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Banionis Donatas Yuozovich

( People's Artist of USSR)

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Biography Banionis Donatas Yuozovich
photo Banionis Donatas Yuozovich
Born April 28, 1924 in Kaunas. Father - Banionis Juozas (1890g.rozhd.). Mother - Blazhaytite-Banionene It (1900g.rozhd.). Wife - She Banionene (1924g.rozhd.). Children - Egidijus (1948g.rozhd.), . Historian, . Specialist XV-XVI centuries., . posthumously awarded the State Prize in science; Raimundas (1957g.rozhd.), . graduated VGIK, . took a few movies, . now has his own production company, . produces documentary films, . advertisement,

. Father Donatas the nature of passionate and impulsive, . was a witness and active participant in the revolutionary events of 1905 and 1917, . wounded, . participated in the First World War, . for their political beliefs are not just sitting in prisons, . then emigrated to Brazil,
. Mother, left with two children - Donatas and his elder sister, suffered many hardships. With some difficulty managed to somehow wear, shoes and feed the children. After returning to Lithuania Juozas Banionis live family became a little easier, although the money is still not always enough.

Donatas, as, indeed, many children have been characterized by remarkable ability among the needs and hardships in his imagination to create the illusion of full charm world - a world of fantasies and dreams. He was fascinated by theater. Many hours on end he spent in sweet dreams about the impending actor's career, raved about the scene, the smell of the scenes, the mysterious, magical life, which prevails over the heavy velvet curtain ...

In many ways, contributed to this state and parents, people with creative beginnings, which are constantly stretched to the art - the father and mother participated in a working amateur, well-sung, and they met at a rehearsal of the choir.

Well aware of his son and not letting his passion for the theater, his father still convinced Donatas that first need to master any profession. So Donatas was an apprenticeship

. Already being the first students to craft school in Kaunas, . future ceramist, . Donatas not leave his passion and enrolled in the drama section, . where to enjoy playing in performances, . memorize by heart all the roles, . read all articles and books about film and theater, . that he could get,
. Soon there was a desire to enter the studio in Kaunas Drama Theater. However, studies there was worth a lot of money, which the family was a little, and on the professional stage had for some time to forget.

In 1940, in Kaunas on the basis of an amateur team that existed at the House of Labor, was established professional theater, which was headed by Juozas Miltinis - a young director, who returned recently from Europe. Soon the 15 enthusiasts headed by Miltinisom left Kaunas Panevezys create a new model of the theater - for the people and for the people, and about six months Donatas Banionis took the troupe. In 1944, Donatas Banionis graduated from the studio in Panevд?еЎys theater, becoming a professional actor. Since then, the actor's life is inextricably linked to Panevezys. In the theater Donatas Banionis created more than 100 images. These include roles in: "Death of a Salesman" by Miller (Willie Lohmen), . "Inspector" by N. Gogol (Ivan Kuzmich, . 1945), . "Liar" C. Goldoni (Octavius, . 1952), . "How the Steel Was Tempered" Ostrovsky (Pavel Korchagin, . 1952), . "Hedda Gabler" H. Ibsen (Tesman, . 1957), . "There, . the door "B. Borchert (Beckman, . 1966), . "Inspector", . Gogol (mayor, . 1977), . "Department" V. Vrublevskaya (Bryzgalov, . 1980), . as well as in productions of "Straw Hat" by E. Labiche, . "Proposal" Chekhov, . Barber of Seville "by Beaumarchais, and others,

In film Donatas Banionis debuted in 1959 in the role of Hawes in the movie "Adam wants to be a man". The appearance of actors on the screen of Panevezys has become one of the most notable developments of cinematic life of 60-ies. The first role is not easy given. According to the most Donatas Yuozovicha, only to the fourth scene of his birth occurred as film actor. However, later he created a number of images on the right reported as the classics of Soviet cinema. In the main film actor - "Nobody wanted to die" (Vaitkus, . 1965), . "Dead Season" (Ladeynikov, . 1968), . "Solaris" (Chris Kelvin, . 1972), . Goya, . or serious way "(Goya, . 1971), . "Beethoven - the days of life" (Beethoven, . 1976) - were not particularly important embodiment of genre, . a very inner essence of the characters are played, . their psychological multidimensionality,

Total Donatas Banionis played more than 50 films. Among the actor played the roles - and tragic images, and comedic, classic and modern, the images of the grotesque and deeply psychological, living in different eras and different countries. But the actor playing style, his manner more fully, perhaps, is expressed in the words of the Lithuanian director Vytautas Zhalakyavichusa: "Banionis called" intelligent "actor ... Banionis - and a profound sense, lepyaschy image "inside". He built the interior of the soul. Builds maze of knowledge ... His transformation does not require him any psychological reorganizations. His appearance - inside. His face - inside. It is woven of emotions ".

