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Kuz'kin Victor G.

( Honored Master of Sports, three-time Olympic champion, multiple world champion)

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Biography Kuz'kin Victor G.
Born July 6, 1940 in Moscow. Father - Kuz'kin Gregory (1910-1941) was a carpenter. Mother - Mary Kuz'kina Afanasyevna (1910-1995) worked at the Botkin Hospital. Wife - Kuz'kina Tatiana (1945g.rozhd.) Orthopedic surgeon. Daughter - Kuz'kina Marina (1977g.rozhd.) Operates in Machinoexport.

Do not consider how many great Soviet players and hockey players have played their first matches at the stadium Young Pioneers. Among them is Victor Kuz'kin. He lived in the neighborhood, in the Botkin Hospital, where 40 years worked for his mom - a nurse, housekeeper (his father went to the front as soon as the war began, and soon died).

Anti-Semitism of Botkin came to the stadium Young Pioneers, having a good training, because next to the hospital building was equipped with a football pitch in winter is filled. There were endless fights - chased rag ball or tin can. In addition to drag football and Russian hockey (the puck appeared later), the only consolation the boys of war and postwar years, they all have one more thing - almost all fathers have not returned from the fields of war or disabled ...

Kuz'kin and his friends took the example of neighbors in the barracks (even a little jealous of them) who were older than them and does regularly practiced at the stadium "Young Pioneers". It's - future hockey players "Lokomotiv" Yuri Chumichkin, . Boris Spirkina, . Viktor Yakushev, . which over the years Viktor Kuzkin to play countless times for the USSR national team, . including matches in the victory for her World and European championships, . Olympics,

. Kuz'kina in 1953 led to the stadium Young Pioneers, one of his peers (they priyatelstvovali) - Vladimir Vasiliev, . fond at that time Russian hockey (in the future is - the player of the Resurrection "Chemist", . I play for CSKA, . and most importantly - to become known coach, . once headed the team Russia at the World Cup),

. Perhaps, . a long time Victor would play for the Young Pioneers Stadium, . whose best boys nearby aviation plant announced for the club "Wings of the Soviets-2" in the championship in Moscow, . if chum Oleg Parinchuk (they studied together in the 157-th school of the Leningrad region) is not persuaded him to go to school together army, . where he worked,
. Rookie got to Boris Ivanovich Afanasyev, . who gave a ticket to the big sports many popular hockey, . to Alexander Nikolaevich Vinogradov, . World and European Champion in 1954 (up to two hockey fame in football, . as players of the famous "team of lieutenants"),

These coaches have taught Kuz'kina to long training, the grueling routine work. They both could not get enough of Victor, . conscientiously studied with Victor Singer, . future Olympic champion, . five-time world champion and European, . and Oleg Golyamina, . Vladimir Kamenev, . later proved notable hockey players,

. Training took place at the Army Stadium on 4-m Beam Avenue (at Sokolniki), . which until today has not been preserved (demolished for the willful decision of Khrushchev in connection with the erection of the pavilion for the American exhibition, . the opening of which flew Richard Nixon),
. And once Vinogradov recommended Kuz'kina, . student turner at aircraft plant, . Anatoly Tarasov, . but what a player, . then became a 3-time Olympic champion, . 8-fold world champion and 7-time Champion of Europe, . dislike (hudyuschy, . weak, . with thin legs "),

And Victor had to continue playing for youth team. The only thing that pleased - Vinogradov struck Kuz'kin place in the staffing of his team, which was good Afanasyevna support of Mary with her modest salary.

In 1960, Victor has experienced the joy of his first big victory - the team CSKA won the championship of the country among youth, prompting Tarasova revise its opinion on the game Kuz'kina. It has been increasingly involved in the games and training stars, seconded advocate for the command CVM, which has become the champion of the Armed Forces, but only after the season he was player of the basic composition, and won the gold medal of the USSR Champion. Then side by side with the defense Kuz'kin gate CSKA carried prominent defenders Nick Sologubov, Ivan Tregubov, Dmitry injections, Henry Sidorenkov, but the gate was Nikolai Puchkov.

I Kuz'kina did not have that powerful items, like Ragulina. He was not one of those hockey players, of which, as Davydov with its growth, said: "Mal valve, but the roads". Silent, outwardly calm, he is instantly transformed as soon as it came to the game. Become compulsive, temperamental, but never went to the rude, knows no fear, no doubt, remain face to face with the most fearsome forwards

. CSKA ice hockey players, . almost in full force belonged to the USSR national team, . not only respected by Victor with his sweet temper, . but trusted his dearest, . shared plans, . observations, . and so manly guys, . stars one and all, . elect this man a captain and CSKA, . and the USSR national team,
. Sometimes, even the Komsomol organizer, actually vice-captain.

In 36 years Kuz'kin skates hung on a nail and at the request of Konstantin Loktev, who became the senior coach of CSKA Moscow, began working as his assistant. Two years later, Loktev on the bridge was replaced by Viktor Tikhonov, who left Kuz'kina previous post, resulting in Victor G. remained one of the coaches home team continuously for 12 years. Probably could have worked as an assistant principal again and again, but in 1988 asked permission to work abroad.

Withdrawing the rank of lieutenant colonel, went to Japan to coach-consultant to the club "Dzhyu Joe Sayce (Kushiro), who was in the national championship 5-e, last place. But after the arrival Kuz'kina and other Muscovite - Sergei Shepeleva team twice became the third medal of the Japanese championship.

Three years later he returned to Kuz'kin Tikhonov, and in 1999 went on their own. The reason for dismissal - a difficult financial situation in the Tikhonov team. Victor G. and went to the banks of the Volga. He became a coach and consultant in CSK VVS (Samara). But in this role lasted only eight months - it is difficult to work in nelyubitelskom hockey, when players from the team for months have not been paid, resulting in debt to them is expressed by a round sum.

Despite his 60 years, Victor Kuz'kin regularly plays for a team of veterans in which all players are much younger than him. As a young man, went on the ice with the captain's armband.

Victor Kuzkin awarded two medals of Honor and the Order of Honor. In connection with the 50 th anniversary of national hockey marked with a special prize Hockey Federation of Russia including six of the best defenders of the country's history.

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Kuz'kin Victor G., photo, biography
Kuz'kin Victor G., photo, biography Kuz'kin Victor G.  Honored Master of Sports, three-time Olympic champion, multiple world champion, photo, biography
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