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Banionis Donatas Yuozasovich

( film and theater actor)

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Biography Banionis Donatas Yuozasovich
Banionis (Banenis, Banionis) Donatas (p. April 28, 1924, Kaunas), Lithuanian actor, People's Artist of USSR (1974). In the labor market is served in the ceramic workshop. In 1945 graduated from the Drama Studio in Panevд?еЎys theater, the troupe who began working in 1941. Decisive role in shaping the creative artist has played a major producer of the theater SW. Miltinis. Already in 1950-s. Banionis became a leading actor Panevezys Theater. Played Tesmana in 'Hedda Gabler' And. Ibsen, Banquo in 'Macbeth' Y. Shakespeare, Davydova in 'Virgin Soil Upturned' M. Sholokhov, Mobius in 'Physics' O. Dyurenmatta a total of about 100 parts. Acclaimed actor's work recognized ostrodramaticheskie role of Willy Lomena in 'Death of a Salesman' A. Miller (1958) and Beckman in 'There, behind the door' in. Borchert (1967).

In Banionis film debut in the director in. Zhalakyavichyusa 'Adam wants to be a man' (1959) and 'Chronicles of a Day' (1964). A truly successful was their third joint work 'Nobody wanted to die' (1965, USSR State Prize, 1967). As chairman Vaitkus actor has to embody the very tragedy of the Lithuanian peasants, caught with the advent of Soviet power 'between a rock and a hard place'.

. Brought national fame Banionis Ladeynikova role of scout in the film 'Dead Season' (1968, directed by P
. YA. Kulish). The actor managed to convey the daily work of the scout, in which high expectations and thought than the actual actions. Such a role, of course, demanded filigree acting technique, as the image of the silent, intelligent Olbeni in 'King Lear' (1970, directed by Mr.. M. Kozintsev). Quite differently bright, impassioned, keenly plastically played Banionis Francisco Goya in the movie 'Goya' (1971, directed by K. Wolf, USSR-GDR). Complex was the attitude of the actor to 'Solaris' (1972, directed by A. A. Tarkovsky), where he played the title role of Kris Kelvin in the rigidly delineated despotic and brilliant stage direction. But the modest robeyuschego for life clerk McKinley from 'Escape of Mr. McKinley' (1975, directed by M. A. Schweitzer, USSR State Prize, 1977) Banionis played in a wide range, scope and farce and drama, and gentle lyricism.

Actor played the role of the great Beethoven ( 'Beethoven. Days of life ', 1976, directed by X. Zeman, GDR), the President of the 'Centaur' (1979, director in. Zhalakyavichusa), whose prototype was Salvador Allende. Beyond these large-scale work was followed by a series of relative successes, after which Banionis dramatically changed the Role that required the use of different acting techniques. In fanatical sadist Titel ( 'fact', 1980, the director in. Zhalakyavichyusa), great lords 'guest from Vilnius' ( 'Sorry, please', 1982, the same director), the underground business tycoons ( 'Zmeelov', 1986, in. K. Derbeneva) Banionis walked over from the outside, grotesque, satirical, and sometimes sinister figure role.

. In 1981 he was principal director of Panevezys theater, before returning to the acting troupe of the theater.

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    Banionis Donatas Yuozasovich, photo, biography
    Banionis Donatas Yuozasovich, photo, biography Banionis Donatas Yuozasovich  film and theater actor, photo, biography
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