In the film "The Red Tent" (1969), "Goya, or serious way", "Beethoven - the days of" the actor happened to be removed with the stars of world cinema: Peter Finch, Sean Connery, Claudia Cardinale, Mario Adorf, etc.. Donatas Banionis worked with leading domestic and foreign directors: V. Zhalakyavichusom, G. Kozintsev, M. Kalatozov, P. Kulish, M. Schweizer, A. Tarkovsky, C. Wolf, H. Zeman

. In addition to the above pictures, . actor starred in the films: "Chronicle of a Day" (Donatas, . 1964), . "March!" March! "Tra-ta-ta" (Mayor Thistle, . 1965), . "Beware of the Car" (1966), . The Little Prince "(1966), . "Operation" Trust "(1967), . "King Lear" (Duke Olbensky, . 1970), . "The commander happy" Pike "(1972), . "Opening (manuscript academician Yurysheva)" (1973), . "Escape of Mr. McKinley (McKinley, . 1975), . "Life and Death of Ferdinand Luce (Luce Ferdinand, . 1976), . "Armed and dangerous,
. Time and heroes of Bret Hart "(1977), . "Bag collector" (1977), . "Centaurs" (President, . 1978), . "Blooming neseyanoy Rye" (Petrushonis, . 1978), . "No special signs" (1978), . "Territory" (Ilya escarpment, . 1979), . "Suicide Club, . or adventure titlist "(Chairman, . 1979), . "Andrius (Rauplenas, . 1980), . "Fact" (1981), . "Children's World" (Rasporkin, . 1982), . "Niccolo Paganini" (1982), . "Sorry, . Please "(1982), . "Zmeelov (Mitrich, . 1985), . "Coming Century" (1985), . "Scream dolphin" (Bar-Matai, . 1986), . "Cattle-pen" (1987), . "At the end of the night" (1987), . "13th apostle" (1988), . "Depression" (1991), . "Blood drinkers" (1991), . "Seven days after the murder" (1991), . "Yatrinskaya Witch" (1991), . "Gentleman Zavalna, . or Belarus in the fiction "(1994) and others,

One of the last roles Donatas Banionis in film was the role of an old man in the Lithuanian-French film "Garden" (1999), presented in non-competitive program of the Cannes Film Festival. Despite the numerous works in film, especially in 60 - 70-ies, Donatas Banionis never broke with the theater. In 1980, after retiring Miltinisa threatened the very existence of Panevezhisskogo theater - there was nobody to put on plays, actors did not rehearse ... In these circumstances, Donatas Banionis was appointed chief director, assuming, in addition to the problems of creative nature, and the load is purely economic problems - repertoire, preparation for the tour, recruitment company. During these years Donatas Banionis graduated from the State Conservatory of Lithuanian SSR (1982-1984).

DY Banionis directed the theater until 1988. During this time, were delivered a few new productions: "Amadeus", "Three sacks of weed of wheat," "Evening". Later on the stage were set "Three Sisters, Anton Chekhov," Biedermann and arsonists M. Frisch, "Red mare with a bell" I. Druta, "Dandelion Wine" by R. Bradbury, etc..

Among the last of the actor - the role played in the performances of 90-ies: Shviter ( "Meteor" Fr.Dyurenmata, dir. Peter Stoichev, Switzerland), Varavin ( "Death Tarelkin A.V.Suhovo-Kobylin, dir. S. Varnas), Lebedev ( "Ivanov" Chekhov rezh.E.Martsevich), Old Man ( "Mindaugas" Yu Marcinkevicius, dir. I. swelling, . 1994), . Norman ( "On Golden Pond" E. Thompson, . rezh.R.Banionis, . 1996), . C. Cheney ( "Circle" by S. Maugham, . rezh.R.Banionis, . 1996), . Andrew ( "Love Letters" A. Harney, . rezh.R.Banionis, . 1997), . Grand Skubik ( "Suicide" N. Erdmann, . rezh.A.Potsyunas, . 1998), . "More silence" (2000) and others,

Donatas Banionis - People's Artist of the Lithuanian SSR (1973), People's Artist of the USSR (1974), honorary citizen of the city Panevezys (1999).

Donatas Banionis can be called a workaholic. All his spare time he devotes to read, work on the texts. The cast allocates E. Lebedeva, I. Smoktunovsky, O. Borisov, A. Freundlich. One of the most beloved films - "Andrei Rublev, Tarkovsky. He lives in the city of Panevezys.

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Banionis Donatas Yuozovich, photo, biography
Banionis Donatas Yuozovich, photo, biography Banionis Donatas Yuozovich  People's Artist of USSR, photo, biography
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