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Maximian Hercule

( Roman Emperor)

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Biography Maximian Hercule
Maximian Hercule, Marcus Aurelius, Roman emperor in Valery 286-305, 307-308 gg. Genus. app. 250 g. + 310 g.
* * *

Hercule came from rural areas in Pannonia. He was born near Sirmium in family day-laborer. According to Aurelius Victor, Hercule was an unbridled temper, lust and stupidity differed (Victor: 'On the life and morals of the Roman emperors', 50). Eutropius also calls him a cruel husband, prone to ferocity and cunning, unfriendly and totally averse to good (Eutropius: 10; 4). Even his face seemed to be an expression of ferocity (Eutropius: 9, 27). But, anyway, he was a good and intelligent warrior. 285 g. Emperor Diocletian ordered Hercule, who was his old friend, the war in Gaul against the robbers, Bagauda. By this time Bagauda become a real disaster for the Romans: they have devastated many fields and even tried to storm the city. Endowed with unlimited powers, Hercule led war against robbers hard: most of the scattered enemy, part of the captured and soon all silenced. In 286 g. Diocletian did Hercule his co-regent with the title of August. In the power he had been given to Africa and Italy (Victor: "O Caesar '; 49). In 297-298 g. He crushed a revolt in Cyrenaica.

In 305 g. Hercule Diocletian persuaded to go into private life and affairs of state to transmit to the younger - Constance and galleries, the former to this Caesar. Hercule followed his advice with great reluctance, and in one day with Diocletian resigned themselves Mediolane signs of the imperial dignity (Eutropius: 9, 23, 27). He settled in Lucania, but, as subsequent events showed, only waiting for a pretext in order to regain power. In 306 g. Praetorians in Rome, to inaugurate a rebellion, was elected emperor Maxentius, son of Hercule. Learning of this, Hercule hastened to Rome. He urged in his letters and Diocletian to take back by the authorities, but he only laughed at this (Eutropius: 10; 2). However otezh and son led war against Fyaviya North, co-ruler Gallery. In 307 g. Maximian conquered the North, had retreated to Ravenna, in captivity and forced to commit suicide (Victor: 'On the life and morals of the Roman emperors', 40). He had no doubt the galleries, learning about the death of a colleague, he will be with the army in Italy. And since he had no strength to resist him, then went to Gaul, and bent over to his side right there Constantine, the son of Constance Chlorinators. For fastening Union, he gave him his daughter Faust. After an unsuccessful invasion of Italy and the Gallery of his flight, Maximian returned to Rome and began to rule with Maxentius. But the power of Maxentius was more significantly. The aged Emperor saw with regret that his power is divided, and envied the glory of his son so intent on that drive it and perceive still full power. He collected one army and the people, . as if wanting to talk to them about the unrest States, . and, . long holding forth, . suddenly put his hands on the son 'and, . calling it the cause of all disasters, . tore off his robe, . Maxentius rushed down from the podium and was received into the arms of soldiers,
. They replied in an angry outburst Maximilian murmur, and thus was not satisfied with small, Hercule lost everything (Lactantius: 27-28). He went to Gaul, pretending as if driven by his son, in order thus to convince myself Constantine (Eutropius: 10, 3). From Gadlya he went east, to Hercule and Diocletian, but here no one wanted to support his claim. Maximian had a second time to abdicate and to attend the ceremony to launch Caesar Licinius. Then Maximian planned to deprive his throne h ^ cha. Wait for the right moment he had long. In 310 g. Franks invaded Gaul. Hercule insidiously persuaded Constantine to divide his army and go to the enemy with only one part of it, assuring PEL do not need large forces yalya victory over the Barbarians. Constantine followed the advice of tests and opened the campaign with a small part of the troops, . after a few days Maximian again suddenly donned the robe, . mastered treasures-in-law, . become in many lavish them to bribe the troops; and against Constantine raised thousands of false accusations,
. When the rumor of this came to Constantine himself, he quickly returned to its. Maximian had no time to get ready. Most of the soldiers immediately left his. From the remaining, he tried to hide in Massilia, but was extradited to the residents.

Despite such apparent wickedness, Constantine's father in law is not subjected to any penalty, but was treated with great suspicion: he expected new crimes and not mistaken. Maximian began to persuade her daughter to Faust, so that she has ruined her husband, promising to find her a different, far more worthy. When she pretended that she tends to his requests, Hercule told her to leave the imperial bedroom door unlocked and reduce front of her arrest. Faust verbally promised to do all this, but gave to know his father's plans to Constantine. Then Constantine decided to arrange matters so as to catch-law in the apparent crime. At his place in the bed he ordered put to death convicted eunuch. Night the emperor Maximian sneaked into the bedroom and killed him. With a bloody knife, he ran to the soldiers, and announced his crime. But in the midst of his triumph suddenly came alive Constantine and accused him of treachery and murder. At this time, a pardon could be no question. Maximian himself offered to choose his death race. He preferred to hang himself - and he broke his neck loop (Lactantius: 29, 30).

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Maximian Hercule, photo, biography
Maximian Hercule, photo, biography Maximian Hercule  Roman Emperor, photo, biography
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