Novgorod, . at that Yuri does not agree, especially trying to persuade him not to tolerate Yuri Jaroslawicz, . grandson Izyaslav Yaroslavich,
. Yielding to his entreaties, Yuri said: "Run Izyaslav take his parish - and moved with his brother Vyacheslav and his sons to Lutsk. Here princes stood six weeks and finally made it up: Izyaslav gave Yuri Kiev, and he returned to him all the tribute Novgorod. Negotiations continued in Peresopnitse, and here had agreed to return to each other all captured after Pereyaslavl battle, like the princes and the boyars of. After that, Yuri returned to Kiev and wanted to give this town elder brother, Vyacheslav, but the boyars dissuaded him.

In 1150 Izyaslav sent to Kiev and his boyars Tiunov so that they return the property and herds, captured by Yuri during the recent war. But Yuri did not give them. Izyaslav sent to the uncles with a complaint, they have not responded, and went to Kiev Izyaslav war. Yuri knew nothing about the movement Izyaslav, but when he heard that he had a black hood, ran out of Kiev, crossed the Dnieper and sat down in town Osterskom. This came to his aid and Olegovichy Davidovich, and from the west was his kinsman Vladimirka Volodarovich Galitsky. Hearing of these preparations, Izyaslav Mstislavich hastened to Kiev, and now uncle Slava promised to fulfill all his wishes. But then Kievites not want to fight for him. Yury all Chernigov came to Kiev, and immediately set Kyivers boat swam to him, while others were transported his retinue on this side. Seeing this, Vyacheslav and Izyaslav Mstislavich left town each in his parish, and Yuri sat down again in Kiev. While military action this summer is not continued, the princes had not made peace. Winter Izyaslav, meeting with the force, went to Kiev. Yuri again knew nothing about his movement, suddenly ran from Belgorod his son Boris to the news that goes army. Yuri was at this time on the main courtyard, in a fright, he did not know what to do, got into the boat, swam to the other side and took refuge in the town, and Kiev residents came up with joy to meet Izyaslav. There is very likely the news that George brought to their behavior in their strong indignation, angered and black hoods, which, together with Kyiv residents began calling to his Mstislavovitch. Like last time, gave Izyaslav Kiev Uncle Slava.

Yuri meanwhile sent word Davidovic and Olgovich Chernigov: Izyaslav already in Kiev, go to my aid ". Sviatoslav II of Kiev, Vladimir Davidovich made and came to town to Jury. Together with these allies, Yuri made out of town and stood in the Dnieper, at the mouth of the river Radun, which came to help him a lot of wild Polovtsy. At this time Izyaslav was cautious, did not give the battle to cross the Dnieper, and, therefore, both sides began fighting in the boat, from Kiev to the mouth of the Desna. In this river battle Yuri had no success and so decided to go to ford Vitichevskomu. But Izyaslav with allies walked alongside the western bank of the Dnieper, as his boat floated down the river, so that when the army reached Yuri Vitichevskogo ford, it is already there. was Kiev's Men, and again the battle for the crossing. Then Yuri invited to take an even more distant from Kiev Zarubsky ford. All agreed and released to a ford sons Yuri together with Sviatoslav Vsevolodovich. They suddenly seized the ferry and sent for Yuri. Yuri immediately went to Zaruba and also crossed.

Learning of this, Izyaslav retreated to Kiev. Yuri turned to the shelf and went to meet matchmaker Vladimirka Galitsky, 'a Izyaslav trace. River Ruta Izyaslav caught Yuri; peace talks initiated by it again, has failed because Olegovichy and Cumans not let Yuri tolerated. Started slashing evil, and there Yurev Polovtsians without firing even a single arrow from the quiver, burst into flight, followed by ran Sviatoslav II of Kiev, followed by Yuri with children a lot of their men were beaten, taken prisoner, drowned in the muddy Rute. With the remnants of the troops Yuri moved Dnieper at Trepolya and stopped in Pereslavl. Izyaslav approached Pereyaslavl. Princes fought for two days, on the third day of the besiegers stormed the city and lit the suburbs. Then Vyacheslav with Izyaslav sent Yuri said: "I bow to you, go to Suzdal, and his son planted here, in Pereslavl; with you can not be here, bringest us again Polovtsy". Jury at this time could not wait for help from anywhere quickly, and therefore sent a message to his brother and nephew: "I'll go to town and, . After spending some time there, . go to Suzdal; those ordered to respond, . that Yuri can stay in town a month, . then must go to Suzdal, but if not go, . they pulled him in town the same way, . it is now in Pereslavl,
. Yuri had nothing to do, unwillingly kissed the cross with his sons, he would go through a month in Suzdal and will not search for Vyacheslav of Kiev and Izyaslav. Leaving Pereyaslavl son Gleb, he went to town. Hope, however, did not leave, Yuri, and he could not completely withdraw from South Russia. A month later Izyaslav with allies, as promised, came to besiege the Jury in town. Yuri struggled for a long time, finally he got hard, there was no help from nowhere, he had to kiss the cross, that he would leave in Suzdal, and this time really went.

