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Draft Tattoo was established in 99 пЁпЎпЄя? screenwriter and director Ivan Shapovalov, who then formed a production center "Neformat" engaged in the creation of music and video material and the organization of concert activity. In fact, Neformat "not only owns the rights to the brand of" Tattoo "and the musical material of the group, but also an organizer of the creative process.

Group Tatu - the most successful project in ROSSIYSKOM SHOW BUSINESS

1999. - Education duo Tatu.

September 2000, Mr.. - Duo's first single "Tattoo" "I'm crazy," debuted on radio. The song won first place in the play-lists and charts of radio stations "Russian Radio", "Dynamite", "HIT-FM", "Europe +" for several months. In total, the single "I'm crazy," more than 10 thousand times sounded on the national and regional radio stations, and this figure is constantly growing.

October 2000, Mr.. - Clip duo Tatu "I'm crazy," came out on MTV Russia. After one week of hits video won first place in the international hit parade "20 most-most" and the TOP of Russia "Russian Ten" on MTV Russia.

December 2000, Mr.. - Released their debut mini-album duo Tatu with the song "I'm mad". The single was sold to the official circulation of 50 000 copies, which suggests pirate circulations in excess of 200 000 copies.

May 2001, Mr.. - Goes on the radio and channel MTV-Russia duo's second single "Tattoo" "Not gonna get us." The situation with radio and TV composition "Not gonna get us" taking shape as in the case with the song "I'm mad".

May 8, 2001, Mr.. - LLC Neformat signed a contract with Universal Music Russia - Russia's department of a world leader in the field of show-business company Universal.

May 21, 2001, Mr.. - By "Universal Music Russia" released debut album by duo Tatu "200 on the counter". In the first two months of sales of the album was sold to a legal circulation of 500 thousand copies (more than 2 million pirated CDs and cassettes). All through 2001 the album was sold in Russia, selling over 850 000 legal copies (about 4 million pirated).

September 2001, Mr.. - Comes on the radio duo's new single "Tattoo" "Half an Hour".

September 2001, Mr.. - On Russia's television debut video for the song "Half an Hour". During the fall 2001 and winter of 2001-2002 video "Half an Hour" did not leave tops channels MTV Russia and MUZ TV. Clip had more than 3000 passages on Russian TV channels.

September 2001, Mr.. - Video duo Tatu "I'm crazy," was named best video of the year as voted by MTV Russia viewers.

September 6, 2001, Mr.. - Duo Tatu, was in New York Metropolitan Opera Award MTV Video Music Awards in the category "Viewers' Choice - Best Russian Video" for the video clip "I'm mad".

October, 2001. - Russian single "I'm crazy," the duo Tatu goes to Eastern Europe (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland).

October, 2001. - The song "I'm crazy," leading the national radio charts in Eastern Europe!

November 2001, Mr.. - In Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Poland will debut single, "Not gonna get us".

November 2001, Mr.. - Duet album "Tattoo" "200 on the counter" released in Eastern Europe.

December 2001, Mr.. - Russian version (!) Duet album "Tattoo" "200 on the counter, took first place in sales charts Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria!

. Throughout 2001, the group toured with Tattoo tour dozens of cities, giving a total of more than 150 concerts in Russia, Germany, Bulgaria, Slovakia

January 2002, Mr.. - Album "200 on the counter" duo Tatu was found Rossiyskim office IFPI (International Association of Phonogram Producers), the biggest selling album of the year.

January 2002, Mr.. - Duo Tatu, begins work on her debut album in English for release in the U.S. and Germany! Dubbing duet songs in English are conducted under the guidance of world-famous producer Trevor Horn (Trevor Horn) in London, . in Manchester, . under FAF / Cap Com Productions (producers of remixes Moby, . Rammstein, . Sonique),
. Publication of the album in the United States and Western Europe will be in April 2002 by Interscope Records (the most powerful record label, which is part of a group of companies Universal, which produces Eminem, No Doubt, Sting, Enrique Iglesias and others.

