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( Academician of the Academy of Transport of Russia, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Doctor of Transport, Honorable railway, transport Honorary builder)

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Biography PODDAVASHKIN Edward S.
photo PODDAVASHKIN Edward S.
Born May 18, 1940 in the city Kuybyshevka-East (now Belogorsk) Amur Region, in the family of railway. Father - Poddavashkin Sergei Vasilyevich (1912-1988). Mother - Catherine Poddavashkina Ilinichna (1916. born.) lives in Belogorsk. Wife - Poddavashkina Olga Kirillovna, . grew up in a family of the railway, . graduate of the Khabarovsk Institute of Railway Engineers, . now works as an engineer of the first category in the Information and Computing Center of Moscow Railway.,

. Seniority dynasty Poddavashkinyh on the railways has more than 300 years
. Its founder - Vasily Samoilovich Poddavashkin, grandfather Eduard Sergeevich, worked as a switchman at a small station near Odessa Karpovo. At the railroad worked and relatives of the mother. Father - a native of Odessa, . student of the Kiev railway College, . in 1934, the Young Communist League's call went to explore the Far East, . 40 years working on the Amur (now Transbaikalian) Rail: train dispatcher, . duty separation, . the station Kuybyshevka East (Belogorsk), . deputy chief of the movement Kuibyshev-Eastern Branch of the road, in the few Transbaikal Cossacks was twice awarded the Honorary railroad "- a case virtually unique,
. His mother worked in the city committee of the Komsomol, the political department of the railway for many years was secretary of the party organization.

. Both brothers Eduard Sergeevich also inextricably linked to the rail: Valery S. graduated from the Tomsk Polytechnic Institute, . many years working in Kolomna diesel locomotive factory; Alexander, . Honorary railroad, . directs Belogorskij locomotive depot,

In the field of railroad work and two children, Eduard Sergeevich - daughter Tatiana graduated from the Moscow Institute of Railway, working in joint venture for transportation of bulk cargoes. Son - Sergiy, a graduate of the Moscow Higher Technical School named BC. Bauman, employee data center Kuibyshev Railway. Outside the family tradition, leaving only son Alexander, a graduate of IIA.

Already in his childhood Edward Poddavashkin knew that he would continue the tradition of his family. As a schoolboy, was engaged in a circle of young railwaymen, and in summer practice was held on child Maloamurskoy rail, where learned the basics of a future profession. After the first, unsuccessful, attempts to enter the Institute Edward worked in the locomotive depot "Kuybyshevka-East" (now the locomotive depot "Bilogirsk") first apprentice carpenter, then a carpenter. Later, when he was a student of the Khabarovsk Institute of Railway Engineers, during production practices mastered the profession coupler and conductor of wagons, the assistant station, train dispatcher.

. In 1963, . graduated from the institute specializing in the exploitation of railways ", . Edward Poddavashkin chosen distribution on the East-Siberian Railway, . which was considered as a testing ground for producing people, . power engineers and other professionals railway,
. Worked on duty at the park in Irkutsk, then the station Zalari. Already here demonstrated his desire to work in something new, its. Thus, in 1965, he proved the necessity of combining several railway stations and the first head of the combined unit Sukhovskaya serving the largest in Siberia, Angarsk neftekombinat.

In 1970, E.S. Poddavashkin returned to his native Bilogirsk the station Bilogirsk-2, and later became chief of the combined station Belogorsk. Symbolic of the fact that in 1939-1940 the station and at the same age his father led.

The effectiveness of the largest in the Far East railway hub through the efforts of the head was secured at a high level. As a result, E. Poddavashkin put forward to the next stage of career ladder. In 1974, Eduard Sergeevich appointed first deputy head of traffic services Transbaikalian railroad, and in 1975 - the chief of the Chita Branch Road. In 1978 he became deputy chief of the road and at the same time chief of the movement. And again - specific, . tangible results: the active participation in the electrification of the railway Transbaikalian, . Organization Housing, . community facilities, . stadium "Locomotive" in Chita, . dispensary "Karpovka", . branch of the Khabarovsk Institute of Railway Engineers,
. He was one of the creators of technology trains increased weight and length of Transbaikalian rail, significantly increasing the bandwidth backbone.

In October 1982, E.S. Poddavashkin receives a new appointment. His candidature was put forward in Moscow, the Ministry of Railways and the Party Central Committee, the Bashkir Regional Party Committee (then first secretary of the Regional Committee worked MZ. Shakirov) for the head of the Bashkir Branch of the Kuibyshev Railway. The farm, which he inherited, was not an easy. We had to untangle the complicated knot of problems. Unfortunately, the rapid industrial development of the Republic Railways has worked at the limit of technical capacity, a shortage of freight and carrying capacity. The railroad often became "extreme" because of nevyvoza finished products, especially oil cargo and mineral fertilizers. They were accused of disrupting the performance of industrial enterprises in the region.

E.S. Poddavashkinu with huge support staff of the road could substantially improve the technology of, . construct the original scheme of export products, . and by 1984 the problem of transport service enterprises of Bashkortostan was completely solved, . completed a new line-Beloreck Karlaman Dema-long 204 km, . commissioned new railway lines and stations,
. In 1.5-fold increase in housing construction, and not in large cities, and on the junctions, the line is increased construction in institutions and hospitals. In 1985, the workload of the Chief of the Bashkir Branch was recognized as so significant that it received the status of Deputy Chief of the road.

A year later, E.S. Poddavashkin headed by Kuibyshev railway (1986-1992), the largest railway countries with fewer than 130 thousand people, and family members - more than half a million Guard, who lived in 11 regions of Russia. Colossal economy, every 4 minutes to go of - passenger or cargo. Need to export finished products to ensure the smooth movement of passenger trains. For this to work out the technology needed to transport literally seconds to seriously develop the social sphere.

