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Salnikov, Vladimir V.

( Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, four-time Olympic champion, four-time world champion, five-time European champion, twenty times the world record-holder, sorokakratny champion of the Soviet Unio)

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Biography Salnikov, Vladimir V.
photo Salnikov, Vladimir V.
Born May 21, 1960 in Leningrad. Father - Salnikov, Valeriy (1932. born.) captain. Mother - Salnikov Valentina (1936 g. born.). Wife - Salnikov (bass), Marina (1957. born.). Son - Vladimir Salnikov (1988. born.).

The name of Vladimir Salnikov in the history of navigation, national and world sports - special. Monster in the water, "" Iron Man "," a man without nerves, "" Machine Records "simply" great Salnikov - such epithets for his sporting career, he earned a lot. And it all began in a small village on the river Novgorod MSTA, where every summer Volodya rested her grandmother, her mother's mother, Taisia Andreevny. Secretly he ran it with the village boys to wild beaches, where there was no adult supervision. Navigate while he still could not, so splashing in the shallows near the shore, and very jealous of their peers, who know how to swim, and mushroom and berry place known, and the cows were not afraid, and even knew how to milk them.

When my grandmother realized that Volodya without her permission has been on the river, she was an old Russian tradition, brought up by his grandson nettles. Old men in the village said that after meeting with nettles skin is tanned, strong as armor. Because sometimes the guys on their own crawled into the burning bushes and rode, shrieking from the red-hot iron toothed green leaves and showing strong will to remain among the nettles as long as possible. So far, Vladimir Salnikov fond memories looseness of rural life.

In school, Volodya was a good student, but good boys have never been. Sometimes, walking with the kids learned and participated in most of the boys' endeavors, which often ended in penalties from adults. After that, he was always tormented by pangs of conscience, so even then he tried to teach yourself to think about the consequences of the act before, not after, when everything is done.

. One of the most disliked the lessons of the future was a great sportsman Training
. He regarded the subject simply as a necessity, which must be tolerated. However, it did not leave the secret dream to learn to swim and do it away from the rural expanse of the river, once and for all prove to his village friends that cross back and forth unattainable Mstu it's like a snap.

As fate would have it that that's when the school came to coach swimming - Gleb G. Petrov, and invited the whole class to become swimmers. True, the record everybody he was in no hurry, and offered to perform certain exercises. Salnikov successfully mastered them and was accepted. Initially, all taking shape is not too well. After the second occupation Volodya cold, then picked up the inflammation of the middle ear, and missed several weeks. So far, it seems strange why Peter had not told him then: "Boy, thank you, but you can no longer come."

"The first time I swam when I was 8 years old - says Vladimir Salnikov. - It was a landmark day in my life: I realized that summer in the countryside is finally my dream come true - finally breaking the river Mstu.

Under the leadership of Gleb Petrov Salnikov Swimming learned about science from 1968 to 1973. Then for 12 years, his mentor was a great coach Igor Koshkin, . led his pupil to three Olympic medals of the Moscow Olympics, . highest award of the world and European championships and 20 world records at distances 400, . 800 and 1500 meters freestyle,

During a sports career, Vladimir Salnikov broke the distance equal to the length of the equator. From 1977 to 1986, he never lost a start in the world 1500-meter freestyle, as well at the Olympics in Moscow, the first in the world, overcame a 15-minute line at that distance, clocked 14:58.27. World record set by an athlete in 1983, lasted 8 years, and the record in Europe - from 1983 to 2000. Other higher achievement - a record of the USSR at the 1500 meter freestyle, set Salnikov in 1983, not beaten to this day.

Vladimir Salnikov became a four-time world champion, five-time European champion. But the most difficult test and present self-affirmation was ahead.

In 1984, the upcoming Olympic Games in Los Angeles. By then, . having the experience of playing at the Olympics in 1976 in Montreal, . where he established his first European record, . and victories in 1980 in Moscow, . Vladimir, . while at the peak of his fitness, . preparing to win gold Olympic medals in 1500 and 400 meter freestyle and the complete triumph of his career.,

. However, this did not come true because of the boycott XXIII Olympic Games by the Soviet government.

