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YAROSLAV III Jaroslawicz

( From the kind of Vladimir-Suzdal Grand Dukes)

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Biography YAROSLAV III Jaroslawicz
From the kind of Vladimir-Suzdal Grand. kn. The ancestor of the great princes of Tver. The son of Yaroslav II Vsevolodovicha and Prince. Rostislav of Smolensk Mstislavny. Kn. Tver in 1247 - 1272 he. Kn. Pskov in 1254, Mr.. Kn. Novgorod in 1255, 1264 - 1272 he. Conducted. kn. Vladimir in 1264 - 1272 he.


1) unknown (+ 1252);

2) with 1266 g. daughter of Prince. Torusskogo Yuri Mikhailovich, Prince. Xenia + 1313).

+ 16 Sept.. 1272 g.


Already in the events of 1252, when Khan Nevryuy fought with Andrew Yaroslavovich, Jaroslaw, as it can be assumed to be the enemy of Alexander Nevsky. In 1254 he went to reign in Pskov (and on other news in Ladoga), where they took him with great honor. Pskov was in close contact with Novgorod, and in Nozgorode not everyone was happy with the Grand Duke Alexander, instead of which now reigned here, his son Vasily, and here in 1255 by Basil Novgorod expelled and transferred to her from Pskov Yaroslav. Vasili sat down as usual in Torzhok. Soon came the army of Alexander Nevsky. Yaroslav, without waiting for his brother, fled from the city.

In 1262 Yaroslav nephew Dmitriy went to Yurev against Livonians. The Germans had greatly strengthened the city. "There was Yurev firm - says the chronicler - in the three walls, and many people in it all, and defend itself built on a strong hill". Posada was taken by assault and burned; Russian took a big and full of all sorts of goods, but could not capture the fortress and went back. German chronicler adds that the Russian left Yurev heard of the approaching Master Werner von Breytgauzena, and that the master in their footsteps entered the Russian possessions, drained them, but illness forced him to return.

In 1264, after the death of Alexander Nevsky, Andrei Yaroslavich again wanted to take Vladimirsky table, but Jaroslav postponed the case to the decision of the Khan, and he approved the grand duke of his. This news is confirmed by the fact that in the chronicle entry for the Grand Prince Yaroslav the table meaning is not immediately on the death of Alexander, in 1263, but on the death of Andrew in 1264-m.

Shortly thereafter, Jaroslaw invited to reign in Novgorod. On this occasion, between the prince of Novgorod and the contract was made, has come down to us in its entirety. Despite that, Jaroslav, apparently, agreed to all conditions of Novgorod, the world between them lasted for a short time in 1270 in Novgorod, began a revolt. Townspeople gathered at the Chamber Yaroslavovo yard and began to chase the prince killed his supporter, Ivanka, and others robbed. Novgorodians complained that the Volkhov taken away from them "gogolnymi fishers, and the field has been taken away" rabbit fishers ". Yaroslav, despite all their efforts, was forced to leave. But then he began to assemble the shelf and sent to the Khan with a complaint against former Novgorod tysyatskogo Ratibor. Khan believed the slander and gave Yaroslav to help troops. Novgorodtsev saved the younger brother Jaroslaw Basil Mizin. He went to the Horde and the Khan proved that the right Novgorod. Khan returned to the road his army. Learning of this, Jaroslav settled in Rousse and in Novgorod sent peace proposals. Novgorodians world did not accept and fight against the prince with his entire municipality on. Week opponents stood on Sheksna against each other, but before the battle is not reached, as the Metropolitan sent a letter and stood up for Yaroslav. The letter had its effect, and when the prince is sent back with a bow, Novgorod reconciled with him throughout his will.

Winter Jaroslav went to the Horde and on the way back in 1272, died. His body was taken to Tver, and laid in the church of St.. Cosmas and Damian.

All the monarchs of the world.

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YAROSLAV III Jaroslawicz, photo, biography
YAROSLAV III Jaroslawicz, photo, biography YAROSLAV III Jaroslawicz  From the kind of Vladimir-Suzdal Grand Dukes, photo, biography
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