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John V Palaiologos

( Byzantine Emperor)

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Biography John V Palaiologos
John V Palaeologus - Byzantine emperor, who ruled in 1341-1376 and 1379-1391 he. The son of Andronicus III. Genus. in 1332, Mr.. + 16 Feb.. 1391 g.

* * *

In the year of the death of his father John was only the ninth year. To twenty years of his reign was nominally. Instead, challenging the power of each other, managed the affairs of his mother, Anna of Savoy, and the regent, John Cantacuzenus (from 1347 g. his father-in and co-ruler John VI). In 1352, Mr.. John raised against the father-revolt, tried to seize Adrianople, but was defeated and fled to Tenedos. In 1354, Mr.. two thousand mercenaries John suddenly returned to Constantinople. The people supported him, and Cantacuzenus, to avoid bloodshed, was forced to abdicate and take the vows (Gibbon: 63). Over the following 36 years of his reign, the independent John does not show itself. According to Duque, the emperor was very frivolous person and not interested in anything but pretty and beautiful women. Meanwhile, the Turks firmly established in Europe. In 1359, Mr.. they first began to Constantinople, but could not get it, but in 1361, Mr.. mastered Didimotikoy, and in 1362, Mr.. - Adrianople. In 1365, Mr.. Sultan Murad made his second capital of Adrianople (Dashkov: 'John V').

In this extremity John in 1369, Mr.. decided to go to Rome and beg the pope's support. He was the first emperor of the Romans, who visited the western countries. In the Vatican he was subjected to a preliminary test and in the presence of four cardinals, accepted as a true Catholic primacy of the pope and the double procession of the Holy Spirit. Finally admitted to the high priest, he first kissed his feet, then - the hand and finally - the mouth. But all these humiliations were in vain - none of the Western kings, despite the appeals of the pope, has shown interest in the fate of Constantinople (in fact, that was all that remained of the empire Romeo). On top misfortunes on the way back John detained Venetians, the first time he passed through Venice, he borrowed from there the bankers a lot of money for the immense interest. Now the creditors would not release him and demanded payment of accounts. The eldest son of John, Andronicus, who served in Constantinople Acting Regent, unfortunately my father reacted with complete indifference. Only the intervention of his youngest son, Manuel, who sold all that he had saved John from debtors' prison (Gibbon: 66).

Returning home, the angry emperor Andronicus removed from the throne and made his successor Manuel. In 1376, Mr.. Andronicus with the Genoese and the Turks overthrew his father to the throne and put him in prison with his brother Manuel. Three years later, the prisoners managed to escape, received assistance from the Sultan and the siege of Constantinople. Despite the fact that the empire has in fact existed, the struggle between the two parties proceeded with great bitterness: a month on the streets of the city was fighting, and assault Blachernae palace lasted for a week. Finally, John drove his son out of the capital and re-established on the throne (Dashkov: 'Fourth Andronicus').

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John V Palaiologos, photo, biography
John V Palaiologos, photo, biography John V Palaiologos  Byzantine Emperor, photo, biography
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