February 18, 2002, Mr.. - World Weekly Business Week published a photo soloists duo Tatu, along with the President of MTV Networks Bill Roedy!

February 2002, Mr.. - The company "Universal Music Russia" produces an expanded re-release the album "200 on the counter" duo Tatu have a new design with a new track "Clowns". The song "Clowns" actively broadcast on "Russian Radio", "Dynamite FM", "Hit - FM" and "Europe +".

March 2002, Mr.. - Re-released "200 on the counter" in the first week sales broke all records: 60 000 legal copies sold!

In early March, the duo Tatu went to a promotional tour in Germany. And this is - just the beginning of history! Ahead of a tour around the world, new songs, new videos, new albums.

In March - April Tatu had a tour of the Czech Republic and Israel.

May 15, 2002 - Russia pop duo Tatu received IFPI Platinum Europe Award for one million copies sold in Europe, the album "200 on the counter". Platinum was awarded the John Kennedy, President of Universal Music International, and Jay Berman, IFPI President. "Tattoo" - the only ones who received this award in Eastern Europe.

June 2002 Tattoo finish recording the English version of their debut album in Los Angeles. Major U.S. recording company Interskop Records is preparing to release the single "All the Things She Said", and then the album in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Japan, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand. Since then becoming TATU tATu.

August 2002 the Group went to a promotional tour of America before the release of the single. The last two weeks of August Tatu conducted in America. In November, their story and photo will appear in the best music magazines. The most authoritative magazine on electronic music Mixer chose Julia and Lena for the November cover. Most recently the site was Moby. Tattoos gave an interview to the famous Rolling Stones. There were also trendy publication Interview, Jane, Spin, each of which tried to hold its shooting. 7 days in New York were filled with meetings with journalists and photographers, MTV US and CNN.

September 3 debut hit "All the Things She Said" (the English version of "I'm mad") appears on the radio in Spain, Italy, Holland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, as well as all the music channels these countries.

September 10th single is one of three leaders of the charts in Spain and Italy.

September 17. The single took 4 th place in the American Billboard dance chart, becoming a real club hit.

September 23. The single goes on sale in Western Europe and in the first day of gains the status of "gold" (25 thousand. copies sold) in Italy! Clip securely holds first place in the charts MTV Italy and MTV Spain!

October 7. Album "200 km / h in the Wrong Lane" goes in Western Europe and immediately became a best seller!

16-30 September Tattoos spend promotional tour of Europe, had conquered their first single. September 23 first single Tattoo "All the Thigs she Said" went on sale, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Holland and Norway. 2 weeks Julia and Lena have been in all these countries, because the appearance of a sensation. During this tour of Tatu gave about 50 interviews, which then come out in all European languages. There were photo shoots for magazines, tapes of radio programs and of course live on the major music channels. MTV Italy and MTV Spain.

October 10. Tattoos became a real sensation in the world market and Russia's first project, have achieved such success. Single Tattoo is a leader in the European charts.

November 14. Tattoos are taking part in the ceremony of awarding the Euopean Music Awards, presenting the nomination "Best Dance Video" and act with the hit "All the Things She Said" live before an audience of more than 20 million. visitors.

November 15. Their debut single, Tattoo in Italy gets platinum status, and the album - gold.

November 16. Single Tattoo gets platinum status in Sweden.

November 28, 2002. Two of the most significant music channel MTV US and MTV UK have begun showing a clip Tatu "All The Things She Said".

December 8, 2002. Tattoos were made at pre-show awards ceremony Billboard (2002 FOX Billboard BASH).

December 10, 2002. English version of the album "200 on the counter" goes on sale in the U.S. and Canada.

December 15, 2002. Album Tatu gets platinum status in Finland.

January 12, 2002. Tattoos recognized group of the month in Malaysia, where they hit in the first place is held for several weeks.

January 15, 2002. Song Tattoo is the first in the list of hits, Coto often bought radio listeners Z100. It is the largest radio station in New York and the East Coast.

January 17, 2002. Album Tatu receives the status of "gold" in Mexico. Sold over 90,000 copies.