In 1152 Izyaslav captured the town and burned it to ashes, along with St. Michael's Church. Hearing this, Yuri sighed from his heart, in the words of the chronicler, and began to collect an army. Allies of his Svyatoslav Olgovich he sent to say: "They burnt my Gorodets and the church, so I told them otozhgu for it" - and headed straight to Chernigov. (New Izyaslav Davidovich Prince of Chernigov since Rutskoy battle was unchanged ally Izyaslav Mstislavovitch.) Yuriev Polovtsians rushed to the city, broke jail, and lit all the suburbs and began to fight with Chernigov, which were kept tightly. Two weeks later came the news that Izyaslav Mstislavich rushes to the aid of his namesake to Chernigov. Polovtsi frightened and began to move off the steppe. Yuri and Sviatoslav II of Kiev were forced to retreat. Yuri went to Novgorod Seversky, and from there - to Suzdal.

In 1154 Yuri again gathered in South Russia, but on the way to his troops to open a strong horse deaths. Yuri sent his son Gleb Polovtsy the steppe, and he returned to Suzdal. Soon, one after the other died Izyaslav Mstislavich and Vyacheslav Vladimirovich. In Kiev, sat for a while Mstislavich Rostislav of Smolensk, but it drove Izyaslav Davidovich. Chernihiv. North in Kiev, he gave Pereyaslavl Gleb Yurevich. But Yuri Dolgoruky was impossible to satisfy one Pereyaslavl: only he heard about the death of Izyaslav Mstislavovitch were immediately made in the campaign, went to Smolensk, reconciled with Rostislav and rushed to Kiev. Izyaslav Davydovich he sent to say: "I paternal Kiev, but not for thee". Izyaslav was forced to go back to Chernigov, and Yuri for the second time sat on the Grand Table.

In 1157, Yuri went to the son Izyaslav Mstislavovitch, Mstislav, pulled him in Vladimir Volynskoye, stood for ten days, but left, so anything and not having achieved. Returning to Kiev, Yuri May 10, 1157 at feasting Osmyannika Petrily, the night fell ill and died five days later. On the day of the funeral (May 16) happened a lot of evil, . The chronicler says: Kievites looted yard Yurev and another of his yard across the Dnieper, . which he called "paradise", . as the yard of his son Vasilko in the city, . Suzdal killed in cities and villages, . and their property looted,
. All this shows that George fell very much to the liking of the southern population, since the prince was commanding and devoid of any goodness (for which he is very fond of Izyaslav Mstislavovitch). Even the body Yurev Kievites not 'allowed to be buried beside the body of his father Monomakh, and Yuri was buried in the monastery of the Savior Berestovskii. Much more friendly attitude to Yuri in the north, where he earned a good memory base of many cities and ordering of churches. Decoration Rostov land he devoted the best years of life. They were based in the future such famous cities as Moscow, Yur'ev Polish, Pereyaslavl Zaleski, Dmitrov, when it grew and matured Vladimir on the Klyazma.

All the monarchs of the world. Russia. 600 brief biographies. Konstantin Ryzhov. Moscow, 1999.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

* * *

Yuri Dolgoruky (mind. 1157, Kiev) - Prince of Suzdal, Grand. Prince of Kiev. One of the younger sons of Vladimir Monomakh. In father's life rules in the Rostov-Suzdal. In 1120 went to the campaign against the Volga Bulgars. After the death of his father S. moved his capital from Rostov to Suzdal. In pursuit of the prestigious Kiev's reign, has been active in politics in the South, for which he was nicknamed after the death of the chroniclers "Dolgoruky". Strengthening its possession, built a frontier fortress, that does not prevent him from interfering in the strife mezhknyazheskie. In 1147, . Returning from a hike in Novgorod, . sent his relative and ally Chernigovo-Seversky Prince Svyatoslav Olgovich invitation: "Come unto me, . brother, . in the Moscow! "This is the first mention of the future capital of Russia in the Hypation chronicle considered to be the official age of Moscow (the first written mention conventionally considered the beginning of many cities in the world),
. However, S. was not the founder of this city. From the chronicle communication that S. gave his ally and his guest "dinner is strong". Therefore, Moscow has not only existed, but was a city in k-rum can fit squad, and to arrange a feast. After several attempts SW. in 1155 succeeded in capturing Kiev. He skillfully combined a policy of negotiations with the military to contain the demonstrations Polovtsian khans, tried to consolidate their power distribution of appendages to their sons, but did not enjoy the support of the local population. The report of his death was the signal for revolt Kiev, plundered the estate of the deceased and destroyed his conquests in the south.

