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Agranoff Jacob Saulovich

( One of the leaders of state security, the Commissioner of Public Safety 1 st rank)

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Biography Agranoff Jacob Saulovich
Agranoff Jacob Saulovich (real name - Yankel Shmaevich Sorenson) (1893, . place Checherskaya Rogachev district, Gomel province - 1.8.1938), . one of the leaders of the state security, . State Security Commissioner of rank 1 (26/11/1935),
. Son tradesman. Educated in 4-class city school. In 1912 joined the Socialist-Revolutionary Party in 1915 in RKP (b). In 1914, exempted from military service for health reasons, he worked as an accountant, bookkeeper. In April. 1,915 arrested in May 1915 sent to the Yenisei province. In 1917, Secretary of the Polesie Regional Committee RSDLP (b). On Feb.. 1918 Secretary of the CPC,. In May 1919 aims to work for the KGB and was appointed special plenipotentiary of the Special Section of the Cheka. Agranoff was one of the most influential members of the Cheka, and its specialization was to work with representatives of the intelligentsia and the old Bolsheviks. In 1920-21 Deputy. early. management special departments of the Cheka, the early. spetsotleleniya. Supervised the investigation into the Kronstadt rebellion (1921).

Agranoff personally supervised the work of the investigation of Tactical Center, in the case Tagantsev (directly responsible for the shooting of 87 held in this case, in t.ch. poet NS. Gumilev), in the case of members of the peasant uprising Antonova. Personally supervised interrogations. d. to prepare the mock trial 1920 - early 1930's. as the process of the Right SRs, processes Industrial Party and the Labor Peasant Party, which had been arrested many members of the intelligentsia. He was commissioned in. I. Lenin and F.E. Dzerzhinsky compiling lists of the old intelligentsia, who were subject to expulsion from the RSFSR in 1922 (among them N.A. Berdyaev, N.O. Lossky, MA. Osorgin, etc.), from 2.1 11922 on 1.2.1923 early. Special Bureau for the administrative expulsion of anti-Soviet elements of the intelligentsia. In Feb.-Oct. 1923 special plenipotentiary on important matters Secret-Political Department of the Cheka. On 24.5.1923 Deputy. beg. from the beginning 26/10/1929. Secret Department of the OGPU USSR. On 24.5.1930 pom. beg. from the beginning 14.3-1931. Secret-Political Department of the OGPU. Actively participated in hudozhestveynoy life of Moscow, close contact with members of RAPP and LEF, was on friendly terms with LL. Averbach, BA. Pilnyak, Brik, O.E. M., VV. Mayakovsky and other. According to some researchers, it Agranoff organized a "suicide" Mayakovsky. From 1/9/1931 to 21.2-1933 of the OGPU plenipotentiary representative of the Moscow region and at the same time beginning 1/9/1931 on 11/6/1932.

Special Department of the Moscow Military District. As a close associate i.i. Berries, Agranoff used his connections in artistic circles for Publicity of information. With 21.2-1933 on 10.7.1934 Deputy. prev. OGPU. Used exclusively confidence I.V. Stalin. From 10.7.1934 to 17.5.1937 1 st Vice. Commissar of Internal Affairs of the USSR, while in his charge were all operating divisions, united in GUGB, although officially the head GUGB remained Berry. Since 1934 TSRK member of the CPSU (b). After the assassination of SM. 2/12/1934 Kirov arrived in Leningrad, along with Stalin, was appointed interim early. Leningrad NKVD and managed the investigation into the case of Kirov, initiated in connection with the mass arrests of any innocent people, according to some historians, it was he who deals directly with the organization of the assassination. During the 10 days have been compiled lists are subject to expulsion as "not suggestive of political trust" - more than 11 thousand people. One of the main organizers of surrogate political process in the case G.E. Zinoviev, L.B. Agranoff not only retained his position after a drive in the NKVD NI. Ezhov, but had been promoted, who from 29.12.1936 to 15.04.1937 post early. GUGB. Under the supervision of Agranova conducted interrogations Kamenev. Zinoviev, NI. Bukharin, AI. Rykov, MN. Tukhachevskogo and other. It was he who prepared the materials for the major political processes of the 1930. Agranoff, however, still continued to be a "man of Berries," and he was transferred to 15.4.1937 for the post early.

4-th (secret-political) department GUGB NKVD and deputy. Commissar, and 17.5.1937 Ezhov removed him from the central office, appointing the early. of the NKVD in the Saratov Region. In this position, Agranoff was arrested on 20.7.1937. Pleaded guilty of belonging to the anti-Soviet Trotskyite organization and 1.8.1938 sentenced to death. Shot. In 1955 the Main Military Prosecutor's Office denied a retrial Agranova as implicated in the organization of mass repression.

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  • Michael for Agranoff Jacob Saulovich
  • This name is Agranoff, he was a cousin of my grandmother, who spoke about him: "Yashka was a good guy, but a fool. Associated with poor company.
  • Dima for Agranoff Jacob Saulovich
  • Michael, who are you? Agranoff - dyad my grandfather ..
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    Agranoff Jacob Saulovich, photo, biography
    Agranoff Jacob Saulovich, photo, biography Agranoff Jacob Saulovich  One of the leaders of state security, the Commissioner of Public Safety 1 st rank, photo, biography
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