. Many top athletes away from the sport, never realized his dream - to speak at the Olympics

. The results, shown in competition "Druzhba-84", held in the same numbers as the Olympic Games, although they were higher than that of the winners in Los Angeles, but no satisfaction, Vladimir not brought.

. Taking up preparations for the national team, his former coach MI Koshkin believed that to continue further training does not make sense, because, in his opinion, Salnikov has exhausted its possibilities

The feeling of dissatisfaction, "the lack of implementation" is not haunted and tormented constantly. Then there was a bold dream, despite everything, to prepare for the next Olympic Games.

To implement this vision could only open up new avenues in the training. Old methods are no longer fair game, and the new has not yet been, they were to open.

So, the place on the edge of the basin took his wife Marina, who became his trainer and holy who believed that the training method developed by them sooner or later will give the fruits. The decision to work together was not taken lightly.

By the time Sal'nikova been married for two years. Vladimir graduated from the Institute of Physical Education and coach had a diploma. Marina, graduating with a diploma GTSOLIFK coach, worked in the Scientific Research Institute of Physical Culture and Sports.

. Master of Sports of the USSR in athletics, the last champion of the USSR in the race for 200 meters, she had extensive experience with the USSR team, athletics, and later - and with the national team in swimming as a biochemist.

. Marina has also studied and practiced the latest techniques in education and psychophysiology.

. At the same time enrolling in graduate school and continuing to train, Salnikov believed in its success
. Marina's father - NV. Basov, chief scientific officer of the Olympic training center in Tushino, give them every assistance and support in implementing this bold plan, instilling confidence and optimism.

. Often, beset by inhuman psychological stress, Marina cried when Vladimir could not see her tears, but was indestructible firm, when she felt that her husband is about to explode emphatic "no!"
. In those moments, . in the shower cursing himself and down dale, and madly in his spare, . Marina said: "We are together, . hence, . we can achieve victory, . otherwise you will regret the missed opportunity and feel dissatisfaction with life, . and myself will never forgive this moment of weakness.,

. In 1986 came the first success working together - the world record in the first game of "good will".

. The last two seasons before the Olympic Games 1988 in Seoul, Salnikov was in a strip of diseases and other failures, virtually nothing is winning at major international competitions, while the Union remained undefeated

Yes, in front of him, great stuffing, still bowed his old and new rivals, but as a real contender in the calculation has not taken. And he sort of otherworldly insistence crossed kilometers of water tracks, remaining silent to the press.

It was a time when nobody believed in, sometimes even to himself. When it seemed, fate had decided to balance all the previous years, a happy World Cup championship, and his experienced masters, to test the strength of. It is possible that only by passing through these tests, Salnikov became Person.

The decision to act or not act in Seoul, the leadership of the Olympic team was left to rest Salnikov. When his enemies found, . that Vladimir will still be sailing his crown 1500-meter race, . their comments boiled down to this: "Madman! In Seoul, he finally bury their invincibility, . from the "banner" Soviet sport turn into rags,
. If not thinking about myself, would think about the country ... "

Salnikov went to Seoul to win. And Marina remained in Moscow with the newly-born Vladimir Salnikov, Jr..

... The September 24 - preliminary swim in the 1500 meter freestyle, which solve many. The weather that day in Seoul from solar into a clap. The sky became overcast with clouds and somewhere far away, across the river Han, obviously rumbled. Vladimir mentally thanked nature: it is a bit of luck he had borrowed. In Moscow, at the Games-80, during the final swim of the walls was going on God knows what, and thunderous level blocked the creek stands. And now, slowly, moving toward the pool, Salnikov presented himself on the launch pedestal like no other in the form of thunder, and expected pistol shot to start throwing lightning.

That happened later, Vladimir Salnikov better not tell nobody.

"... I shot" caught "is not stayed on a pedestal. Fully monitored the swim. Worked kilometer. In the course of nuances stroke technique, the benefit of being allowed and it. Until then took up another, that a few "hundreds" took place without any control on the scoreboard. When woke up and glanced up, then do not believe it: I swim too fast. It is necessary to reset the rate, otherwise not have time to restore power to the final. It is managed badly, that in my practice have not previously encountered: he could not slow down!

