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( Honored Master of Sports, two-time Olympic champion, multiple world champion)

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Born February 11, 1938 in Moscow. Father - Mayorov Alexander (1896-1962), worked as chief accountant in the Ministry of Finance of the RSFSR. Mother - Mayorov Praskovya Efimovna (1899-1992), homemaker. Twin brother - Yevgeny Mayorov (1938-1997), a sports radio and TV commentator, Olympic champion. Wife - PERKOVSKY Galina (1933g.rozhd.), Editor of "High School". Daughter - Mayorov Julia (1969g.rozhd.), Surgeon, PhD.

The first world championship for the famous Spartakovskaya triples tournament began in 1961, held in Switzerland. Mayorov was then on for 23 years, and does Starshinova 20 years. And the newcomers have played well, though not the first for them was this championship, but at least the fifth. They have abandoned three goals in six (6:2), the Swedes, they are three distinguished in a meeting with the Czechoslovak team which became the European champion (4:6). Boris Mayorov then the system "goal + pass" became the most productive player in the championship (7 +10).

Once Boris asked what he considers essential in his sporting life, replied: "Love of Hockey". He always wanted to play, play as much as possible. It was this desire and helped him become a great master.

At times, the dedication Boris knew no bounds. In any game, especially against strong opponents, he devoted all his strength, all the energy without a trace. He accepted the challenge of any powerful defender, no one was afraid and famously entered into force combat. But if the team "Spartak", or USSR national team became difficult, her long-term capital in one and the other team with no less dedication acted in defense: cleverly took the puck on his chest, a clear use of force techniques.

Defenders of the best teams in the world always knew that if the puck goes to Boris Mayorov, it looms over the gates of the danger. The speed and maneuverability, rapid start and high speed allow him to make precise and unexpected transfer partners. But it happened that he only imitated the transfer. And when it seemed that the goalkeeper and defenders of the competitors already saw through the maneuver Spartacus, he was without any preparation swing some subtle movement of the hand sent the puck in the net.

Boris Mayorov was rightly considered the brain of the first three "Spartacus," in full force acting on the three World Cups and Europe, including the tournament in 1964, who was also an Olympic. And then almost every year, Boris and Starshinova a new partner. They grumbled at another newcomer - and so used. But the support of a new partner, knowing that he, too, not sweet, being in the famous trio. It is no accident due to Boris, the instigators level, the trio remained for many years his handwriting - at the gates of the most formidable teams circled the famous Spartacus Carousel. She stopped, when in 1969 Boris left the ice. However, the sergeant has become a world champion three times, but nothing a link to remind me that game when he spoke, Boris Mayorov.

In the championships of the Soviet Union Spartak captain had 400 matches, neglected 255 washers. And the World and European championships, the Olympics on account of Boris Mayorov 30 washers, abandoned in the 50 meetings.

Brothers Mayorov and Vyacheslav Starshinov were fighters to the marrow, and that they sometimes are costly. Opponents were able to, as they say, make a desperate Spartak lads to the extent that the judges found themselves compelled to remove Boris and his partners, and their offenders, the most real provocateurs, while giggling, delighted with his cunning. There were such arbitrators, who went out on the ice, pre-configured to punish the attackers of the first three "Spartacus", considering them to be deliberately rude.

After graduating from the Moscow Aviation Technology Institute, Boris Mayorov, on the recommendation of Professor Nikolai Polyakov was a graduate student, took up his thesis, but then all the good intentions crumbled, and he returned to hockey. By only was Boris in the national ice hockey - and "Spartacus" coach (with him his own team twice won the USSR Cup, . once was the second, . Once the third winner of the national championship), . and one of the coaches junior team of the USSR worked, . and together with Robert Cherenkov helped Viktor Tikhonov in the first Canada Cup, . Finally, . Hockey Sports Committee headed by the Office of the USSR,
. It disappeared for five years with our hockey horizon, Boris Mayorov resurfaced in Moscow on the post, which never before have we had - the general manager of the national team.

A disappearing Boris Mayorov, for the simple reason that five years working in Finland - from the beginning of November 1990 to May 1993 led the club Jokerit (Helsinki), which became the 1992 champion of the country. Then he moved to Tampere, to convert the local team, Tappara "from 11 th place at the 4-th.

Even before returning to Moscow, Boris decided to "engage" with the trainer's activity, citing fatigue. According to him, nine years of coaching - too long, but after 4-5 years of work does not interfere with any coach to take a break to look around, evaluate yourself and even what is happening in ice hockey from the outside, and then you can go back and ". Then Mayorov worked as the general manager of national team of Russia, . but it is now - the city president of hockey club "Spartak", . gladly took the mic, . zapravskogo becoming a commentator on NTV +, . where he was invited, . when there was a brother,

For years, Nikolai Starostin, met with Boris Mayorov, has become famous hockey player, each time with a sigh said to him: "It is insulting to me to look at you, on missing man. But what could be a footballer! "

Only twice played Boris Mayorov for the bulk of the soccer team "Spartak" - 19 and June 24, 1961 against Pakhtakor "and" Yasir ". Then the same Starostin and Nikita Simonyan, . Head Coach Spartacists, . got a scolding from the sports leaders of the country for, . that Boris played football, . - It, . Mol, . could adversely affect his game in hockey (in the spring, he participated in that World Cup and European, . held in Switzerland),
. But he long continued to play football - for the first team of Spartak Moscow in the Championship and for the backup of Spartakovskaya masters team in the championship of the USSR

. It is because of Boris Mayorov arose the cry of "Shay-boo!" Shay-boo! "Shay-boo!", . who knows now all stadiums of the world - just ball enters a Mayorov, . Spartak fans started to cheer hockey, . released on the football field stadium "Dinamo": "Shay-boo! Shay Boo! Shai-boo!",

Boris Mayorov - two-time Olympic champion, six-time world and European champion, three-time champion of the USSR, Spartacist since 1952. He was awarded the Order of Labor Red Banner, two Orders of Honor, the Order of Merit to the Fatherland "III degree (in connection with the 65-th anniversary of the society" Spartacus "award goes to Vladimir Putin), and Honor.

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MAYOROV Boris, photo, biography
MAYOROV Boris, photo, biography MAYOROV Boris  Honored Master of Sports, two-time Olympic champion, multiple world champion, photo, biography
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