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HAAS Fedor Petrovich

( Doctor, social activist)

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Biography HAAS Fedor Petrovich
Haas Fedor Petrovich (cf.. name Frederick Joseph) (1780, Mr.. Myunstereyfel, Southern Germany - 1853, Moscow) - a doctor, social activist. Genus. in a large and impoverished family of the pharmacist who was able to give children a good education. G. studied in a Catholic church school, then at Jena University are studying mathematics and philosophy, and then at the Vienna University are graduated from a course of medical sciences, specializing in eye diseases. Successfully treated in Vienna Russian. nobleman Repnin, D. at the invitation of a grateful patient went with him to Russia and since 1802 he settled in Moscow, rapidly acquiring a reputation and practice. Appointed in 1807, the chief doctor of the Pavlov Hospital, G. in his spare time treating patients in a hospice, shelters, for which he was awarded the Vladimir cross 4-th degree, to-Eye was very proud. In 1809 - 1810 G. made two trips to the Caucasus, accounting for a description of mineral water ( "My visit to the Alexandrovsky waters". M., 1811, in French), recognized "the first and best of its kind". In 1814, Mr.. was enrolled in the current Russian. army, was near Paris, and after the overseas' campaign in Russian. troops retired. G. came home, having to say goodbye to his dying father, but it is irresistibly drawn to Russia, to-ц°цЁцЎ he called "my second homeland". G. returned to Moscow, well mastered Russian. language and engaged in private practice, has become one of the most famous doctors. In 1825, Wash. Governor-General has appointed Mr.. Head of medical offices, supplying hospitals and hospitals with medicines, but all attempts to improve the work of the agency encountered bureaucratic obstacles and G. was forced to resign from service. Much later he wrote: "Prior to the last degree humiliating to see how much efforts to keep the enclosed letter of the law when they want to deny justice!" Resumed private practice has allowed Mr.. buy a house in Moscow and Moscow estate down from there cloth factory. G. led a quiet life of the secured rights: had a great exit, read a lot, corresponded with the philosopher Schelling. His life changed abruptly in 1827 when he became one of the members of the newly established "prison committee" and simultaneously appointed the chief physician sinks. Prisons. Seeing the plight of the prisoners, Mr.. find the meaning of life in the disadvantaged, making his motto: "Hasten to do good!" G. was convinced that the crime, misery and disease have a close relationship, and therefore the guilty do not need to apply vain cruelty to the unfortunate should show compassion, and patients need to be a charity. G. could alleviate the suffering of people in prisons and on the stage, for which he received the nickname "holy doctor". In 1848, when cholera raged in Moscow. G., making hospital rounds, with all kissed the first cholera patient appeared on the lips, to prove the impossibility of contracting the disease in this way. Until the end of the life of Mr.. demonstrated by personal example, that love and compassion can revive the good that is preserved in the angry people. No clerical indifference, nor ironic attitude of the powerful, nor the bitter disappointment did not stop this noble and honest man. At the charity took all his belongings, and when I had to bury him, it had to do it through the police. In the last path G. farewell to 20 thousand. Muscovites of all classes and conditions.

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HAAS Fedor Petrovich, photo, biography
HAAS Fedor Petrovich, photo, biography HAAS Fedor Petrovich  Doctor, social activist, photo, biography
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