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GUNTER, Hans (Gunther)

( German anthropologist and ethnologist, writer, professor of Jena, Freiburg and Berlin universities)

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Biography GUNTER, Hans (Gunther)
Guenther, Hans (Gunther), (1891-1968), German anthropologist and ethnologist, writer, professor of Jena, Freiburg and Berlin universities. Born February 16, 1891 in Freiburg. He studied at the universities of Jena, Berlin and Freiburg. His numerous writings on race in addition to the obvious scientific intuition kept on exaggerated heroic creative mysticism. Book Gunter "Brief ethnology Germanic nation" (1929) went on to sell over 275,000 copies and has survived numerous reprints. Theory Gunter played an important role in the ideological foundations of the National Socialist Racism. In 1931, despite the strong opposition of the faculty, he was appointed Professor of Ethnology just open the department of racial studies University of Jena. His theory is considered representative of the Nordic race as the ideal racial type, intended to be the opposite of the Jews, as a product of low origin, created by the mixing of races. According to Gunther, there are 5 European races: Nordic, Mediterranean, Dinaric, Alpine and East Baltic. Among them, the greatest creative force of history was the Nordic race. Jewish race did not even belong to the European, was someone's race, "a product of fermentation and violations wedge driven into Asia in the European structures". The Jews were one of those nenordicheskih races which are held accountable for such destructive movements such as democracy, parliamentarism and liberalism. The task of creative Nordic race was the expansion of its utility hereditary tendencies. "We must always adhere to the idea, . that if we do not want to die as a race, . the question is not only a preference Nordic spouse, . but, . important primarily, . the need to promote our race with marriage to ensure a victorious outcome at birth,
. Young people - he warned - should focus on the organic philosophy of life, growing out of people and native land. This philosophy must conform to the laws of life and oppose any manifestation of individualism. It must constantly look for examples of spiritual leadership in pragermanskom world, "which is an expression of the Nordic nature."

. Gunther considered 1-World War I as a truly civil war, is comparable to the Peloponnesian War, with its racially destructive results
. He proposed the idea of Nordic peace on the edge of the abyss. If the roots are put into a perfect nation, said Gunther, Nordic theory lead to an era of harmony and peace. "Nordic idea should expand into obschenordichesky ideal. At its core, and the nature of the ideal of all members of the Nordic race would inevitably be at the same time the ideal of the sanctity and inviolability of peace among all peoples germanoyazychnyh ". Will nordically minded people should cover the century, combat and bred illegitimacy, threatening true civilization, and should clear eugenic Nordic series of all destructive elements. Nordic movement ultimately seeks to define the spirit of the century and more to extract it from itself. If you are not cold-blooded master of the firm belief, there would be no meaning and no need for further reflection on the teachings of Gobineau ". Racial theory Gunter gradually become the foundation upon which the Third Reich. His views are similar to those of similar views of Arthur de Gobineau and X. S. Chamberlain became the doctrine of National Socialism, and he was considered the official tribune of the Nazi ideology. He died in Freiburg on September 25, 1968.

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GUNTER, Hans (Gunther), photo, biography
GUNTER, Hans (Gunther), photo, biography GUNTER, Hans (Gunther)  German anthropologist and ethnologist, writer, professor of Jena, Freiburg and Berlin universities, photo, biography
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