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Biography ADRIAN Ely
Adrian Ely - the Roman emperor in 117-138. The founder of the dynasty of the Antonines. Genus. January 24. 76 g. + 10 July 138 g.

Rod Hadrian was linked to more distant times with Pitsenom, and closer - with Spain. He himself in his book about his life referred to the fact that his ancestors came from Adria, settled in the time of Scipio in the Spanish city of Italica. Father Hadrian was Aelius Hadrian, known as an African, a cousin of Emperor Trajan. Having lost his father at the tenth year of life, Adrian came under the tutelage of his uncles - Ulpe Trajan. As a child he was so intensely studied Greek literature and had a passion for her is that some called him grechonkom.

In 91 g. Adrian returned to his hometown and immediately enlisted in the army, carried away while hunting in such an extent that it caused criticism. So carried away from Italica Trajan, who treated him like a son, he was in a little while decemvir for decisions of court cases, and soon became a tribune of the Second Legion. After that, already in the last years of Domitian, he was transferred to the Lower Moesia. When Trajan in 97 g. been adopted by Nervo, Adrian, was sent, to bring greetings on behalf of the troops, was transferred to Upper Germany. Hence, he hastened to Trajan, the first to tell him about the death of nerves in the early 98 g. Servian, the husband of his sister (who filed against him the displeasure of Trajan reports about his spending and debt), long delayed him and deliberately broke his wagon to force him to miss. However, Adrian, making a journey on foot, still ahead of the orderly, sent by Servianom. Due to this, and with the assistance of a close friend of the Emperor Sura, Adrian fully deserved the friendship of Trajan and his wife received a niece.

In 101 g. Adrian held quaestorship. Announced in this time in the Senate treatment of the Emperor, he summoned his laughter mispronunciation. Then he began to study Latin and reached the highest perfection and eloquence. After Questore he was in charge of keeping the Senate protocols and, . becoming close Trajan man, . accompanied him during the Dacian wars, at this time, . he said, . He became addicted to wine, . adapted to the mores of Trajan, . and for this he was richly rewarded,
. In 105 g. He was appointed tribune of the people. During the second campaign on the Dacians in 106 g. Traian put him in charge of the first legion of Minerva, and took it with him, then he became famous for many brilliant feats. Therefore, having received a gift from the Emperor diamond ring, which he received from the nerves Trajan, Hadrian inspired the hope that it would be the heir. He was made praetor in 107, when received from Trajan's games on the device two million sesterces. Then he was sent as legate in Lower Pannonia, where he tamed the Sarmatians, supported military discipline, reining in their procurators, greatly exceeding its authority. For this Adrian in 108 g. was made consul. While in this position, he learned from Surat, which is being adopted Trajan, since friends of Trajan ceased to despise him and to show contempt. After the death of the Sura, he became even closer to Trajan, mainly because of the speeches, which surrounded the place of the Emperor. He used and the location of his wife, Dams, through the efforts of which he at the time of the Parthian campaign and was appointed legate to the consul of 118 g. Rumors claimed that he bribed the freedmen of Trajan, that he took care of his pets, and often came in contact with them, while he was his own man at court. In 117 g. he, then a legate of Syria, received a letter about his adoption, but immediately after that the news of the death of Trajan. It was widely believed that Trajan wanted to leave his successor Neratov Prisca, and not Hadrian. There is also a message that Adrian was recognized as an adopted after the death of Trajan intrigues Dams, and instead of Trajan in a weak voice spoke shill.

