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BUSH Ernst von (Busch)

( Field-Marshal Germanic army)

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Biography BUSH Ernst von (Busch)
Busch, Ernst von (Busch), (1885-1945), Field-Marshal Germany Army (1943). Born July 6, 1885 in Bochum. Participant 1-st World War, then served in the Reichswehr. Taking the oath of allegiance to the Fuhrer, Bush began to quickly climb the ladder. February 2, 1938, following occurred as a result Blomberg-Fritsch cause rearrangements in the top military leadership, Bush was given the rank of General of the Army, and he was appointed commander of the 8 th Military Region.

At the end of 1938 Bush and Walter von Reichenau had been the only one of the generals who supported Hitler's intention to invade Czechoslovakia. In 1939 took part in the Polish Campaign. In October 1939 the commander of the 16 th Army, which participated in the French campaign, and later in the attack on the Soviet Union. Despite the fact that his army suffered heavy losses in 1942-43, Bush was awarded on Feb. 1, 1943 the rank of Field Marshal. Since November 1943 in command of Army Group "Center", and after the defeat in Belarus in August 1944 was enrolled in the reserve. On March 20, 1945 commanded the German forces in north-west of Germany, defending the coast of the North Sea and Schleswig-Holstein. Died July 17, 1945 in captivity in England.

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Bush (Busch), Ernst von (06.07.1885, Essen-Stцгheli, Ruhr -17.07.1945, United Kingdom) The military commander, General-Field Marshal (01.02.1943). Educated at a military school in Gross-Lihterfelse. In 1904 joined the 13th (Westphalia) Infantry Regiment. In 1914 he graduated from the Military Academy. Participant 1-st world war, the company commander, Captain. For military distinction was awarded the Order "Pour le Merite". After the demobilization of the army remained to serve in the Reichswehr, has held various command positions. Since 1925, the inspector of transport of troops, since 1930 the battalion commander 9 th Infantry Regiment. Since 1932 the commander of the 9 th Infantry Regiment in Potsdam. After the Nazis came to power was made in their support, which helped his rapid career. Convinced Nazi. In July 1935 the commander of the 23rd Division in Potsdam. When cleaning Army 04.02.1938 actively spoke in support of A, Hitler and was appointed commander of the 8 th Army Corps and the 8 th Military Region (Breslau). In late 1938, together with B. von Reichenau made in support of Hitler's plans for the occupation of Czechoslovakia. Member of the Polish company, during which his body (8 th, 28 th and 239 th Infantry, 5 Panzer Division, SS regiment "Germany") was a 14-second Army general in. Liszt. On 25.10.1939 the commander of the 16 th Army, which took part in the French company. Acted badly and lack of initiative. Since the beginning of the war with the Soviet army Bush joined the group of armies "North" and in it there were 27 infantry divisions and all. In mid-August after heavy street fighting took Staraya Ruza. Summer of 1943 Bush managed to save Kholmsk group and in March 1943 to evacuate Demyanskoe boiler. 21/08/1943 awarded the Knight's Cross with oak branches. On 04.11.1943 the commander of Army Group "Center". In June 1944, 34 Division Bush held the front of 350 km. 22.06.1944 Soviet troops (more than 200 divisions) launched an offensive in Belorussia, and the group of armies for 12 days had lost 25 divisions - more than 300 thousand. people. It was the heaviest defeat of the Wehrmacht during the entire war. 28/07/1944 replaced by General-Field Marshal in. Models and transferred to the reserve of the High Command.. 20/03/1945 appointed commander of the Wehrmacht in North-West Germany (Bremen, Magdeburg and the Netherlands). His subordinates mnochislennye scattered pieces. 04/05/1945 Germany signed the surrender of the Army. He was arrested by British troops. He died in captivity.

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BUSH Ernst von (Busch), photo, biography
BUSH Ernst von (Busch), photo, biography BUSH Ernst von (Busch)  Field-Marshal Germanic army, photo, biography
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