Used materials kn.: Shikman A.P. Figures of national history. Biographical Directory. Moscow, 1997

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. * * *

. Parents: Vladimir Monomakh II (1053-1125 +), Geeta, the daughter of English King Harold;

. Children:
. 1 st wife (from 1108g), the daughter of the Polovtsian Khan Aepy Osenevicha;
. 2
. Olga, the daughter of the Greek emperor (?) =>

Rostislav (? -1151 +), Book. Perei;
Ivan (? -1147 +), Book. Kursk;
Andrew Bogolyubskii (1111-1174h);
Basil (? -1149 + (1162?)), Kn. Suzdal;
Michael (? -1176 +);
Jaroslav (? -1166 +);
Vsevolod the Big Nest (1154-1212 +);
Hleb (?-1173h), Prince. Perei (1155-1169), Kiev (1169-1171), married with 1155g. daughter of Izyaslav Davydovich =>

Vladimir (1158-1187 +), book. Perei;
Izyaslav (1183h), fatally wounded during the assault g.Bulgary in the campaign against Bulgaria Prince Vsevolod the Big Nest;
Olga (?), Wife of the Kursk Prince Vsevolod Svyatoslavich;
Svyatoslav (? -1174 +);
Boris (? -1159 +), Book. Belgorod, Turovsky;
Mstislav (? -1166), Prince. Vezelay =>
Jaroslav Red (1199 +), book. Volokolamsky, kn. Perei;
Roman (?), Kn. Galicia;
Vsevolod (?);
Davyd? ;
Maria (1166 +);
Olga (1189 +), from 1150 g. wife Galician prince Yaroslav Osmomysl;
. Key moments
. Prince of Rostov-Suzdal (1125-1157);
. Vel.knyaz Kiev (1149-1150 - six months), (1150-1150 - less than six months), (1155-1157);

. Note 1
. Yuri is one of the most controversial and troublesome figures in Russian history
. During his long life Yuri repeatedly attacked Kiev and three times they took possession (cm. Notes 2-5), but not sitting on the throne of Kiev, a total of three years and. Because of greed, lust for power and cruelty Kievites did not like him.

In 1125, as Prince of Rostov Yuri shifted the principality of Rostov to Suzdal and in 1132 became the first independent prince of the North-Eastern Russia. Nickname "Dolgoruky he received for his constant attacks on other people's land: he subdued Murom, Ryazan, conquered the land along the banks of the Volga River, conquered the Volga Bulgaria.

With the name of Yuri Dolgoruky linked foundation Moscow (1147g). Previously, it was the village Kuchkovo with the estate of a noble boyar Stepan Ivanovich Kuchka.

Note 2
After the expulsion of Igor Olgovich on his father's throne sat Izyaslav Mstislavich. Thus, the senior table moved back to the genus Monomakh, however, moved on to a junior, passing his uncle.

Again started feuding, tk. Uncle Izyaslav Yuri Dolgoruky (1090-1157 +) had more rights to the throne and gathered a large force, hired Polovtsy. Izyaslav yielded Yuri Kiev and went to Vladimir-Volyn, where he applied for help to the Polish king Boleslav and the Hungarian king Geuze II.

Note 3
Kyiv know and, above all, the clergy did not accept Yuri. In his place sat a brother Vyacheslav Vladimirovich (again less than six months at 1150g.). But Vyacheslav could not and would not withstand Izyaslav and once again the world gave him the Kiev throne.

Note 4
Meanwhile, Yuri Dolgoruky with matchmaker Vladimirka Halytskyi large forces once again began to Kiev and sat on the throne. Izyaslav again went to Vladimir-Volyn, where he became a cook's men against Yuri and as a result the third time was in Kiev (1151-1154 +).

Note 5
Burying Izyaslav Mstislavovitch Vyacheslav old as a senior in the family, invited to the table of Kiev Rostislav Mstislavovitch (1155g).

Rostislav went to Chernigov to Izyaslav Davydovich. However, seeing a large army, fled to Smolensk. Of Kiev, Rostislav abandoned, took on the table Izyaslav Davydovich.

In the same 1155 Yuri Dolgoruky, having more rights to the throne, sent Izyaslav say that Kiev was his paternal, but not Izyaslav. Izyaslav Yuri replied: "Am I myself went to Kiev? Put me Kievites; Kiev yours, only I do not do evil. Jury in the third (!) Just briefly sat on the throne of his father (1155-1157 +). Apparently, he was poisoned Kiev know.

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Yuri Dolgoruki, photo, biography
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