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( Honored Worker of Physical Culture of Russia)

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Biography TCHAIKOVSKY Anatoly
Born March 29, 1931 in Kiev. Father - Tchaikovsky, Mikhail I., mother - Mary Starodubova Filip, in the past - Workers Party and state apparatus. The family has two brothers - Valentine (1937. born.) and Sergey (1942. born.) live and work in Kiev. Wife - Chaykovskaya Elena - Honored coach of the USSR in figure skating.

Biography of Anatoly Tchaikovsky largely typical of the people of his generation. In 1938 he entered the first class of 136-th Kyiv School. During the Great Patriotic War he was evacuated with his family in Ufa, in 1944 he returned to his native city, and four years later he graduated from high school.

. Very early - in four years - Tchaikovsky learned to read and it is this passion for books is as important his life
. Undoubtedly, it was drunken reading led him to choose a profession. On journalism, he dreamed of, it seems, always, and the first step was taken in 1948, when Anatoly was adopted at the first year of the Faculty of Journalism of the Kiev State University named after T.G. Shevchenko.

It was an amazing time. Massive post-war demobilization led to the fact that universities flooded yet quite young, but had learned the gravity of the war with the Nazis of yesterday's victorious warrior, alumni standouts in the last year of peace. Incredible performance, dedication, desire in the shortest time to make up for lost time - that was typical for the Soldiers. And it is this learned from them are boys and girls, who were seventeen or eighteen years and who had just graduated from school. Among them was Anatoly Tchaikovsky.

Almost all war veterans already on the second or third year he started an apprenticeship in the Kiev newspapers and magazines. And, of course, stretched out behind them and the younger fellow students.

His first article in a newspaper published Tchaikovsky in Kiev truth "in 1949. Then began a regular collaboration with the republican radio, where he became a freelance correspondent. During these years, was leaving the Republican sports newspaper, and certainly there God himself ordered to become a regular contributor.

The fact that Tchaikovsky still at school, became a regular practice in the Dynamo box and basketball sections. For many years he played for teams varsity basketball team at the city's various competitions. Then carried away by swimming - and quite successfully. Then all this added more mountaineering and climbing. During the ten years of good Anatoly able to master many mountain slopes of the Caucasus, Crimea, the Carpathians, Sayan. In short, the very fate pushed Tchaikovsky after the university course to do while still rare sports journalism.

. After graduating from KSU Tchaikovsky distribution was sent to work in the Republican Komsomol newspaper "The young Ukrainian as a literary officer of the rural youth
. Year of work in this department, too, was an excellent school of life. Moreover, . that within two decades, almost all the holidays - school and student, . general - all childhood, . Anatoly spent in the village Berezan his grandmother on his mother, . and as the eldest grandson, he had tirelessly to help her in quite an extensive vegetable garden planting.,

. And only in 1954, finally, that Tchaikovsky took up journalism, which became the foundation of all his creative life - sports
. As head of the department of defense and sports work, he worked in "Young Ukraine" four years. During this time, wrote and published hundreds of reports, articles, essays about the Ukrainian sports, its best representatives. In those years as a special correspondent, he worked at the Sports Day I of the USSR, at the World Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow. More than once he had to go to the major Republican and all-union competitions. By 1958, Tchaikovsky became a leading sports journalists of Ukraine.

. As was customary in those days, the young reporter was seen in the central country's sports newspaper "Soviet Sport", and in 1958 he was invited to work in this newspaper as a correspondent in Ukraine
. She was a qualitatively new stage, for opinions, evaluations, monitoring of a central newspaper journalist became known to millions of people throughout the country. It was also a new level of journalistic responsibility for any inaccuracy in the report or interviews associated with, say, the football team Dynamo, could lead to the most unfortunate consequences as a journalist.

. Bureau Chief "Soviet sport" in Ukraine was a prominent Soviet journalist Arkady Galinsky
. His articles and feuilletons in the Literary Gazette "and" Truth "were read everything. But one day Galinsky decided to devote himself exclusively to sports journalism. The arrival of the master (and there followed him a few more aces largest general political journalism) gave sports journalism entirely new, much higher than before the situation. Circulation "Soviet sport" grew up in her eyes and reached several million subscribers, making it the newspaper itself vysokotirazhnoy in the world.