January 20, 2002. Tattoos are gaining second place in the national charts in France.

January 31, 2002. Tattoos are interviewed for prime taymovogo release VVS-News.

February 2, 2002. First place in the UK charts.

. February 10 Tatu went on tour in the Czech Republic.

. Plans Tattoos.
. USA - single release September 7, 2002.
. Release single on Sept. 23, 2002 in Norway, Spain, Italy, Holland, Finland and Mexico.
. Release single on Oct. 14, 2002 in Sweden.
. Release of the album "200 km / h in the Wrong Lane" October 7, 2002 in Norway, Spain, Italy, Holland, Finland and Mexico.
. Release of the album October 28, 2002 in Sweden
. Release of the album on Dec. 10, 2002 in the United States and Canada.
. Release of the album in February 2003 in the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan.

. Group members:

. Lena Katina was born on October 4, 1984, graduated from music school piano
. After leaving school entered the Moscow Institute for the Humanities at the Faculty of Psychology. He studies the 2 nd course of the correspondence department.

Yulia Volkova was born on February 20, 1985. After grade 9 was admitted to the "State Musical College pop-jazz" on the department Pop Singing.

And Lena and Julia as a child sang in the children's collective "Neposedy.
At the casting, held at the studio "Mosfilm", the girls came together, among 500 other contestants, which independently of each other and were selected as participating in the project.


Diploma of the participant shares Panorama music videos of the year "in the 2nd Moscow Forum of Young Cinema Debut-Kinotaur for protesting on public opinion

Diploma annual music. Prize "Golden Gramophone" for singing his song "Not Gonna Get Us"

. Award Postel - 2001 "in the category" Sex dessident "for the most sexual achievements in public life

. Stopudoviy hit for singing his song "Not Gonna Get Us"

. Award Video Music Awards (New York) for the video clip "I'm mad"

. Events:

. Shooting video for the song "Not Gonna Get Us"

. Edition of the album "200 on the counter"

. Shooting video for the song "30 minutes"

. Exit album in Slovakia
. 10 weeks at the top of the charts.

Super popular in Eastern Europe. (Promo-tours, concerts)

. Preparing English language album in Germany, the USA, Japan

. Profile Julia

. Yulia Volkova O.
. Address: Moscow
. E-mail: yulia@taty.ru
. Date and place of birth: 20 February 1985
. Mr. Moscow
Nationality: Russian
Parents: Volkov Oleg, Volkova Larisa
Education: 1992 - 1996. - The average secondary school? 882 Moscow
1993 - 2000. - Children's music school? 62 for piano, Mr.. Moscow
1996 - 2000. - The average secondary school? 1113 with theatrical training
g. Moscow
since 2000. - Student 'pop-jazz school named. Gnesinyh 'vocal department
Experience: August 1999. present - a group of 'Tattoo' - Soloist
1996 - 1998 he. - Children's pop group 'Neposedy' z. Moscow - soloist
Sports: 1991 - 1996. - Tennis (with a personal trainer)
. Also tried her hand at: figure skating, ballroom dancing, swimming

. Profile of Lena

. Katina Elena
. Address: Moscow
. E-mail: lena@taty.ru
. Date and place of birth: October 4, 1984., R
. Moscow
Nationality: Russian
Parents: Katin Sergey, Katina Inessa Vsevolodovna
Education: March 2001. - A student of the Moscow Humanitarian University of Economic, Faculty Psychology
1992 - 1999. - Pupils of children's music school? 30 on the piano, Mr.. Moscow
1991 - 2001yy. - The average secondary school? 457 g. Moscow
Work experience: From August 1999 to present - a group of 'Tattoo' z. Moscow - soloist
1997 - 1999. - Children's pop group 'Neposedy' z. Moscow - soloist
1994 - 1997. - Children's pop group 'Avenue' z. Moscow - soloist
Sports: 1988 - 1989 he. - Figure skating
1989 - 1989 he. - Thin. Gymnastics
1989 - 1991 he. - Ballroom dancing
1992 - 1995. - Swimming
1996 - 1997. - Equestrian

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