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( Doctor of Technical Sciences, Corresponding Member of the Russia Academy of Engineering)

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Biography ELISSEEV Yuri
photo ELISSEEV Yuri
Born July 28, 1951 in the village of Slobozia Glinnoe area of the Moldavian SSR. Father - Eliseev Sergey Yemelianovich (1924 g.rozhd.). Mother - Eliseeva (Foksha) Maria Andrey (1927 g.rozhd.). Wife - Eliseeva (Eremin) Lyubov (1951 g.rozhd.). Sons: Eliseev Sergey (1979 g.rozhd.) Konstantin Eliseev (1992 g.rozhd).

He began his career in 1973 fitters in dedicated control? 7 Trust "Soyuzmontazhgaz". In 1975, after completion of active military service, he entered the Moscow Machine-Building Production Enterprise "Salut" Machine assembly mechanic of. In 1976 he graduated from the Moscow Higher Technical School named after Bauman, specializing in turbines ". In 1977 he was appointed foreman of production. Further stages of his work were: Deputy Head of department (1979-1981), . Head of a number of workshops (1981-1988), . Deputy Chief Engineer for the mechanization and automation of production, . introduction of new technology (1988-1994), . Technical Director (1994-1996), . Director (1996-1997).,

. In December 1997, the order of the Minister of Economy was appointed General Director of the Moscow Machine Building Production Enterprise "Salut", one of the largest engineering companies in Russia.

. With exceptional organizational skills, extensive experience of production and leadership, Yu.S.
. Eliseev in difficult economic conditions, . formed in Russia in recent years, . especially in the defense complex, . able to provide the steady stable work many thousands of, . timely funding and a monthly salary,
. MMPP Salyut is a leading aviation companies to develop and implement innovative processes, advanced achievements of domestic and foreign science and technology in the field aviadvigatelestroeniya.

. Under the guidance and direct participation Yu.S.
. Eliseeva the company completed a complex of works on organization and technology of gas turbine engines. Established design offices on prospective development of aviation equipment and stationary power plants, . scientific research centers in various areas of production technology, . Applied Development, . Institute training on the target engine,

In the design office to create new designs of gas turbine technology, modernized previously produced gas turbine engines. At the enterprise the system of quality and certification of production. Yuri himself is the author of many novation technologies.

With the personal involvement Yu.S.. Eliseeva maintain and develop not only the productive capacity of enterprises, but also social and domestic sphere. Each year, working holiday camps in the Moscow Region and Krasnodar Territory, . continuously operating factory sanatorium, . Hospital, . equipped with modern medical equipment, . three kindergartens, . House of culture and sports complex.,

. In 2001, Yu.S.
. Eliseev thesis for the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences. He is author and coauthor of over 130 scientific and technical publications and inventions, . including a number of books and publications on aviation technology and production organization, . most important of which are: "Modern technologies in the manufacture of gas turbine engines" (1997), . "Ionic chemical-heat treatment of alloys" (1999), . "Aviation materials and processing technology of metals" (1999), . "Chemical and heat treatment and protective coatings in aviadvigatelestroenii" (1999), . "Theory and design of gas turbine and combined installations" (2000), . "Production of gears gas turbine engines" (2001), . "Chemical-thermal treatment of heat-resistant steels and alloys" (2001).,

. Yu.S.
. Eliseev is the head of the Institute of targeted training in engine - units in Russia State University of Technology and head of the Department "Technology of production of aircraft engines". He is corresponding member of the Russia Academy of Engineering, board member of Assad, a member of the editorial board and redsovetov number of scientific and technical journals.

For his great contribution to the development of the aviation industry Yu.S.. Eliseev was awarded a medal "For merits before Fatherland" II degree, the Badge of Honor aircraft manufacturers.

Yuri - very sociable person, a wonderful storyteller, has a great sense of humor. He reads a lot, including the technical literature. He is fond of pop music, football, hunting, traveling.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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ELISSEEV Yuri, photo, biography
ELISSEEV Yuri, photo, biography ELISSEEV Yuri  Doctor of Technical Sciences, Corresponding Member of the Russia Academy of Engineering, photo, biography
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