. Having achieved power, Adrian announced that he will act in accordance with the precepts of the first-Augusta, who bequeathed to his successors did not seek to expand the empire, but only to protect the gains already
. All his efforts he sent to ensure that the set peacefully the whole range of land. It is not only transgressed the Parthians and the Armenians, but is under attack by the Moors, the Sarmatians were a war, it was impossible to keep under the authority of the Roman Britons, was engulfed in riots, Egypt, finally showed indomitable spirit, Libya and Palestine. Therefore, all the land of the Euphrates and Tigris, won Trajan, he immediately left and declared them free. Unrest also in Judea and Mauritania, he ordered the armed force to suppress. After that he went from Antioch to meet the remains of Trajan, and arrived with them in Rome. , In a letter to the senators, he apologized for not having returned to the Senate to pronounce on the transition to his imperial power - because that was hastily proclaimed warriors, because the state could not remain without an emperor. Brought him by the Senate the name of the father of the fatherland Adrian postponed to a later time. Burying Trajan, he went to Moesia against the Sarmatians and Roxolans and successfully concluded a peace with them. Returning to Rome, he turned to current affairs, in particular, took up the device of official mail, the need for which is long overdue. He has forgiven arrears to private debtors and the provinces, IOUs ordered to burn the forum. Benefits imposed by nerves in the education of poor children, he doubled, many senators gave large sums of money and generally raised the importance and prestige of the senatorial ranks of great height. In Rome, he was often present at the palace, and consuls performance of their duties, . participated in the feasts friends, . visited the patients two or three times a day, . including some of the riders and freedmen, . consoled them, . supported with advice, . always invited to their feasts,
. In fact, all he did as a private person. His mother-he provided an exceptional honor.

And going after that in Gaul, he facilitated the provision of all communities, giving them different privileges. From there, dh went to Germany and made a review of the Legions. When visiting the camps, he tried in front of all the usual soldier's food. Like Augustus, whom he tried to imitate, Adrian with great care delved into military affairs. He accurately identified the duties and costs, tightened guilty and generously rewarded deserving. Thus he was able to restore military discipline, was cracked under previous Princeps. In his travels he wore very simple clothes, met and socialized with people the most obscure and behaved with them simply without any arrogance. Then he went to Britain, where he spent a lot of useful improvements, including orders to build a wall over eighty miles, so that it separated the ownership of the Romans from the barbarians. On the way back he stopped in his native Spain, and spent the winter. In Tarrakone it nearly killed a crazy office, attacked him with a sword. Adrian managed to disarm him and gave the servants ran up. Then he in turn visited and many other provinces. The second trip he was to Achaea and Sicily, the third - in Africa. Then he went to Asia, Cappadocia, met with the Parthian king Osdroem, gave him back his daughter, captured by Trajan, and generally tried to secure his friendship. Everywhere he analyzed the complaints of the procurators and the governors and severely punish them if the allegations proved true. On the way to Egypt, he visited Arabia, then sailed up the Nile.

. In life there is everyone Adrian: and severe, and cheerful, and friendly, and threatening, and unbridled, and circumspect, and a stingy and generous, and naive, and pretenders, and cruel and merciful
. With his wife he did not get and therefore had many links on the side of married women and young men. Of the latter, most of all he loved Antinous, and when he died during a trip to Egypt, the emperor mourned him like a woman. To his friends he was very generous, but many of them subsequently fell out as willing to listen to slanders. Some of it even ruined, or driven to suicide. In the sciences, poetry, literature, he was very knowledgeable, well painted, played the harp and singing. He left a lot of poems about the object of his passion. But just as well, and he owned a weapon, and a variety. To cold and heat, he was accustomed to such an extent that he never covered their heads. He had a remarkable oratorical skills and unusual memory. Many people he called by name without the aid nomenklatorov, although he heard their names only once, and the book, read once, then freely quoted from memory. Some even reported that he could simultaneously write, dictate or talk with friends. All public statements, he knew thoroughly. In his reign there were famine, epidemics, earthquakes, all these misfortunes, he showed care and many cities devastated by these disasters, came to the rescue.

. By the end of life, Adrian began to suffer from the disease and then thought about his successor
. Meanwhile, under the influence of the nature of his nemochey become much worse. Many of his friends, who had greatly distinguished, he suspected the claims to power and subjected to disgrace, or killed. Finally, in 136 g. He adopted Elia Vera, but he died two years later. Then, shortly before his death, he announced his son Antoninus Arria, who succeeded him (Spartian: 'Adrian', 1 - 7, 9 - 15,17,20-21,23-24).

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ADRIAN Ely, photo, biography
ADRIAN Ely, photo, biography ADRIAN Ely  Roman Emperor, photo, biography
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