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Comments for ANATHEMA
Biography ANATHEMA
Year of creation / birth - 1990
. Style - Doom Metal Metal
. Artist - ENG
. similar in style performers - Amorphis Antimatter Cemetary Cradle of Filth Lake of Tears Moonspell Paradise Lost Theatre of Tragedy Type O Negative
. Composition of the Group:

. Vincent Kavanagh - Vocals / Guitar
. Daniel Kavanagh - Guitar
. John Douglas - Drums
. Dave Fibis - Bass

. Anathema was collected in the summer of 1990 in the central district of Liverpool
. Originally they were called 'Pagan Angel' - ie. 'Pagan Angel' and while they played the classic version of Doom Metal, but even then the background of their music could be felt some of the original inclusions. In November of the same 90 years, they went to a small, local studio, where they recorded their first demo, a mystical name: 'AN ILIAD OF WOES'

. With the release of this demo in January 1991, they changed the name of his team on Anathema - the word comes from the Bible, and refers to the curse of God or the Church, eternal excommunication, eternal torment

Then they acted as a warm up team for such acts as Bolt Thrower and Paradise Lost, as well as acquire a very large number of fans in his native city, slowly opening its way to Europe. After five months of concerts and permutations in the composition, they again sent to a local studio to record their now legendary demo 'ALL FAITH IS LOST' - 'The whole faith is lost'. Issued in July 1991, and received excellent reviews in magazines, zine, and in general - in the underground scene, it has allowed them to submit their first single, 7 `. It was called THEY DIE '' They die 'and was realializovan Swiss firm WITCHUNT RECORDS, which made the band even more famous.

PEACEVILLE RECORDS noticed Anathema, and soon made contact with them. Arrangement 'LOVELORN RHAPSODY' was recorded in the 'Academic Studios' to compile Peaceville 'Volume 4' (implemented in October 1992). Anathema well show yourself, and this enabled them to sign a four-album deal with Peaceville, and the first of these was 'THE CRESTFALLEN EP' 'Pavshishy Spirit EP' which was released in November 1992. 'Heartsick' was again recorded in the 'Academic studios' and was produced by Hamm and a group. (By the way - Hamm is the head of Peaceville, and to his credit as producer's work with My Dying Bride). Then was conducted tour of the UK with a team Shtatovskoy Cannibal Corpse - this tour was very successful and showed Anathema, as a strong concert band.

Their debut LP 'Serenades' 'Serenade' was carved in the 'Academy' with Hemi Acting producer and presented in February 1993. With this creation Anathema immediately flew to second place in a specialized chart magazine 'Kerrang', and at the world famous 'Metal Hammer' - 'Serenade' was named album of the month. Vidioklip 'SWEET TEARS' 'Sweet Tears' a lot of airplay on MTV, and there is 'Serenade' nominated for the title of the album of the month. This was followed by a large British tour, with a further visit to European festivals - this tour was organized by MTV HEADBANGERS BALL and PEACEVILLE and were conducted in the company of My Dying Bride and At The Gates.

Anathema is quickly becoming one of the best British rock.

Anathema completed their first full European tour in January 1994 and with new ideas back in 'Academic studio' to begin recording their great (but still mini!) Album PENTECOST III. This highly anticipated release was greeted with excellent criticism, and represented the skilful blend of melodic, dark metal.

Again, Anathema is sent to a large concert journey - their speeches rolled on Britain and Europe, as they visit Romania and Brazil, where he engaged in a huge concert and then - summer festivals in Europe. They can be seen on Headbangers Ball in Europe and the Brazilian MTV.

But the journey is over, and Anathema returns to 'Academic studio', where the film depicts the composition of his new album 'THE SILENT ENIGMA' 'Silent Secret'. This was the debut of Vincent Kavanagh as a vocalist - he replaced the departed in the year Darren White.

Black Sabbath interwoven with Pink Floyd in this work, performed in the style of northern doom metal (for this genre include Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride). 'Silent Secret' raises Anathema higher. In this epic intertwined tremor causing orchestrations, dark melodies and really heavy sound.

'Silent Secret' was put on store shelves on October 23, under the label Peaceville / MFN.

Before the release of the album, the group spends Britasky tour, opening statements Cathedral. Already on the eve of Christmas, 96 Anathema Paradise Lost opens the concerts in their new UK tour.

In June, 96 пЁп+п¦п¦ Anathema started recording their fourth album - this time in the studio FON, which is located in Shelfilde. Producer was Tony Plath. Michelle has been invited from the Dominion, who sang the part of female vocals.

The result was the album 'Eternity' 'Eternity', which showed Anathema with the best hand, and at the same time - it differs significantly from the early works. More visibly influence Pink Floyd, and the heavy doom sound is replaced by a kind of gloomy, cloudy sounding (but not about any opopsenii not speak!). 'Eternity' is fully up to its name - conjures up thoughts of the eternal. Vincent is no longer growls - his voice becomes more expressive:

. After numerous tours, . new album 'Alternative 4' was presented at `98, . and deservedly was named one of the best releases this year! The product is truly a classic, . worthy to stand in one of the best plates of Pink Floyd a great influence on the apparent Anathema,
. Singing Vincent is striking in its sensuality, passion and the songs are well thought out and played real masters of their craft. Incidentally, the Japanese version of the CD was added orchestral instrumental version of 'Silent Secret' with the self-titled album - this was their first experience of Anathema and orchestra, and the result, I must say - is impressive.

Again, a big tour. Of course, after such a great album, it was a great success, and by the way, this tour helped Anathema Martin Powell - well-known violinist and keyboardist from My Dying Bride (by the time he left the team)

. In 1999 Anafemtsy students represent a new creation 'Judgement' - this album can be viewed as a continuation of 'Alternative 4', . and generating the impression of the conceptual work - all songs, . despite the variety of original ideas, . omnibus dark, . melancholy atmosphere,
. The voice of Vincent Kavanagh has reached such a depth of sensual expression, that it without a twinge of conscience can be called one of the best voices in modern rock scene:

. In 2000 the band picked up, circling the globe, speaking at numerous festivals, as well as - in the program solo tour
. Martin Powell, finally left the band, and in his place, with the keyboard setup rose Lecturer, formerly of Cradle Of Filth. On the road from Anathema born ideas for new tracks, and Peaceville preparing a compilation of the best things, and promised to release it to the end of the year:

. Wheels

. Serenades 1993
. Pentecost III 1995
. Pentecost II 1996
. The Silent Enigma 1997
. Alternative 4 1998
. Resonance
. Resonance 2
. The Crestfallen EP + Pentecost III
. Assembled wheels:
. The Crestfallen EP + Pentecost III

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