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Maxime I

( Roman Emperor)

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Biography Maxime I
Maxim I, Mark Clodius Pupienus - Roman emperor in June-July, 238 g. Genus. app. 164 g. + 238 g.
Maxim belonged to a very simple and humble family. His father, one reportedly was a blacksmith, and for others - carts master. All his childhood he spent in the house of his uncle Pinar. Later, he managed to get an education thanks to some Pestsennii Marcellinus, who took him to her, and raised as a son. However, the grammar and conductor, he worked briefly, but always was working out in his military prowess and the severity. He was a military tribune, was commanded by many military units, and then the post of praetor, was consistently proconsul of Bithynia, Greece and Narbona. Sent as legate, he defeated the Sarmatians in Illyricum, and transferred from there to the Rhine quite happily conducted the case against the Germans. After this he was commended as the most sensible, capable and strong prefect of Rome. It is said that he was very hungry for food, but very moderate in the use of wine, and very rarely resorted to the pleasures of Venus. In its domestic and public life, he always had a severity, so that even earned the grim nickname. His expression was serious, and discontent, the growth was high, the body - very well, had a haughty temper, but was fair and had never been to the end of a cruel and merciless. The Senate was fond of him, as people feared, as all were aware of its demands and rigor.

. In May, 238 g., . Maximin when deposed by the Senate with a great army approaching Italy, . Both the Senate and the emperor - Gordian I and Gordian II died in Africa, . Senate decided to transfer the imperial power Maxim, . giving him co-rulers Balbinus, . and all recognized, . that while in the Senate, there was no one more suitable, . rigueur for anyone to take the title of Emperor,
. But when the decision was announced to the people, many of the fear of Maxim became angry and did not calm down before the Senate declared Caesar and co-regent with his two proteges still young Gordian III, the grandson of recently deceased Gordian I.

. Immediately upon taking power Maxim with a large army spoke against Maximinus, who had already managed to cross the Alps
. He went to meet the enemy, feeling intense fear, and often said that he had to struggle with the man, and the Cyclops. While Maximin besieging Aquileia, Maxim was in Ravenna. Fortunately for him, Maximin was soon murdered by his own soldiers, and his head was taken to Ravenna. Taking a back soldiers killed the emperor, Maximus is back with them to Rome.

. Capitol Hill wrote that both the emperor managed to show a reasonable sovereigns: they made excellent laws, patiently listened to the litigation, have order in all that relates to military
. But this they could not earn the love warriors. Many of them recalled with bitterness about the death of their chosen Maximian, and seeing that they dispose of henchmen of the Senate, more and more imbued with hatred for him (the Capitol: 'Maxim and Balbinus'; 5-8, II, 13). And, . when in place Capitoline contest and they were all busy festivals and circuses, . soldiers suddenly found his way of thinking, . that is until hidden, . and, . not restrain his anger, . under the influence of irrational impulse, . as one man rushed to the palace and broke into an old sovereigns,
. She grabbed them both, they tore off their clothes and naked all the dragged out of the palace with abuse and bullying. Then they were subjected to all sorts of bodily torment: beaten to death, tore his beard and eyebrows. Finally, it is both mutilated, they threw their bodies on the public road, and Gordian Caesar lifted his shoulders and proclaimed Augustus and emperor (as at this time there was no one else) (Herodian: 8, 8).

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Maxime I, photo, biography
Maxime I, photo, biography Maxime I  Roman Emperor, photo, biography
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