And here is the finish. Came to him a remote way, though he saw that Dassler began his famous finishing burst. 15 min.07, 83 seconds! Faster than a pre-swim Games-80.

It seems to me the result for the competitors and coaches roared with thunder is not local. I assume that they were "stunned", not knowing at what limit I forced myself to speak that way in the preliminary swim. Just out of the water as the wave swept over greetings. Athletes, coaches, fans, my yesterday's and today's opponents - all want success. Of course, it was nice, but I had to urgently bring myself to squeeze into a corset antiemotsionalny. Too much was at stake. Almost all of my sporting destiny - 20 years devoted swimming. Even in Moscow, I decided: Olympic start in Seoul will be the last in my biography of active athlete. I very much wanted to leave with dignity, and in those minutes, for 36 hours before the finals, preparing himself to fight.

They announced our withdrawal. Noise incredible. But no applause, nothing else has not heard. The brain has blocked everything that could distract.

So, by the 1 st track floats my old friend, Jugoslav Petric, on 2 nd - Podkoshelny young Pole, on the 3rd - Pfeiffer, on the 4 th - Tsetlinski; on 5-th - n; on 6 th -- Dassler, on 7 th - Henkel, K-8 - Englishman Boiti. I feel like rising pulse. I try every effort to keep calm.

Saves lift. Feel the pleasant freshness of water. My first thought - but not often, to keep a clear perception of what is happening. And then sometimes you get into "rut" - do not add or subtract, . though you crack! The main problem - the optimal tactic of passing the distance, . and most cost-effective technique, . to have the strength to all half kilometer, . absolute control, . everything, . that repeatedly practiced during training,
. But the victory did not think. Actually not thinking about what place the loan. I knew that I will give all the forces of himself in this swim, swim critical of my life.

As expected, from the first meters distance forward left Tsetlinski. Missed him by half a length ahead, save short distance to immediately respond if he will make breakthrough. A little behind Dassler.

Behind the 500 meters distance. Rate feel. By electronic scoreboard checking himself, there is no discrepancy. Even turns - my Achilles heel - so far obtained as necessary.

After 600 meters starting to "get" Matt Tsetlinski. He balks, do not want to take the position. I understand him. How many times have been in similar situations, and do not remember. They are psychologically difficult to survive. In the brain are closed with some bare wires, and you're breaking the tactics and techniques, rubishsya death. I completely forget that even swim and swim! And finally "kill" himself. But it is important to break away from his pursuers as far as possible. How many meters of the race survive Matt, I do not know. I hope to God that he "rolled back" quickly!

700 meters. Keep an only slightly. Surely overestimated themselves? I am weary. I know Tsetlinski heavier than a hundredfold. He breaks down and begins to slowly fall behind.

After 900 meters continue to increase speed and see how rents American. Housing benefits - this is only the beginning. Lost sight of Pfeiffer. I can not hear Dassler. It is somewhere behind, but he has a plan. I begin to feel fatigue. Now - ATTENTION Technology. There comes a time when you need more relaxation: or in the stroke, or to carry any hand.

Stefan Pfeiffer "selects" Tsetlinski. Pursuit of me did not pass to Matt without a trace, this was expected.

1000 meters. The nerves of his right hand as if exposed. I feel every cell. This is the first call to what will soon befall terrible fatigue. We must hasten. The separation into two corps from Pfeifer, of course, not bad, but enough for him? If the finish Stefan Uwe Dassler, or will be in close proximity, then my chances would be zero. These guys on the order of higher-speed stock, and they certainly will use them without hesitation. The main thing - do not give them that chance.

1300 meters. Began. The feet and hands tied by Gira. This is not swimming - it is plowing virgin. Soon will come a critical point. If only they did not let down the body. I begin to lose cornering. Tired collapsed, as southern night - instantly becomes dark. Firmly to himself: electronics, machinery, equipment. Altering the trajectory of the entry of arms and their movement in water. Accentuate the burden is on one muscle group, then to another. Assists. Weight weights decreases. It is a pity that not long. I do not hear or see around me - no grandstands, no pursuers. Although remember that Pfeiffer somewhere near. I wonder where Dassler? The brain floats in a tight, ringing silence. But I'm still thinking in. So have to make two or even three finish.