Ukrainian bureau eventually became the leading newspaper. All the rooms in which published articles, reports, essays Galinski and Tchaikovsky, went like hot cakes. Since 1959, Anatoly leaves annually as a special correspondent for "Soviet sport" on the major international competitions. His stories told about the world and European championships in hockey, basketball, figure skating, volleyball, handball, speed skating, athletics. As a special correspondent of the newspaper Tchaikovsky worked on the Winter Olympics in Innsbruck (1964), Grenoble (1968), Sapporo (1972). Subsequently, he managed to cover "White Olympics' five times, four times to work at the Summer Olympics.

. In 1965, after his marriage to Helen Anatolyevna aspen, Tchaikovsky moved to Moscow and began working in the central office "Soviet Sport"
. Head of Department of Information, deputy editor of a general political department, finally, the editor of a general political department - a member of the editorial board and in the end - the editor of sports games - is the way п?.п?. Tchaikovsky as one of the leaders of the Soviet Sport. Sporting interests Tchaikovsky gradually focus on figure skating, . and it is quite understandable, . because his wife, . ex-USSR champion in single skating, . choreographer, . graduate of the State Institute of Theatrical Art quickly grows into one of the best trainers in the world,
. Her students Ludmila Pakhomov and Alexander Gorshkov of the first Soviet athletes win the gold medal in world champions in sports dancing on ice (1970), and in 1976 became Olympic champions.

In 1972 п?.п?. Tchaikovsky appointed editor in chief of the All-Union journal "Physiotherapy". It starts with the most fruitful creative period in his life. Quickly reformed magazine "FIS", thanks to a direct appeal to readers with tips on a healthy lifestyle, build up its circulation from year to year until the beginning of the restructuring has not reached nearly polutoramillionnogo abroad. Authors and readers are people who did not want to wait for the sports officials will come to them, and themselves took over the organization of this healthy lifestyle. And this appeal directly to those who are ready to run or swim for life, who seeks to create a home stadium, who are willing to their children and grandchildren learn to swim before the walk, have proved extremely effective.

. During these years, and he Anatoly Tchaikovsky ascends to the peak of his creative forms
. From 1973 to 1991 he wrote 14 books, mainly on Russia's figure skating. The documentary story about the first Russian Olympic champion Nikolai Panin, . literary writing books Lyudmila Belousova and Oleg Protopopov, . Ludmila Pakhomova and Alexander Gorshkov, . Irina Rodnina and Alexander Zaitsev, . Book Helena Chaikovskaya, . detective story "And he was gone, and many other documentary works give a broad picture of the development of this sport in the Soviet Union,
. Anatoly became the author of several scenarios, documentaries and television films.

As editor in chief, Tchaikovsky led a great deal of organizational and work. More than 15 years he was a member of the Presidium of the USSR Federation sports press, led by the press service of many of the world championships, Europe, Sports and Athletics meetings of the USSR. In 1980, during the Moscow Olympic Games led the press service at the Central Stadium in Luzhniki. This work was awarded by the Government of the USSR - Tchaikovsky was awarded the Order of Friendship of Peoples. In 1999 he was awarded the title of "Honored Worker of Physical Culture of Russia". He also was awarded several medals and honorary signs.

Currently, Anatoly Tchaikovsky headed the editorial board of the journal "Physiotherapy". After going through all the trials of adjustment, "FIS" kept creative potential, loyal readers. But in recent years to multiply its tradition - the new leadership of the journal has been issuing the "Golden Library of Health". Each book contains an invaluable experience of thousands of readers and authors of the journal associated with the harmonic way of life.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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TCHAIKOVSKY Anatoly, photo, biography
TCHAIKOVSKY Anatoly, photo, biography TCHAIKOVSKY Anatoly  Honored Worker of Physical Culture of Russia, photo, biography
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