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Biography Heliogabalus
Heliogabalus, Marcus Aurelius Antonius Bassian - Roman emperor in 218-222 years. Genus. at 204 g. + 11 March 222 g.

Antoninus Heliogabalus on his father belonged to the Syrian Variev aristocratic family and the birth was called Bassianom barium Avito. His great-grandfather, grandfather and father were the priests of the Phoenician sun god El-Gabala, the patron AMES. Since maternal hand Bassian is related to the royal family: his grandmother, Julia Mesa, was a sister of Julia Domna, wife of Emperor Septimius Severus and Caracalla. But, . perhaps, . its relationship with the native north was even closer and more direct: the mother of the future Emperor, . Julia Toyoda, . in his youth was having an affair with Caracalla, . and talked, . that her son was born just north of the younger, . not from the legal spouse (Lampridy: 'Antoninus Heliogabalus', 1).,

. In 217, after the assassination of Caracalla, the emperor Macrinus ordered Mesa to return to their homeland and settle on his estates
. Since that time Bassianu as the eldest in the genus Variev, was entrusted to worship Al-Gabala. He was in a flourishing age, and was considered the most beautiful of all the young men of his time. When Bassian officiated at the altar and danced to the sounds of flutes and pipes, it gathered to watch the crowds. Among the onlookers were warriors, since the camp was located under Emes Third Legion Gaul. Some soldiers were customers Mesa and were under its umbrella. While legions of Asia have already become impatient with the authorities Macrina and regretfully recalled Caracalla, always enjoyed the warm love warriors. The rumor that Bassian - the son of Caracalla, was sold by the whole army. It was said also that Mesa piles of money and that she was willing to give them all the soldiers, if they will help restore power to her family. Many in arguing among themselves about these subjects, legionnaires finally agreed to declare the emperor Bassiana. One night customers Mesa admitted it in the camp together with his daughters and grandchildren, and the soldiers fled immediately Bassiana arrayed in purple cloak, and proclaimed him Antonin.

. As reported by Macrina in Antioch, he sent troops against the Gallic legions, but they immediately went over to the side of Antonina
. Then he moved to Phenicia Macrinus and 8 June 218 g. met at its borders with rebels. It began a stubborn battle, but even before the winner was determined, Macrinus fled. Legions of it went to the side of Antoninus, and he was soon killed (Herodian: 5, 3-4).

The Senate approved the selection of soldiers, and 219 in the city, ending with all the affairs of the East, Mesa brought his grandson to Rome. The people welcomed the new emperor with great enthusiasm by giving him all their best hopes. But soon his behavior has caused general surprise and then anger. From the first day of Heliogabalus clearly showed that he intends, as before, given the service of his god. On the Palatine hill near the palace for El-Gabala temple was built, which now had become a major shrine in Rome. This moved and stucco image of the Mother of the gods, and the fire of Vesta and the Palladium, and the sacred shields, in a word - all that is deeply revered Romans. Heliogabalus insisted that the capital is only one of its revered god. He said that here you have to transfer and religious practices of the Jews, as well as Christian worship and to priesthood El-Gabala held in his hands all the secrets of Worship. All the other gods, he called the servants of their god: his sleeping bags and slaves (Lampridy: 'Antoninus Heliogabalus', 3, 7). However, the emperor was to indulge in all sorts of fury: he enthusiastically danced around the statue of the god, . did not recognize the Roman clothing, . clothed as usual in the lush barbaric costumes, . a gilt decorated purple cloth, . necklaces and bracelets, . as well as pink and painted eyes,
. Every morning, he slaughtered and placed on the altars hecatombs bulls and a huge number of sheep, piling up the various spices and poured out before the altars many amphorae very old excellent wine. Then he launched into a stormy dance to the sounds of cymbals and tambourines along with dancing woman, his compatriot, and the horsemen and the Senate stood around as spectators (Herodian: 5, 5, 8). Not disdain it, and human victims slain in honor of El-Gabala more noble and beautiful boys. Many he forced her to participate in orgies, . excite the Romans in disgust and indignation: special messengers were looking for the emperor in public baths of people with large sexual organs and brought them to his palace for, . that he could enjoy communication with them,
. His lovers, the people of the lowest rank, he did then consuls, prefects, governors and commanders. Prefect of the praetorian when it was dancer Evtihian, prefect of - the driver Kordia, prefect of supply - Barber Claudius.

All that before it is done secretly, Geliogabalstal perform publicly, in front of many people. Lovers, he has provided publicly intimate attentions: so his pet Gierokla he always kissed her when they met in the groin. He himself said, did not have a body cavity, which would serve not to lust, and was proud to countless species of debauchery former emperors managed to add several new. Sometimes he would appear at feasts naked in a chariot drawn by naked prostitutes, whom he urging the whip. A feast was often arranged in such a way that after each change of food was supposed to mate with female. In the bath he usually bathed with the women, too, and he rubbed them with ointment for hair removal (Lampridy: 'Antoninus Heliogabalus', 5, 6, 10-12, 29-31, 33). In 221 g. He told his wife, girl-Vestal, although it by the sacred law was laid before the end of life to keep her virginity. It was already his second wife, and with it he did the same as the first - sent away after a short time in order to marry a third (Herodian: 5, 6). But with her marriage it was not long. Eventually went Heliogabalus married a woman for her lover Zotikov, enjoyed all the days of his reign, a huge influence.

. The luxury and extravagance of the emperor reached such an extent that he had never in my life wore double one and the same clothes and even the same jewelry
. And some argue that he never washed twice in the same bath, after washing, ordering them to break down and build new. He defecated only vessels of gold, bathed only in waters filled with fragrant ointment or essence of saffron, and to warm their apartments ordered the burning Indian incense without charcoal. Luxury peers Heliogabalus surpassed even Vitellius. More than once he peas served with golden balls, beans - with amber rice - white pearls, and fish instead of pepper sprinkled with pearls and truffles. He ordered the dogs to feed the goose liver, and horses in a manger pour anameysky grapes (Lampridy: 'Antoninus Heliogabalus'; 10,29-33).

. Seeing all this, and knowing that the soldiers do not like the life of such a sovereign, Mesa persuaded Elagabalus to declare Caesar and co-regent Aleksiana, another of her grandson by his second daughter Mamei
. In 221 g. Heliogabalus fathered her cousin by the name of Alexander. He soon, however, repented of it, because all know and soldiers turned their thoughts to Alexander and began to hold the best hope for this boy, well and wisely brought up. Heliogabalus tried to take away the title of Caesar, Alexander. But after learning about it, the soldiers rebelled, and Heliogabalus, aghast, took Alexander in his litter, and went with him to the praetorian camp. He obviously wanted to come to terms with the army, however, saw with great enthusiasm legionnaires welcome his co-ruler, once again flared. He ordered the capture of those especially ardently welcomed Alexander, and punish them as the instigators of the rebellion. Outraged by this order, the soldiers attacked

the emperor, murdered him and his mother. Their bodies are allowed to drag and dishonor to anyone interested, and after their long haul across the city, and then mutilated, thrown into the waste water flowing into the Tiber. Emperor was proclaimed Alexander (Herodian: 5, 7,8).

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Heliogabalus, photo, biography
Heliogabalus, photo, biography Heliogabalus  Roman Emperor, photo, biography
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