First start after the turn of 1300 meters. As at the Games-80 in Moscow imagined that this distance is 1400 meters, which means - it's time!

Somewhere in the middle of the penultimate 50-meter line realized that dying. There was not even indifference and numbness. Muscles I did not have. No. Hands and feet worked themselves. But if this second they somehow act, then the next and could stop work. What? Nothing else was thought of as sunk his teeth and his lower lip. Pain is not felt. But a little bit easier.

Last 50 meters. I have not seen, but some sixth sense felt as inexorably approaching Stefan Pfeiffer and as shear his famous leap Uwe Dassler, torpedo mchas to finish. Calmed myself: If I die, they will not catch me. Today - my day! The moment when poked this very wall, do not remember. But I had to grab her, not to go to the bottom, remember very well. What happened after?

After that, everything - as in a fog. Although the brain must have understood that won. Even the hands do not feel when they tried to vskinut. Idiotic condition: raise their hands to greet the audience, and they do not feel, it seems that hang whips.

Swam Pfeiffer, says something, shaking his head. It is difficult to understand. And suddenly comes to me that Stefan is trying to explain my amazement - how did this happen? Only now in the minds of the noise bursts stands and a chorus of chants: "Salnikov! Salnikov! Salnikov!"

I'm starting to feel a sense of. I can not say that they are clean and spotless. Even such a wave of light gloating corner of seized. Suddenly remembered how I was "buried". Interesting that going through my "well-wishers? I won his most important swim, a length of 1500 meters, but in all my sporting life. I was happy!

Two hours after the final event occurred, which in my understanding, it is worth all the gold of the world. When I entered the Olympic cafeteria, then everyone who was there - coaches, athletes rose from the table and applauded. This is the episode for me the Olympic victory of the day is remembered primarily. Hopefully, no need to explain - why? "

Leaving a water path, Vladimir Salnikov not parted with a large sports. Since 1982, he graduated from the State Central Order of Lenin Institute of Physical Culture, . in 1988 - postgraduate, . has worked trainer of coaches and athletes Sport Committee of the Ministry of Defense (1982-1986), . then coached swimming CSKA (1986-1988),
. After the triumph in Seoul, he was confirmed head coach of the USSR team in swimming (1989-1990). In 1989-1991 he was vice-president of the Federation of navigation USSR, 1991-2001 - Deputy General Director of IPI "Olympus". He was a member of the Olympic Committee of the USSR (1984-1990), a member of the Athletes Commission of the International Federation of swimming (FINA) (1991-2000). Since 1996, a member of the Presidium of the Federation of golf in Russia.

. Vladimir Salnikov - Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1978), . four-time champion of the Olympic Games (Moscow, . 1980 - 400 meters, . 1500 m freestyle, . Relay 4x200-meter freestyle; Ceul, . 1988 - 1500 meter freestyle), . four-time world champion (West Berlin, . 1978 - 400 and 1500 meter freestyle; Guyakil, . Ecuador, . 1982 - 400 and 1500 meter freestyle), . five-time European champion (Yongchoping, . Sweden, . 1977; Split, . Yugoslavia, . 1981; Rome, . Italy, . 1983 - 400 and 1500 meter freestyle, . Relay 4x200 meters freestyle),

For his outstanding athletic achievements, he was awarded the Order of Lenin (1985), the October Revolution (1988), Labor Red Banner (1980). In 1980 he was awarded a special prize of the International Federation of swimming (FINA), in 1983, is included in the International Hall of Fame swimming (Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA), in 1986 international prizes Gagarin. In 1979, 1980 and 1983, according to polls of the American magazine "World of diving" admitted the best swimmer the world. In 2001, the International Hall of Fame swimming in Fort Lauderdale (Florida, USA). VV. Salnikov was included among the world's best swimmers of the twentieth century.

Vladimir Salnikov enjoys tennis, golf, downhill skiing, windsurfing, scuba diving. He loves modern literature, science fiction, detective stories. He dreams of a sailing academy.

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Salnikov, Vladimir V., photo, biography
Salnikov, Vladimir V., photo, biography Salnikov, Vladimir V.  Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, four-time Olympic champion, four-time world champion, five-time European champion, twenty times the world record-holder, sorokakratny champion of the Soviet Unio, photo, biography
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