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PRESS Tamara Nathanovna

( Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, three-time Olympic champion, multiple world record holder, the repeated champion of Europe and the USSR, Ph.D. in Education Sciences)

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Biography PRESS Tamara Nathanovna
Born May 10, 1937 in Kharkov. Father - Press Nathan Isayevich, died at the front during the Great Patriotic War. Mother - Press Lidia.

In Uzbekistan's family came to the press during the war years. When in Kharkiv came the news that their father was wounded and is being treated in Samarkand, mother and daughters immediately zasobiralas a long journey to Central Asia. However, the train stopped in the road, and the family had met her father at the station: he hurried back to the front. Before sending the train left for half an hour ... Father from the war and never came back: he died in Leningrad, and the family stayed in Samarkand Press.

. First steps Tamara Press in sport and life are inextricably linked with the name of Vladimir Panteleimonovich Bessekernyh, who she started athletics
. For her, he replaced his father at the time: watching not only the way in which grows the results in running and throwing, but also frequently checked their homework in arithmetic.

In those years, Tamara was thin, tall, gawky girl. To develop her physically, Vladimir Panteleimonovich began to show her the technique shot put and discuss throw. These complex technical sports gave her difficulty. Where it was easier to run a sprint, jump in the length or height. However, childhood is not accustomed to retreat, it is carefully performed indications coach. Gradually the sport became a need for it, and already in 1955 its results were rapidly growing. So much so that Bessekernyh quite taken aback: "You know, Tamara, I gave you everything I could. I'm afraid that in the future, my care will be for you only obstacle. You're going to continue to grow - the character you do not hold ... You'll get a lot - it is as clear as twice two ... But I must think about your future. I'll try to write in Leningrad Victor I. Alekseev. Heard about this? "

. How could I not hear! Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, . first in the USSR Honored coach of Athletics, . Victor I. Alekseev in 1936 in Leningrad organized children's sports school at sportobschestve "Zenith" and was its undisputed leader,
. He created a sports pedagogy in their school - a team of individuals, school figures, in which no one at no one looked like. Among his pupils - world record holders and Olympic champions: H. Smirnitskaya, D. Zybina, T. Tyszkiewicz IN. Trusenev, and later, of course, and sisters Tamara and Irina Press.

It is easy to imagine how much excitement was at home when Vladimir Panteleimonovich brought a response from Leningrad, written by Alekseev. Victor was given approval to the arrival of Tamara: "See. Discuss. Incidentally, in Leningrad, and institutions more than in Samarkand. There is where to learn.

Financial issues travel to Alexeyev solve difficult, but Tamara was rescued by the case. VP. Bessekernyh said that Moscow is formed junior team of the USSR national team in athletics, which is scheduled match with a team of Romania and that ... it is already known in Moscow and invited to collect. It was in Moscow in the summer of 1955 fate presented Tamara Press meeting with Alekseev.

Victor I. Alekseev remains to Tamara Nathanovna mentor with a capital letter. It was he who brought it to the big sports, made the Olympic champion and world record holder. It was in his famous Leningrad school perfecting their skills, she has become a multiple champion and record holder of the Soviet Union in the shot put and discus throw.

. In Leningrad, Tamara Press on the advice of Victor was admitted to the 10 th grade school for working youth
. At the same time began to train. Within months, she realized that in this friendly school is not so simple as it seemed in the early days. Particularly wary took her shot-putter - Famous Zybina, Tyszkiewicz, Doinikova. They were indigenous from Leningrad, Tamara is the history Alexeyevsky schools are first-town. Perhaps a serious rival those famous tolkatelnitsy it did not see. But they are worried about her appearance in the school, because it changed the rhythm of several works of Victor Ilyich. He gave a brand new time, distracting him from his work with Zybin and Tyszkiewicz. Realizing his older friends, Tamara Press not particularly offended and worked with renewed vigor. In those years, worked out its reputation, which is somewhat later than her mentor VI. Alekseev expressed a kind of acronym for "TTT": "Tamara Press - a man, in which" talent + work + patience "is firmly connected ..."

. In 1956, the All-Union school sports day, . already a master of sports of the USSR, . Tamara Press established several records of the country for girls older and got into the number of candidates, . who were preparing for a trip to the Olympic Games-56 in far-off Melbourne,
. However, a number of reasons for the national team if it did not take. But by 1958 it was firmly entrenched in the national team by throwing the disc. To get into a team that was leaving for Stockholm on the European Championships, she had become a winner in the national championship.

The failure only added fuel to the fire. Tamara Press blew up unexpectedly and Alekseeva. But hate only myself. Later it will become law: in the crucial moment before starting a cruelly annoyed by myself and ... "shoot" ... and win.

Shot-put competitions have emerged to Tamara Press more successful - after the first attempt, she got to the finals. In the second attempt to "fire" at 16 meters 54 centimeters, only 20 centimeters does not reach the world record Galina Zybin. By this approach the result no one could. Surpassed its own record of almost a meter, Tamara Press soon became the first in the USSR, and hence this was the balance of power in world athletics and the world!

. Olympic Champion 1952 in the shot put Galina Zybina Alexeyev school was proud of those years
. For a long time she had no rivals. But then on the world scene came another - a young and strong Tamara Press. She was destined to raise the world record to an unprecedented height.

The Olympic Games in 1960 in Rome, Tamara Press has been considered the main favorite. Despite the fact that all the experts predicted her championship in the discus throw, in this discipline, she became the second. But in the shot put was not her equal.

