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TANK Herbert (Backe)

( Secretary of State Ministry of the Imperial)

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Biography TANK Herbert (Backe)
Bake, Herbert (Backe), (1896-1947), State Secretary, Reich Ministry of Food Supply. Born May 1, 1896 in the Caucasus, Batumi. In 1914 he graduated from the Russian school in Tbilisi. During the 1-st World War was interned in Russia. He studied at the University of GцTttingen. In 1923-24 he served as assistant rector of the Technical School in Hanover. A specialist in agricultural policy, and in 1944-45 served as minister of food supply in the last government of Hitler. Hanged himself in the Nuremberg prison, April 6, 1947. Bamberg party conference of the Nazi Party Congress, convened on the initiative of Hitler February 14, 1926 in Bamberg, Bavaria, in order to develop a program of the Nazi Party. The conference was attended by all the local party leaders. It happened divergence of views between the Nazi leaders of northern and southern regions of Germany, and Hitler was forced to overcome the disagreements that. He deliberately chose to hold the convention weekday, in the hope that the Northerners would be difficult to leave from work. In the vast majority of representatives of southern Germany, on behalf of northerners could speak only Gregor Strasser and Dr. Joseph Goebbels. Strasser represented urban socialist revolutionary wing of the party, while the Southerner Gottfried Feder - rural racist populist ideas. Hitler had to carefully maneuver between these two irreconcilable groups, not to allow their party chicks turn in the direction of "undiluted socialist principles".

The peak of controversy at the conference was the issue of expropriation of royal houses. Hitler made a two-hour speech, explaining to delegates why they should not vote for the expropriation. National Socialism, he said, should help the communist movement.

Expropriation does not accelerate the removal of Wittelsbach and other Germanic dynasties in the dustbin of history. Goebbels, initially supported the position Strasser, was able to predict the consequences and quietly withdrew to the positions of Hitler. As a reward he received the post of Gauleiter of Berlin, which was the beginning of his successful career in the party. The party split between the nationalists and socialists, was finally resolved during the "blood purge" 1934 in favor of the former.

. Used material is copyright The Third Reich --

. www.fact400.ru/mif/reich/titul.htm

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. Bakke (Backe) Herbert (01.05.1896, Batum, Russia - 07.04.1947, Nuremberg), statesman, Gruppenfuhrer SS
. He graduated from the Tiflis Gymnasium (1914) and the University of Gottingen. During the 1-st World War was interned in Russia as a German, and after liberation was a reviewer on Russia. Since 1922 member of the SA. In 1923-24 Assistant to the Rector of the Higher Technical School (Hanover). 01.02. 1925 joined the NSDAP. In 1928 elected a member of the NSDAP lantaga Prussia. Specialized in Agricultural Policy. On 01/09/1933 deputy, and since 21.06.1935 Head of race and settlement SS. Simultaneously with the October 1933 State Secretary, Reich Ministry of the Interior and the Imperial Ministry of Food and Agriculture. In 1936 he simultaneously directed of food and agriculture in the Office of 4-year plan, from 1941 Authorized a special staff "Oldenburg," created to organize the robbery of the occupied areas of the USSR. One of the closest aides G. Goring. From i.o 23/05/1942. Reich Minister of Food and Agriculture, formally introduced Mr. P 01 .04.1944 and then replaced in the same. Darre at the post-imperial leader of the peasants (Reichsbauerfuhrer). In these positions attempted to ensure uninterrupted supply of food in Germany. Participated in the implementation of the plans of the Nazis on the eastern territories of Germanization. Retain the post of minister in the government to. Doenitz. Together with the entire composition of the Government arrested 23.05. 1945 in Flensburg. Hanged himself in prison.

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TANK Herbert (Backe), photo, biography
TANK Herbert (Backe), photo, biography TANK Herbert (Backe)  Secretary of State Ministry of the Imperial, photo, biography
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