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Lyudmila Shvetsova

( Chairman of Public and Interregional Relations of the Government of Moscow.)

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Biography Lyudmila Shvetsova
photo Lyudmila Shvetsova
Born September 24, 1949, Mr.. in Alma-Ata in the family of a soldier. Father - Odintsov Ivan (rod.25.06.1922), the professional soldier, a veteran of World War II, was awarded many state awards, now retired, lives in Krasnodar. Mother - Odintsov Vera (22.06.1922-11.01.1972), taught English. Spouse - Sweden Anatoly Andreyevich (1949-1973). Son - Alexey Shvetsov (1978 g.rozhd.).

Since childhood Lyudmila Shvetsova showed a desire to always be in the thick of things - and in school, and in the yard. Beginning with the first class was a bailiff, then Chairman of the Board of the Pioneer detachment, brigade, secretary of the Komsomol organization. In fifth grade Ludmila worked on television announcer for children's programs, has played in the productions of amateur. Total school life - the first places on university math and language competitions, . and after graduating with a medal of mathematical school in Rostov-on-Don - the direction the regional party committee in Moscow State Institute of International Relations, . as well as in drama school,
. However, it turned out that LIShvetsova entered the Kharkov Aviation Institute with the specialty "Mechanical Engineer" (1973). Many years later, again studies - graduate of the Moscow University of Social and thesis for the degree of Master of Political Sciences on the theme "Integration of women in politics. 70-90-ies ".

After graduation, was distributed in the OKB behalf of Antonov (Kiev), worked as a designer in the team of the wing, took part in creating the world's largest airplane "Ruslan". Since 1975. in the Komsomol: Secretary of the District Committee, Department Head of young scientists, secretary of the Communist Youth of Ukraine. From 1981 to 1989. - Secretary of the Komsomol. During these years, engaged in work with children, school, student and youth organizations, teacher associations. Elected Chairman of the Central Council of the All-Union Pioneer Organization. Supervise the work of the All-Union Student Detachment. Elected member of the CPSU Central Committee. More than 13 years in the League for L. Shvetsova very bright, efficient, useful for people and her own. She had to visit almost all areas, territories and republics of the country.

In 1989. Lyudmila Ivanovna was nominated for state work. She headed the department awards in the Secretariat of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, was chief of staff, serviced first Democratic Congress of People's Deputies. It was one of the initiators of the Cabinet of Ministers of the USSR committees dealing with major social groups: youth, women and pensioners - has become the first and the last chairman of the Committee on Family and Women Affairs Federal Government.

After the collapse of the USSR and the elimination of the Committee - in the community. Later worked in a commercial entity Adviser on Public Relations. Since April 1994. - Chairman of the Committee on Public and Interregional Relations of the Moscow Government. Together with colleagues LIShvetsova plans and creates a modern system of government interaction with the public sector, with the population, form a network of inter-regional relations, a place where new traditions of Moscow. In the person of the Committee on Public and Interregional Relations of them managed to create a new type of state institutions - open to the public. From an ideological diktat - to the social partnership, from an authoritarian top-planning for regions to the capital - to the mutual understanding and cooperation of equal partners. The Committee is the organizer of various events at Moscow, Russia, in an international perspective, including the special place occupied by preparations for the 50 th anniversary of Victory, 850 anniversary of Moscow and the World Youth Games.

For many years, Ludmila Shvetsova deals with problems of women. With her active participation of the Fund were created "Women's Initiative" and the socio-political movement, the Confederation of Women's League ". She is president of the Association of Children's Movement (since 1991), Foundation "Women's Initiative" (since 1992), co-chairman of the Confederation of Women's League "(since 1993). Issues of integration of women in politics, the development of women's movement developed in the dissertation, published in many media, implemented in the practice of living in Moscow and Russia

. With the direct participation of Mrs. Shvetsova was established mechanism of interaction between state and public organizations: the first in the country's public-private boards, . began to form the first national system of grants to non-governmental organizations, . adopted a law "On Social Partnership,
. Currently, together with UNDP created a "Resource Center for Women and other public organizations. Analysis of the interaction between public organizations and government agencies are reflected in decisions of the Moscow Government, practical work on the development of public sector of the city.