. Incidentally, . the next day after the closing of the Olympic Games in Rome, Tamara still proved, . that is the strongest in this discipline, . casting a disk on unattainable before the distance - 57 meters 15 centimeters, and thus crossed out previous achievements Nina Yakovlevna Dumbadze,
. On the same day she sent a telegram from Tbilisi: "Congratulations on a world record for Red Hat, the PTA is very pleased that you did it STOP Dumbadze". So great athlete, welcomed his young smenschitsu ...

After four years at the Olympics in Tokyo, the Press has not left any chance rivals - was the first in the discus throw and shot put.

By Tamara Nathanovna own admission, the most difficult competitions for her have always been a qualifying. It badly tuned to perform certain standard. "The usual psychological trauma" - the fear of qualifications - lay in wait for her, and Oct. 19, 1964 in Tokyo, where she was to speak in the Olympic tournament in disc throwing. No one could assume that someone will have her compete. Her separation from her opponents was so great that ... She was calm.

The next day, "Soviet sport" he wrote in the article "Winning the unrest:" Frankly speaking, Tamara Press yesterday made us all pretty worried. Yesterday played out a gold medal in the discus throw in women, and the fate of the medal, we were confident. But in the morning, when our girls came out in the sector for throwing the disc to make qualifying competitions, throws Tamara did not go. The most distant way, which has done its drive in the morning, stood at only 50 meters 28 centimeters. This, of course, could not cheerleaders.

Finals started unexpectedly Tamara Press - athlete from East Germany, Ingrid Lotz sent a rocket to 57 meters, 21 centimeters. Rapid start Germans knocked out several Soviet sportswoman of rut. In the first attempt to drive it flies out of the Gaza. Stadium wondering ahaet ...

Second attempt - 50 meters 56 centimeters ... Again failure ... In the final Tamara Press made its way to the result of 55 meters 80 centimeters - it was only a sixth of the day index. Since it ranks last among the finalists, she was right to throw the last. And they were a definite advantage, for he always remained a possibility for an answer.

Only in the fifth failed attempt to throw its crown - the disc screwed into the sky and then threw a fan of the earth at around 57 meters, 27 centimeters ... It was a victory!

Tamara Press really wanted to speak and at the third Olympiad - Mexico City. However, to compete with the young talented athletes getting harder and she understood perfectly well that they could lose. And leave the sport like undefeated. In 1966 she won all the competitions, which involved. And she left ...

Leaving big-time sports is always difficult - to change overnight, all habitual way of life and begin almost at first could not each. Tamara Press lucky. Beside her was again VI. Alekseev, he helped define, suggested where to go to study. By the time she was already higher education - in 1962 she graduated from the Leningrad Engineering Institute. However, to apply their knowledge in practice it never happened.

She became involved organizing work, she enrolled in the Higher Party School of the Central Committee. After graduation worked as deputy head of the department of physical education and sport AUCCTU (1967-1969). After 12 years, from 1969 to 1981, was head of the mass cultural department of the Central Committee of Trade Unions Building and Construction Materials Industry. Simultaneously, a volunteer group of athletes coached at Moscow State University. In 1974, under the guidance of Professor VP. Filin thesis for the degree of candidate of pedagogical sciences on the topic: "Experimental study method of training young thrower disc at the initial stage of sports specialization". In the years 1981-1983 he headed the department of Physical Education in Moscow Pedagogical Institute.

From 1983 to 1986, TN. Press again to work in the All-headed the cultural, educational and club work. After the collapse of the All was organized by the Sports Society of trade unions "Russia". It was headed by well-known sports figure GN. Shibaev. Tamara Press became the deputy chairman responsible for the development of the mass, recreational gymnastics, curated physical culture and sports activities in workplaces, children's sports schools. Through the activities of the society managed to keep more than 600 youth sports schools, which are now engaged in more than a quarter million children of all ages.

. In November 1992, was established by the Foundation for "Physical Culture and Health, one of the founders of which was the company" Russia "
. TN. Press elected first vice-president of the. Since the early days and the fund is currently organizes the work on social protection of veterans' sports movement, the disabled, war participants. All these years the main efforts were directed to fund the implementation of programs of charity: "Veteran", "disabled", "Coach", "Rehabilitation", approved by joint decision of the Board of Trustees and President of the. In its activity the Fund relies on donations of sponsors, working with veterans' organizations, Russia on sports, children's sports agencies, Rossiyskim Union athletes.

Recently, with the support of sponsors fund a number of charitable events, including a meeting of champions and Olympic medal winners in 1964. Wires and other charitable activities aimed at supporting needy veterans, improve their morale. And everywhere the most active part taken and takes Tamara Nathanovna Press.

In the years of work in the trade unions TN. Press wrote the book "Working hostel" (co-authored with E.I. Nikitin) and "Effectiveness of economic knowledge - an important means of improving productivity in construction" (series "The economic knowledge - the builder of" co-authored in. Zaikin). Her pen also belong to the book "A Shot at Glory," This was not an easy athletics, as well as more than 150 publications in the media.

TN. Press - Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1960), . three-time Olympic champion (1960 and 1964 - in the shot put and 1964 - in the discus throw), . three-time European champion (3 times in 1958 and 1962), . 16 times (in 1958-1966 respectively), she managed to win medals champion of the USSR,
. She was awarded the Order of Lenin (1960), "Badge of Honor" (1964), Friendship (1997), medals.

Leisure Tamara Nathanovna devotes reading Russian classics, books on the history of ancient Greece and Rome (Plutarch, Suetonius). Another her passion - working on a computer with educational programs on the history of art.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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PRESS Tamara Nathanovna, photo, biography
PRESS Tamara Nathanovna, photo, biography PRESS Tamara Nathanovna  Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, three-time Olympic champion, multiple world record holder, the repeated champion of Europe and the USSR, Ph.D. in Education Sciences, photo, biography
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