In Samara, Edward S. the first time seriously engaged in what subsequently became the main focus of his work - the introduction of computer technology in the management of traffic. Acquainted with automated control systems in 1991 during a visit by a delegation of railway in the United States and Canada, after returning home he has collected road data center professionals. Were developed long-term schemes and technology, identify the type of equipment, purchased a computer at the time of the last generation. Thus, at the Kuibyshev Railway laid the new information technologies, which provide her leadership in this area in subsequent years.

. In 1992, Eduard Sergeevich transferred to Moscow - he holds the position of First Deputy Minister of Communications Russia
. A year later, he headed the main computing center (MCC) MEA.

In the years of work E.S. Poddavashkina post of Deputy Minister of Communications (1992-1993), . Deputy Minister (1996-1998) and Chief MCC (1994-1996, . 1998-2000) one of the main tasks of the railway industry was the creation and implementation of telecommunication systems and information,
. At the initial stage in the MCC initiative E.S. Poddavashkina and with his direct leadership of a group of experts and scientists was carried out research on problems of development of information industry in the structure of the market economy, . which revealed the inability of the existing automated system of railway management to operate effectively in the new conditions,
. Under the leadership E.S. Poddavashkina been a number of organizational and technical measures, . allowed to carry out hardware and software re-GVC, . datacenters railways of Russia and to bring information and computing unit industry to a new qualitative level of development, . to-date use of standard software and hardware solutions.,

. E.S
. Poddavashkin - one of the leading authors of ICS Board adopted in February 1996, the concept and program information industry, . ideologist of a modern automated system of service to users of rail transport and corporate transport service for the Center, . automated information management system for operation of rolling stock in the CIS and Baltic, . new governance structures for the industry,

. Current trends in the creation of new information technologies and their lack of application in the functioning of the existing network were the main cause of the development strategy of modernization of communication networks MEA based on fiber-optic and digital communications systems,
. Under the leadership E.S. Poddavashkina developed the concept of creation and software development of digital communications network MPS of Russia.

. In July 1997, were approved by the board of MPS program information industry and software development of telecommunication systems as a single document "Basic Trends in Development of Telecommunications and Information rail MPS of Russia until 2005",
. At E.S. Poddavashkina with responsibilities general designer of telecommunication systems and information rail MPS Russia.

Within the assigned functions E.S. Poddavashkin held in MCC and the ICC railways of Russia a great job of addressing a range of institutional, technological and technical issues. Among them: the organization of exploitation of information systems (DISPARK, . EC IODV, . EC ASUFR, etc.), development of software and technological support for databases and application systems in order to create a unified information environment, optimizing the manufacturing process GVC; implementation of the basic areas of technical policy, organization of training industry professionals.,

. Under his leadership in the MCC was established framework for learning new information technologies, . with modern software and hardware tools for conducting the educational process in all areas of information industry, . and Training Center, . principal purpose of which was an additional vocational training for specialist rail Russia on new information technologies,
. As part of a training center operates a branch of the Institute of New Information Technologies, Moscow State University of Communications, where job training workers GVC MPS receive higher education.

. In 1998, for the introduction of high-tech control systems for railway transport in Russia E.S
. Poddavashkin was named "Man of the Year" in nomination "Business. Economics Russian Biographical Institute.

In order to create a modern, flexible, constantly evolving database of training and retraining of specialists in the field of information technology and telecommunications led E.S. Poddavashkina developed the concept and program of informatization of higher and secondary vocational schools sector. Under his editorship, and with direct participation of a group of authors came two new textbook - "Information systems for railway transport and telecommunication technologies on railway transport", . who in 2000 became the basic teaching materials for students of transport and universities to fill the existing gap in the education of specialists in the information profile,
. Edward S. actively participates in the annual international scientific-practical conference "Information technologies in rail transport", . in other scientific and practical conferences, . lectures at Moscow State University of Railways.,

. In 1998, E.S
. Poddavashkin thesis for the degree of Candidate of Economic Sciences on the theme "Management of rail on the basis of modern information technologies". He - the author of more than 100 publications and articles, . Doctor of Transport and academician of the Academy of Transport of Russia, . member of the International Academy of Informatization, . California Academy of Industry, . arts and education, . Academy of integration of science and business, . Honorary Professor, University of the Far Eastern Railway, . Associate Professor of Moscow State University of Railway, . member of the Moscow intellectual-Business Club,
. The head of board of trustees of the temple martyrs Peter and Paul. Since 2000 is the project manager of the company "Russian Aluminum".

E.S. Poddavashkin awarded medals of Friendship of Peoples and the Badge of Honor, four medals, signs, railroad Emeritus, Honorary traffic builder "; Order of the Russian Orthodox Church Daniel of III degree. The results of his research activities were awarded medals VDNH Soviet Union, the Gagarin Medal and other awards and prizes.

E.S. Poddavashkin repeatedly elected deputy Belogorskogo and Chita City Council, a deputy and a member of the executive committee of the Kuibyshev Regional Council of People's Deputies, a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Bashkir ASSR.

His teachers E.S. Poddavashkin says Minister of Communications of the USSR B.P. Bescheva and NS. Konareva.

Edward S. loves classical music, theater. Likes to work on the ground: in the country broke a beautiful rose garden.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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PODDAVASHKIN Edward S., photo, biography
PODDAVASHKIN Edward S., photo, biography PODDAVASHKIN Edward S.  Academician of the Academy of Transport of Russia, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Doctor of Transport, Honorable railway, transport Honorary builder, photo, biography
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