Association study of children's movement, led by Mrs. Shvetsova, during the development of children's movement, had been working on the study of processes, defining the concept of present and future of children's organizations. Developed and introduced to the work of the Supreme Soviet practice of gender analysis of draft laws. In 1992. of the Supreme Economic Council created a group of gender analysis, which led LIShvetsova, as a member of the Council. Under her leadership over the past five years running the Moscow meeting of the inter-ethnic tolerance, which is an important mechanism for achieving inter-ethnic harmony in the city.

LIShvetsova - Vice President of Information and Publications of the Commonwealth "Atlantis" (since 1993), member of three academies: the International Academy of Art, the International educational and social Academies. He is the author of numerous publications in newspapers and magazines on child, youth, women's movement, issues of international cooperation, support the public authorities of public sector. She has regular columns in the newspaper "The Muscovite" - "on the Muscovite Muscovite"

. LIShvetsova awarded the Labor Red Banner (1986, . X for organizing the World Festival of Youth and Students), . Badge of Honor "(1981, . for participation in the preparation and holding of the Olympics-80), . Friendship (1996, . for hosting the 50 th anniversary of Victory), . well as the Order of the Russian Orthodox Church 'Saints of Grand Duchess Olga' (for contribution to charity and philanthropy), . Medal "In memory of the 850 anniversary of Moscow" (1997), . and also I thank the President of Russia (1995, . 1996.) And the Honorary Diploma of the RF Government (1997),

In his spare time loves to cook, a "cause of women's lives, it turned to her hobby. Makes it Lyudmila well, creatively, on a grand scale (affecting the experience of the cook in the Tyumen stroyotryadah and traditions of the hostel, where the table is less than a dozen people are not going down). Favorite dishes a lot, this is usually not included in the theory of separate food: pies, dumplings, pilaf, potato dumplings, pancakes, etc.. "Aerobatics" - Soups.

In the weekend - trying to sleep, walk, chat with friends and family. Likes to read. Favorite poets - W. Shakespeare, Pushkin, A. Dementiev, V. Mayakovsky, Tolstoy. Favorite writers - Bunin, D. London, L. Vasilyev. Likes to work by Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Sergei Rachmaninov.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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  • Tanechka34 for Lyudmila Shvetsova
  • Good day, . Lyudmila Ivanovna I vopros.My apartment with her husband bought a 2-room apartment in Solntsevo, . 1 / 2 shares for each, . marriage is the son of 8 years (the user). In 2005 my husband and razvelis.V 2006 in September, I'll find out at the passport desk, . that my ex-husband gave his share in the apartment of four unidentified men, . ie,
    . each of 1 / 8 doli.Dvoe of which immediately prescribed, without my soglasiya.Prichem two of the owners tried one of them had been in prison 3 times for stealing. In January, I got married and skill born second syn.Nash house is demolished, . February brought the viewing order, . where I am offered an apartment (2 bedroom) with these 4-name muzhchinami.Ya move into a new apartment and refused to write a complaint to the Department of housing policy company to provide me with a separate area detmi.Na, . that the Department responded immediately, . submitting to me in court for vyselenii.Sud appointed on 26 April, . advise, . what I do, . I can not go in one apartment with a repeat offender and his friends,
    . Sincerely, Tatyana.
  • LARISSA for Lyudmila Shvetsova
  • Hello! I WRITE ALL MOTHERS who CHILDREN INVAVLIDY. My name is Pozhidaeva LARISSA. I am a mother of two children with disabilities. 1 JANUARY us to transfer the FSS in KTSSO Golyanovo. But there PRESENTS PROGRAM ASI NOTHING what is believed to children with disabilities. PLEASE TAKE ACTION. Asked to help solve our problems, if fate could be corrected, we who have such children to correct. With respect to You
  • Almira for Lyudmila Shvetsova
  • Hello Lyudmila. I first-year student, full-time department RSMU im.N.I. Pirogov, in 2005, found me guardianship. When I studied in honey. College receives Sots. scholarship, and in RSMU stopped paying Sots. scholarship, require a certificate from the municipality HLW Perovo that allowed me to Sots. payment, and the municipality do not give it to me, saying that I do not belong to the category sirot.Deystvitelno Is this so? What do I do? Help, please.
  • Yuri Petrovich for Lyudmila Shvetsova
  • I clearly remember the time when you led the pioneers of the Union. I remember your correct idea that the Pioneer organization, the organization of children and adults. At that point I had three children and all the pioneers. Your position prompted me to take an active part in the life of Young Scientists, and thus in their children's lives. hiking, pioneering arrangement of rooms, "the Council Fathers, mugs, etc. .... I wish you health!
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