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Seed oil Leontievich

( Academic economist and journalist)

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Biography Seed oil Leontievich
Seed oil L. (1873, for others. data, 1 Feb.. 1874, with. Lower long Lievens in. Orel Province., -20 June 1938, Moscow). In 1894 he entered the medical. Dept., Moscow. Zap. In 1897, exiled to Kazan. Since 1902 statistics Kazan, rural council. He graduated from the Juridical. Dept., Univ. Zap (1903). Eser since 1902. In 1906 the editor of a cauldron. Cross. The newspaper, in 1907-10 tsp. Editorial SR not easy. gas. "Land and Freedom". Since 1914, after serving 3 years of imprisonment, he worked in Moscow in St.-x. Cooperation. The scientist-economist and publicist.
After the February. Revolution of 1917 Vseros. COOP. Congress on March 27 elected a member of the All-Russia. COOP. Congresses, the Congress Vseros. Council KD elected member of the Board on May 18 Vseros. Council KD. Since April. Deputy. prev. Hd. zem. in-ta, argued against the peasants to seize the landlords' land. The author of one of the first projects of the Land Law, has spoken at meetings of the Central Committee of the AKP to Ask. and RGM. Questions. At the 3 rd Congress of the Socialist June 3 read the draft resolution on RGM. politics, to-rum was no indication that the land should be given to the peasants without compensation, but explained that this, as a matter of course, specially we are not talking. Minister of Agriculture, the 3rd Coalition. Provisional. Prospect Island, announced his intention to continue the policy of his predecessor - VM. Chernoff. Sep 28. introduced in the Prospect of a bill to replace the earth's. special commissioners to-ter ACCESSED. Prospect Island, involving participation of the Dem. and societies, org-tions. In the 1 st half. October. proposed a number of bills in t.ch. "On the Settlement of the Earth. in-ter zem. and S.-s. relations. The bill was introduced by the Provisional. Prospect Island, but was sent back for revision because of opposition from the Cadets and People. Socialists. Board supported the bill Vseros. Of the CD, he was placed in the agenda of the meeting time. Prospect Island on October 24. and deferred to the inaugural. Coll.

At the meeting, Prospect Island on October 25. Maslov immediately called "recapture" mail, telegraph, to take a headquarters VO; sent a note to Gore. Duma, in response to-Rui S.N. Prokopovych City Council members organized a march to the Winter Palace. October 26. in 1 h. 50 min. arrested in the Winter Palace, together with others. Provisional members. Prospect Island, and then released. Up to 16 Nov.. participated in meetings of the underground ACCESSED. Prospect Island, and signed his appeal "to all citizens of Ros. Republic, for which re-arrested on the orders of the Petrograd. VRK Nov 19. and sent to Kronstadt. Members to establish. Coll. (from Orlovsky Council KD and SR). During the negotiations on the composition of Prospect Island in Vikzhel (con. October. - Early. nov.) put forward his candidature for the post of mine. Agriculture. Nov 29. 4 th All-Russia. Congress of the ERP (Petrograd) accused the Party Central Committee in the lack of support, "Dem. state "(ie. Prospect Island п-.пг. Kerensky), neglected the interests of the motherland. According to him, the party is on the way to degradation due to spalling of a number of groups, and the country and the Revolution of facing the death. The reason he saw that the roar-tion swept the country during the "terrible" economy. depression and war, and democracy has become the "rebellious stage", all her activities were directed at the criticism, instead of running the country and maintain order. Believes that protecting the homeland - an indispensable condition for any socialist (see: "Case of the People", 1917, Dec. 1.).

After moving to Moscow, away from his political activities. Up to 1929 Board Member Tsentrosojuz, taught at MSU and others. universities, then retired. In 1930, arrested on charges of belonging to a not easy. org SR-tion and to address the special meeting with the board of the OGPU on August 18. 1931 exiled for 3 years in Kazakhstan and Ufa. In 1934 he returned to Moscow. 21 Feb.. 1938 re-arrested on the charge and continues to June 20, 1938 Military. Top panel. Court of the USSR sentenced to death: the sentence is executed on the same day. Rehabilitated in 1988.

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Seed oil Leontievich, photo, biography
Seed oil Leontievich, photo, biography Seed oil Leontievich  Academic economist and journalist, photo, biography
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