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( Byzantine Emperor)

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Alex Angel IV - The Byzantine emperor in 1203 --. 1204 he. Son of Isaac II. Genus. app. 1183 g. + 1204 g.

After the deposition and blinding of his father Alex, although he lived in Constantinople in the position of the prisoner, enjoyed great freedom. Isaac is not yet lost hope again retake power. More than once he secretly sent a letter to his daughter Irina, who was the wife of King Philip of Swabia. But since the liberation not move from their seats, he in 1202, Mr.. sent to her son. Alex decided to run away with one pizantsem, the captain of a large merchant ship. With his help, he safely reached Afiry. Meanwhile, the disappearance of his was soon observed, and the emperor ordered an immediate search all ships. Sent looked everywhere but could not find Alexei: He shaved his hair in a circle, dressed in a Latin dress, mingled with the crowd and thus escaped from the detectives. Sailed to Sicily, he informed his sister of her escape and was adopted by it with open arms. Maria became persistently ask Philip that he had helped her father and brother. King really a lot of fussing about their fate and find Alexei powerful patrons.

At this time in Venice to build ships for the participants of the Fourth Crusade. Alex, having the letters of Philip and the pope, turned to the Crusaders for the support. Having considered carefully all the case, the leaders of the crusaders agreed to take under the protection of the deposed Isaac, but asked for a high price. Alex could not give them immediately, but agreed in advance to all their conditions, including those, which have never been able to fulfill. He promised the Knights a huge amount of money and assistance in their enterprise troops and ships. He also promised to adopt the Latin faith, and all the papal privileges. When the two sides came to an agreement, the fleet set off. The Crusaders captured Zadar on the Dalmatian coast and began the siege Dirrahiya, whose residents will soon proclaimed Emperor Alexei. From there, the holy warriors reached Corfu, seized her and then there came to Constantinople. The enemies were the walls of the capital so unexpected, that in their almost no one expected (Choniates: 6, 3, 8-10).

Shortly after the siege began in July 1203, the usurper Alexios III secretly fled the city. Then the Byzantines in their highly restrictive situation once again look into the blind Isaac, and built him a second time on the throne. Isaac immediately sent messengers to his son, announcing the escape of his brother. But the Crusaders did not let myself from Alexis, while Isaac did not agree to meet these promises. Then in August, Alex was crowned, and sat as co-ruler with his father on the imperial throne. The leaders of the Crusaders were invited to the palace. Here they were showered with all sorts of praise, called benefactors and saviors. All the treasures, which are found in the treasury, and all that managed to take from the Empress, wife of Alexis III, and her family, without counting the emperors gave the Crusaders. This, however, they seemed to drop in the ocean. Then Isaac told to take from the temples sacred vessels. Salaries icons and holy vessels, and all that is poured into ingots of silver and gold. And when this was not enough, Alex walked around the city of Thrace and robbed them completely. After his return to Constantinople between him and his father started strife, as Alexei entirely devoted to the Party, blinded him with his father, and is now trying to oust the old man from the power. Accompanied by a large number of satellites he was in the tent to the Crusaders, they drank heavily and spent whole days lost to them in the bone. His comrades fun filming with him a golden crown and put it on, but it nahlobuchivali shaggy woolen hat.

. Meanwhile, the Crusaders, in anticipation of when they pay the agreed sum, began to attack the rich country houses and churches, delivering their fire and looting
. The people began moving to the emperors and demanded to start a war with the Latins. But they did not pay any attention to this. The townspeople, angry rampage newcomers began to prepare the insurrection. January 25, 1204, when it became known that Isaac is dying, in Sofia was a huge crowd to the people, was the Senate and the bishops for a general discourse on the election of the Emperor. In the end anointed king of a young man Nicholas Kanavosa. When Alex found out about this, he enlisted the assistance of the Marquis Boniface led the campaign, Marquess of Montferrat and decided it was necessary to enter the palace a knight army. This intention Alex said protovestiariyu Murzuflu Duque, who had enjoyed before the full confidence of the Emperor. But deep down Duca dreamed of supreme power, and decided to use a secret entrusted to their advantage. With the help of a eunuch, he bowed to betray palace guard. When all was ready for perevoroga it late at night on Jan. 28 quickly went into the bedroom to the Emperor, and announced that the relatives of his, combined with a detachment sekironosnyh barbarians burst in the door and want to kill him for his friendship with the Latins. Alex was horrified and began with a prayer to ask the Board Duque, because they do not know what to do. Duca grabbed his arm and led her into the secret room of the palace. There, the emperor was seized, shackled and thrown into the most horrible prison. Duca after, it assumed the imperial differences. Twice he then tried to poison Alexei and finally ordered him to suffocate (Choniates: 7, 1, 3-4).

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ALEXEI IV ANGEL, photo, biography
ALEXEI IV ANGEL, photo, biography ALEXEI IV ANGEL  Byzantine Emperor, photo, biography
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